E. E. Barton Papers

George and Margaret Pickett Deed

Transcribed By: Suzanne Shephard

George Pickett & Margaret his wife, of Harrison Co to) Deed       Oct 31, 1807  350 Paid   James Wilson of Pend. Co all that tract of land in Pend Co bounded Beginning at the upper end of the Town of Falmouth at a white Elm and white Walnut on the bank of the South fork; thence S 20 W 84 poles on the town line to 2 beech trees on the corners of said town; thence S 65 W 168 poles to the sugar tree and two Black beeches on the south Fork of Licking; thence down the same as it meanders to the beginning to contain 160 acres.

Teste.  Isaac Miller                                                                         George Pickett

           Littleton Robinson                                                                  Peggy Pickett

           Robert Coleman          

Harrison Co.  Sct

           George Pickett ackd. Before Press G Rule, D.C. for Press G

           Kennett CPC, on Nov 20, 1807

Note: Charles Sterne’s land was sold by Sheriff to John W. Sterne.       


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