from the E. E. Barton Papers

The E. E. Barton Collection of Northern Kentucky Families, is a collection of genealogical and family history files and various other types of records compiled in the early to mid 1900s by Edward Everett Barton (1870-1951), a Pendleton County, Kentucky lawyer.  All of his papers have been preserved and microfilmed.

Scanned  at FHL By: Joy fisher   Transcribed & Formatted By: Suzanne Shephard

In transcribing these files, I have tried to do them exactly as they are seen on the microfilm. There are, however, some variances. Five columns were used to denote last name, first name, date of birth, date of death and cemetery of interment. In many instances, a date will be shown in the birth column and a specific age (i.e. 37y 6m 12d) will be shown in the death column. I believe that in most cases, these dates should be together but since they are shown in the separate columns, that's the way I transcribed them. If you see an ancestor and know that the date and age should be together, let Sherri or I know and we will change it! These files have been sorted by Surname and by Cemetery so you have a choice of where to begin researching... enjoy and I hope these documents will be of help!

Biehn Cemetery

Last Name First Name/MI Date of Birth Date of Death Cemetery Notes
Biehn Caroline 1879 1882 Biehn Cem  
Biehn Catherine B   1/7/1883  age 14y 11m 5d Biehn Cem  
Biehn Edward 12/28/1882** age 21y 10m 16d Biehn Cem ** not clear if this is birth or death date
Biehn Fredrick 1/11/1818 1/1/1873 Biehn Cem Co K, 7th Cav
Biehn Elizabeth 1818 1903 Biehn Cem W/O Fredrick Biehn
Biehn Jacob 1877 1882 Biehn Cem  
Biehn Jacor 2/8/1877 12/7/1892 Biehn Cem  
Biehn Theodore 1849 1935 Biehn Cem  


Blanket Creek Cemetery


Last Name First Name/MI Date of Birth Date of Death Cemetery Notes
Jones Christopher     Blanket Creek Co G, 40th Ky Inf

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