from the E. E. Barton Papers

The E. E. Barton Collection of Northern Kentucky Families, is a collection of genealogical and family history files and various other types of records compiled in the early to mid 1900s by Edward Everett Barton (1870-1951), a Pendleton County, Kentucky lawyer.  All of his papers have been preserved and microfilmed.

Scanned  at FHL By: Joy fisher   Transcribed & Formatted By: Suzanne Shephard

In transcribing these files, I have tried to do them exactly as they are seen on the microfilm. There are, however, some variances. Five columns were used to denote last name, first name, date of birth, date of death and cemetery of interment. In many instances, a date will be shown in the birth column and a specific age (i.e. 37y 6m 12d) will be shown in the death column. I believe that in most cases, these dates should be together but since they are shown in the separate columns, that's the way I transcribed them. If you see an ancestor and know that the date and age should be together, let Sherri or I know and we will change it! These files have been sorted by Surname and by Cemetery so you have a choice of where to begin researching... enjoy and I hope these documents will be of help!

Surname Indexes for the Barton Cemeteries

Last Name First Name/MI Cemetery
Bagby Rev Charles J Wilmington
Bagby Louisa Eunice Wilmington
Bagby Marion F Wilmington
Bailey Cora Gardnersville
Bailey J E Gardnersville
Baker Emma Antioch Mills
Baker Ruth Marie Lenoxburg
Baker Alta Morgan
Baker L M New Richland
Baker Jefferson J Riverside
Baker Ernest L Sunrise
Baker Mary C Sunrise
Baker Caleb M Wilmington
Baker Lizzie W Wilmington
Ballinger Harry Bethel
Ballinger Henry C Bethel
Ballinger Johnnie Bethel
Ballinger Geo Woodford Short Creek
Ballinger Harry J Short Creek
Ballinger J W Short Creek
Ballinger Fredrica Willow
Ballinger Lucy M Willow
Bancher Margaret Lenoxburg
Barbee Charles B Riverside
Barbee Martha S Riverside
Barbour Emmeline H Riverside
Barbour George Nathaniel Riverside
Barbour Dr. J H Riverside
Barbour Samuel T Riverside
Barker John Hamilton Riverside
Barker Ella Marie Riverside
Barker Pearl Riverside
Barker S A Riverside
Barker T W Riverside
Barlow James T Sunrise
Barlow S A Sunrise
Barn W L Fields Gum Lick
Barnard _______ New Peach Grove
Barnard Anne Peach Grove
Barnard Carrie Peach Grove
Barnard G Frank Peach Grove
Barnard Henry J Peach Grove
Barnard John Peach Grove
Barnard Nellie Peach Grove
Barnard John W Peach Grove
Barnard Martha C Peach Grove
Barnard Nancy B Peach Grove
Barnard William Peach Grove
Barnard William Peach Grove
Barnes Martha A Benson
Barnes Matilda Lenoxburg
Barnes Wm Lenoxburg
Barnes Franky Walnut Grove
Barnes Lewis Franklin Walnut Grove
Barnes Margaret Catharine Walnut Grove
Barnes Naomi Walnut Grove
Barnes Ora Walnut Grove
Barnett Alonzo R Bethel
Barnett G M Bethel
Barnett Grandman Bethel
Barnett Jessie Bethel
Barnett Thomas Bethel
Barnett Amanda E Roanoak
Barney Mary L Peach Grove
Barnhill Annie Morris Walnut Grove
Barnhill C E Walnut Grove
Barnhill F M Walnut Grove
Barnhill Nancy Walnut Grove
Barnhill Sarah Walnut Grove
Barrett Albert S Lenoxburg
Barrett Anna B Lenoxburg
Barrett Bennie Lenoxburg
Barrett Carrie A Lenoxburg
Barrett Clara L Lenoxburg
Barrett Edith A Lenoxburg
Barrett Elijah R Lenoxburg
Barrett Emma Lenoxburg
Barrett Dr. H D Lenoxburg
Barrett Dr. Jas H Lenoxburg
Barrett John Lenoxburg
Barrett Nancy Lenoxburg
Barrett Richard S Lenoxburg
Barry Anna Catholic Falmouth
Barry Frances Catholic Falmouth
Barry Jane Catholic Falmouth
Barry Kate Catholic Falmouth
Barry Mickel Catholic Falmouth
Barry Richard Catholic Falmouth
Barton Hacie E Concord
Barton A B Flower Creek
Barton Daisy L Flower Creek
Barton Ernest B Flower Creek
Barton Father Lenoxburg
Barton Mother Lenoxburg
Barton Hallie M Lenoxburg
Barton D H Pleasant Ridge
Barton Emma Arnold Short Creek
Barton Hannah Short Creek
Barton Isabell Aydelott Pleasant Ridge
Barton Jane Beckett Flower Creek
Barton Mary Jane Flower Creek
Barton Nelson Pleasant Ridge
Barton Ollie M Lenoxburg
Barton Thomas M, Lieut. Flower Creek
Barton William L Flower Creek
Baskett Ambrose M Morgan
Bassett Dorcas Elizabeth Willow
Baumgartner Alex. Catholic Falmouth
Baumgartner Elizabeth Catholic Falmouth
Baumgartner John Catholic Falmouth
Bayless A P Sunrise
Bayless E T Sunrise
Bayless G T Sunrise
Bayless Mary B Riverside
Bayless Willie B Sunrise
Beach J M Walnut Grove
Beach Sarah H Walnut Grove
Beach James Walnut Grove
Beach John Walnut Grove
Beach Mary A Walnut Grove
Beagle E J Gum Lick
Beagle Bertha Gum Lick
Beagle Elizabeth Peach Grove
Beagle J W, Rev. Peach Grove
Beagle Jessie Hannah Lenoxburg
Beagle Joseph C Gum Lick
Beagle Louisa Gum Lick
Beagle Nannie E Lenoxburg
Beagle Nellie Eulah Lenoxburg
Beagle Willie P Lenoxburg
Beaugrand Balser Riverside
Beaugrand Josephine Riverside
Beaugrand Sadie M Riverside
Becker Anna Flower Creek
Becker Jacob Flower Creek
Beckett John Sunrise
Beckett Nancy J Sunrise
Beckett John Sunrise
Beckett John G Flower Creek
Beckett Lucy E Sunrise
Beckett Mae C Flower Creek
Beckett Mary M Flower Creek
Beckett Nancy F Sunrise
Beckett Silas Riverside
Beckett Simeon Flower Creek
Beckett W W Benson
Beckett William Sunrise
Beckett William Sunrise
Beckett Willie W Benson
Beckett Annis Flower Creek
Beckett Boyd Sunrise
Beckett D R Sunrise
Beckett Eucinda C Sunrise
Beckett Elizabeth B Benson
Beckett Eula I Flower Creek
Beckett Grover A, M.D. Sunrise
Beckett Heber A Flower Creek
Beckett Iola Sunrise
Beckett Irel A Sunrise
Beckett J C Sunrise
Beckett Mary C Sunrise
Beckett J W Sunrise
Beckett D W Sunrise
Behymer Josephine Flower Creek
Behymer Martha Flower Creek
Behymer Maurice Flower Creek
Behymer O P Flower Creek
Beighle Dora Gardnersville
Beighle F E Gardnersville
Beighle Carrie Gardnersville
Beighle Henrietta Gardnersville
Beighle John C Gardnersville
Beighle Margaret A Gardnersville
Beighle Truman Gardnersville
Belcher Edward New Peach Grove
Belcher Elizabeth New Peach Grove
Belcher Harry New Peach Grove
Belcher Mary A New Peach Grove
Belcher Roy New Peach Grove
Belcher Sarah New Peach Grove
Belew Bertha Pleasant Ridge
Belew H H Smith's Cem
Belew Henry Wilmington
Belew James W Smith's Cem
Belew Lewis Franklin Pleasant Ridge
Belew M B Smith's Cem
Belew Nord I Pleasant Ridge
Belew Sadie Ora Wilmington
Belew Sarah J Smith's Cem
Belew William D Gardnersville
Belew Wm F Pleasant Ridge
Bell Harrison Riverside
Bell Mary F Riverside
Bell Sudie M Riverside
Bell Mildred Louise New Mt Vernon
Benjamin Alfred C Lenoxburg
Benjamin Grace Luella Lenoxburg
Benjamin James A Lenoxburg
Bentle Andrew J Bethel
Bentle John A Riverside
Bentle John Adam Bethel
Bentle Marie Bethel
Berger Martha Rankin Benson
Bethel Amanda Smith's Cem
Bethel Emma Smith's Cem
Bethel Harriet Smith's Cem
Bethel Henry Wilmington
Bethel Jasper Smith's Cem
Bethel John Wilmington
Bethel Martha Smith's Cem
Bethel Newton Smith's Cem
Beverly Emmaline Riverside
Beyersdoerfer Emma Lenoxburg
Beyersdoerfer G J Lenoxburg
Beyersdoerfer Gayle Lenoxburg
Beyersdoerfer John Lenoxburg
Beyersdoerfer Margaret Lenoxburg
Beyersdoerfer Michael Lenoxburg
Beyersdoerfer Phillip Lenoxburg
Biddle Caleb Cone Walnut Grove
Biddle Callie Myrtle Walnut Grove
Biddle Carrie Lenoxburg
Biddle Doss Lenoxburg
Biddle Edith New Peach Grove
Biddle Kate Walnut Grove
Biddle Malissa Felicity Lenoxburg
Biddle Odist Cone Walnut Grove
Biddle Rendall E Walnut Grove
Biehn Caroline Biehn Cem
Biehn Catherine B Biehn Cem
Biehn Edward Biehn Cem
Biehn Fredrick Biehn Cem
Biehn Elizabeth Biehn Cem
Biehn Jacob Biehn Cem
Biehn Jacor Biehn Cem
Biehn Theodore Biehn Cem
Billings F L Flower Creek
Bishop Della Riverside
Bishop Ernest Lee Riverside
Bishop Frances L Riverside
Bishop John R Riverside
Bishop Lucy Stroub Turner Ridge
Bishop William E Riverside
Black Anna M Pleasant Ridge
Black Ellnorah Pleasant Ridge
Black Mary E Bethel
Black S G Pleasant Ridge
Black Sallie Aulick
Blackburn Addie McKenneysburg
Blackburn Anna Pleasant Ridge
Blackburn Eligh Benson
Blackburn Eliza J Pleasant Ridge
Blackburn Everette J McKenneysburg
Blackburn George Aulick
Blackburn Goebel McKenneysburg
Blackburn H H Pleasant Ridge
Blackburn Hattie B Sunrise
Blackburn Ioie F Aulick
Blackburn Luella Pleasant Ridge
Blackburn Lula Pleasant Ridge
Blackburn S B Benson
Blackburn Sarah F Pleasant Ridge
Blackburn Viola Pleasant Ridge
Blackburn W M Benson
Blackburn Will Benson
Blackburn Willie W McKenneysburg
Blackerby Carrie B Riverside
Blackerby Harriett Riverside
Blackerby Dr. Jed O Lenoxburg
Blackerby Philip M Riverside
Blackerby Sarah J L Lenoxburg
Blades A E Oakland
Blades Curlie Palestine
Blades Elva Palestine
Blades Emily J Oakland
Blades J E Riverside
Blades Cynthia Jane Riverside
Blades James Willow
Blades Luther R Lenoxburg
Blades Pressiller Willow
Blaffman Nord Bethel
Blasingame Roy Chester Riverside
Bleghshmid Catherine Riverside
Blum Cora B Graves Turner Ridge
Bobb George Smith's Cem
Bobb Katherine E Riverside
Bobb Raymond Mt Moriah
Boggess Benjamin Peach Grove
Boggess Fanny Peach Grove
Boggess Edward Peach Grove
Boggess George W Sunrise
Boggess J R Sunrise
Boggess Emma R Sunrise
Boggess John W Peach Grove
Bold Cary McMath Lenoxburg
Bold Elmer E Lenoxburg
Bold Joseph Lenoxburg
Bold Lydia B Lenoxburg
Boles J M Oakland
Bonar C E Flower Creek
Bonar Charles F Lenoxburg
Bonar Elizabeth F Lenoxburg
Bonar Ella Riverside
Bonar G A Catholic Falmouth
Bonar H B Walnut Grove
Bonar Harley F Riverside
Bonar Ida M Flower Creek
Bonar J C Flower Creek
Bonar M L Flower Creek
Bonar J H Catholic Falmouth
Bonar James Ingram Walnut Grove
Bonar Leo Lenoxburg
Bonar Lewis A Walnut Grove
Bonar Lizzie C Walnut Grove
Bonar Minnie Elva Lenoxburg
Bonar Norna E Riverside
Bonar Robert W Lenoxburg
Bonar Sarah Walnut Grove
Bonar Sarah E Kirby Cem
Bonar Stephen Mt Moriah
Bonar Stephen Flower Creek
Bonar Wardie Walnut Grove
Boner Elizabeth Smith's Cem
Boner Samuel F Kirby Cem
Boner William Kirby Cem
Boner Nancy Kirby Cem
Boner William Jr. Kirby Cem
Booher Lucille M Aulick
Boon William N Catholic Falmouth
Boone Irst E Gardnersville
Boone J H Gardnersville
Boone J T Gardnersville
Boone Amanda J Gardnersville
Boone Mary F Gardnersville
Boone J M Gardnersville
Bornermann Katie E Smith's Cem
Bosake Andrew Fisher's Cem
Bosake Andrew M Fisher's Cem
Bosake Elizabeth Fisher's Cem
Bosake Johnson Fisher's Cem
Boss Capt. A F Flower Creek
Boss Catherine Flower Creek
Bowe Cordelia New Mt Vernon
Bowen Charles F Gardnersville
Bowen Fanny Agnes Pleasant Ridge
Bowen Leona B Gardnersville
Bowen William M Gardnersville
Bowles Annie E New Richland
Bowles Charles New Richland
Bowles Ella New Richland
Brackman L P Lenoxburg
Bradbury Fannie Peach Grove
Bradford Albert C Riverside
Bradford Alma Boston
Bradford Americus Bethel
Bradford Ann Bethel
Bradford Anna Bell Lenoxburg
Bradford Anna C Sunrise
Bradford Arthur Bethel
Bradford Belle Flower Creek
Bradford Benjamin W Boston
Bradford Birtie C Bethel
Bradford Cyntheana Kirby Cem
Bradford E F Riverside
Bradford Sarah T Riverside
Bradford Edward Russell Bethel
Bradford Elizabeth Kirby Cem
Bradford Elizabeth Browning Riverside
Bradford Elizabeth M Flower Creek
Bradford Elva G Riverside
Bradford George M Riverside
Bradford Mr Hannah B Boston
Bradford Harriet Bethel
Bradford Harry T Riverside
Bradford Henry J Riverside
Bradford Henry N Boston
Bradford Hugh Flower Creek
Bradford James F New Richland
Bradford Jennie Riverside
Bradford Jessie Riverside
Bradford Jessie H New Peach Grove
Bradford John B Boston
Bradford Sarah Boston
Bradford Lucy Bethel
Bradford Lucy F Bethel
Bradford Luther Flower Creek
Bradford Mahala Bethel
Bradford Malinda Bethel
Bradford Margaret Flower Creek
Bradford Martha A Bethel
Bradford Mary Kirby Cem
Bradford Mary F Sunrise
Bradford Milderd Morris Flower Creek
Bradford Nicholas P Flower Creek
Bradford Nina Riverside
Bradford Olive Francis Lenoxburg
Bradford Paul Lenoxburg
Bradford Philip H Bethel
Bradford Russel Bethel
Bradford Sallie E Boston
Bradford Sarah Bethel
Bradford Sarah J New Peach Grove
Bradford Susan Kirby Cem
Bradford T K Bethel
Bradford Theodore J Boston
Bradford Thomas K Boston
Bradford W L Sunrise
Bradford W M Riverside
Bradford Wagoner Thos New Richland
Bradford William Bethel
Bradford William Alfred (M.D.) Flower Creek
Bradford William C Bethel
Bradley Sarah F Bethel
Bramblett Cora Lenoxburg
Bramel Donal Louis Pleasant Ridge
Brandt <no name given> Bethel
Brandt <no name given> Bethel
Brandt A F Bethel
Brandt Bertha Bethel
Brandt Chas Riverside
Brandt Lena Riverside
Brandt Clara C Short Creek
Brandt Louis A Bethel
Brandt Fannie Bethel
Brann Alice Riverside
Brann Andrew Jackson Morgan
Brann Ida Dora Morgan
Brann J C Riverside
Brann Joseph J Riverside
Brann William A Morgan
Brannock D N Riverside
Brannock Louisa Old Mt. Vernon
Brashares Marinda Old Mt. Vernon
Bray Albert Peach Grove
Bray Edwin New Peach Grove
Bray Fannie New Peach Grove
Bray Edwin Flower Creek
Bray Enoch Flower Creek
Bray Ernest Flower Creek
Bray Frank Walnut Grove
Bray Ida Walnut Grove
Bray James New Peach Grove
Bray Rose M Flower Creek
Bray Sallie Flower Creek
Bray W Flower Creek
Brennenstuhl Rosina New Peach Grove
Brennenstuhl U New Peach Grove
Bridges Joseph Wilmington
Bridges Nancy A Wilmington
Bristow Hugh New Mt Vernon
Bristow Hugh R Antioch Mills
Bristow John W Antioch Mills
Bristow M C New Mt Vernon
Bristow Mary J Antioch Mills
Bristow Ray New Mt Vernon
Britton M W Lenoxburg
Britton Lucretia Lenoxburg
Broderick Carton Catholic Falmouth
Broderick Katherine E Catholic Falmouth
Broderick Mary Catholic Falmouth
Broderick Winifred Catholic Falmouth
Brooks Charles E Lenoxburg
Brooks Elenora Lenoxburg
Brooks Elizabeth Lenoxburg
Broseke John Henry Riverside
Brown Alexander Willow
Brown Mary Willow
Brown B F Gardnersville
Brown Cynthia Gardnersville
Brown Brutus T Gardnersville
Brown Folsome Flower Creek
Brown Jesse N Willow
Brown Margaret Flower Creek
Brown Orville F Mt Moriah
Brown Sam S Flower Creek
Brown Tilda Ann Pleasant Ridge
Brown W H Gardnersville
Brownfield Adeline Flower Creek
Brownfield Alex. Flower Creek
Brownfield E Flower Creek
Brownfield Everet Flower Creek
Brownfield Jane Flower Creek
Brownfield John A Flower Creek
Brownfield Joseph Flower Creek
Brownfield Lula Flower Creek
Brownfield Sam Flower Creek
Brownfield Sarah J Bethel
Brownfield Seymour Flower Creek
Brownfield W H Bethel
Browning Augustus W Riverside
Browning Auretia C Old Mt. Vernon
Browning Avilda Newton Riverside
Browning Charles B Riverside
Browning Dudley H Browning
Browning E B Riverside
Browning Edward Oakland
Browning Mary E Oakland
Browning Elijah Browning
Browning Fenton E Oakland
Browning Fenton T Riverside
Browning Henry Orval Oakland
Browning Henry T Browning
Browning Susan Browning
Browning Hervey Oakland
Browning James C Oakland
Browning James W Browning
Browning John A Old Mt. Vernon
Browning John C New Mt Vernon
Browning Laurannie Oakland
Browning Lena Riverside
Browning Loyd Riverside
Browning M L Oakland
Browning Margaret J Gardnersville
Browning Mariam C Riverside
Browning Martha A Oakland
Browning Matilda J Oakland
Browning Mollie E Browning
Browning Nannie B Oakland
Browning P E Oakland
Browning Rebecca Oakland
Browning Robert C Riverside
Browning Sallie Riverside
Browning Sarah W Oakland
Browning Sophorna Riverside
Browning Vasco Oakland
Browning W T Oakland
Browning Walter W Riverside
Browning William H Riverside
Browning Wilson G Browning
Bruce Edward Lenoxburg
Bryan Sarah J Flower Creek
Buckley A L Short Creek
Buerkley Charles F Lenoxburg
Buerkley Martha E Lenoxburg
Bullock Henry Riverside
Bullock Frances M Riverside
Burch Elizabeth Bethel
Burkett John Lenoxburg
Burlew A D Bethel
Burlew Louisa Bethel
Burlew Blanch Bethel
Burlew Leland Flower Creek
Burlew Marion Flower Creek
Burlew Nellie Mae Bethel
Burlingame Enos S Kirby Cem
Burlingame Sallie Kirby Cem
Burns Martha Riverside
Burris Alfred Plum Creek
Burris Tillie B Plum Creek
Burris Dora New Peach Grove
Burris Elizabeth New Peach Grove
Burris Grover C New Peach Grove
Burris Thomas New Peach Grove
Bush Clyde Howard Antioch Mills
Bush James Pleasant Ridge
Bush James Paul Antioch Mills
Bush Mariah Pleasant Ridge
Bush Martha J Wilmington
Bush Nancy S Pleasant Ridge
Bush Simeon Pleasant Ridge
Bush William E W Bethel
Buskirk J T Morgan
Buskirk Juranda Morgan
Butcher James K P Antioch Mills
Butcher Martha J Antioch Mills
Butt Samuel A, Corp'l Pleasant Ridge

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