from the E. E. Barton Papers

The E. E. Barton Collection of Northern Kentucky Families, is a collection of genealogical and family history files and various other types of records compiled in the early to mid 1900s by Edward Everett Barton (1870-1951), a Pendleton County, Kentucky lawyer.  All of his papers have been preserved and microfilmed.

Scanned  at FHL By: Joy fisher   Transcribed & Formatted By: Suzanne Shephard

In transcribing these files, I have tried to do them exactly as they are seen on the microfilm. There are, however, some variances. Five columns were used to denote last name, first name, date of birth, date of death and cemetery of interment. In many instances, a date will be shown in the birth column and a specific age (i.e. 37y 6m 12d) will be shown in the death column. I believe that in most cases, these dates should be together but since they are shown in the separate columns, that's the way I transcribed them. If you see an ancestor and know that the date and age should be together, let Sherri or I know and we will change it! These files have been sorted by Surname and by Cemetery so you have a choice of where to begin researching... enjoy and I hope these documents will be of help!

Surname Indexes for the Barton Cemeteries

Last Name First Name/MI Cemetery
Cahill Arrena Lenoxburg
Cahill A J Lenoxburg
Cahill Catherine M Dividing Ridge
Cahill J Dividing Ridge
Cahill John Dividing Ridge
Cahill Jane T Dividing Ridge
Cahill Mary J Dividing Ridge
Cahill Taylor Concord
Cahill Thomas J Dividing Ridge
Cahill Wm J Dividing Ridge
Cain Margaret L Willow
Calahan Gladis Ruth Gardnersville
Caldwell A L Flower Creek
Caldwell A L Gardnersville
Caldwell B Edwards Cem
Caldwell Captolnia Flower Creek
Caldwell Elizabeth Flower Creek
Caldwell Eunice Gardnersville
Caldwell Edith Flower Creek
Caldwell E M Gardnersville
Caldwell Hattie Gardnersville
Caldwell Frank M Flower Creek
Caldwell George W Flower Creek
Caldwell Hettie Gardnersville
Caldwell H Gardnersville
Caldwell John Gardnersville
Caldwell Johanna Gardnersville
Caldwell Janetta Gardnersville
Caldwell J M Flower Creek
Caldwell Kizzie R Plum Creek
Caldwell Laura B Flower Creek
Caldwell Mary Flower Creek
Caldwell Margaret Gardnersville
Caldwell Richard E Gardnersville
Caldwell Raymond Gardnersville
Caldwell Rena Gardnersville
Caldwell U S Grant Flower Creek
Caldwell Van E New Peach Grove
Caldwell Wm N Plum Creek
Callahan Clara B Gardnersville
Callahan J R Gardnersville
Calvert Anna L Lenoxburg
Calvert Alta B Lenoxburg
Calvert B R Lenoxburg
Calvert Denver L Lenoxburg
Calvert G T Lenoxburg
Calvert Jennie Edwards Cem
Calvert Marinda Lenoxburg
Calvert <no name given> Edwards Cem
Campbell Amy Francis Flower Creek
Campbell Daniel Grandbeck Riverside
Campbell Ellenora H Riverside
Campbell George F Flower Creek
Campbell Gracie Mae Lenoxburg
Campbell Harvey Lenoxburg
Campbell Herbert A W Riverside
Campbell Helena I Riverside
Campbell Peter Flower Creek
Campbell Susie A Riverside
Campbell Sarah A Bethel
Campbell T J Bethel
Campbell Elvira A Bethel
Cann David Lenoxburg
Cann Martha E Lenoxburg
Carl <no name given> Boston
Carl Almira Elizabeth Boston
Carl Henry Wilmington
Carlin Mary Catholic Falmouth
Carlin Phillip Catholic Falmouth
Carlin Thomas Catholic Falmouth
Carlisle Lula Peebles Gum Lick
Carlisle Rebecca F Wilmington
Carlisle S G Wilmington
Carmody James Catholic Falmouth
Carmody Margaret Catholic Falmouth
Carmondy Maggie J Catholic Falmouth
Carnes Albert Peach Grove
Carnes Allie Belle Peach Grove
Carnes Augustus O Peach Grove
Carnes Edith M Peach Grove
Carnes Edmund Peach Grove
Carnes Jane Peach Grove
Carnes Elizabeth Peach Grove
Carnes Elizabeth Peach Grove
Carnes J H Peach Grove
Carnes John C Peach Grove
Carnes Mary E Peach Grove
Carnes Mary I Peach Grove
Carnes Mary M Peach Grove
Carnes Minnie F New Peach Grove
Carnes Richard T New Peach Grove
Carnes Stella New Peach Grove
Carnes Sylvia M Lenoxburg
Carnes Thomas J Peach Grove
Carnes W N Peach Grove
Carney Thomas B Catholic Falmouth
Carpenter James Ingram Lenoxburg
Carr Alfred Sunrise
Carr Luella J Sunrise
Carr Callie Myrtle Sunrise
Carr Foster P Lenoxburg
Carr Greenbury Lenoxburg
Carr Hiram Sunrise
Carr Polly Ann Sunrise
Carr John R Benson
Carr Alice G Benson
Carr Kirby A Sunrise
Carr Louella Lenoxburg
Carr Nancy D Roanoak
Carr R A Lenoxburg
Carr Robert W Sunrise
Carr Loucinda Sunrise
Carr Wm Luther Benson
Carter <no name given> Gum Lick
Carter J W Gum Lick
Carter Ann Eliza Gum Lick
Carton Charles Catholic Falmouth
Carton Daniel Catholic Falmouth
Carton William Catholic Falmouth
Carton Elizabeth Catholic Falmouth
Case H L Browning
Casey Add Sunrise
Casey Clarence E Gardnersville
Casey Edith N Gardnersville
Casey J H Oakland
Casey Lucy N Oakland
Casey James M New Richland
Casey  Sarah M New Richland
Casey Martha Wilmington
Casey Martha A Oakland
Casey W T Sunrise
Casey Anna F Sunrise
Castor Elsia A Plum Creek
Chalfant Rosie Marie Riverside
Chandler John Lenoxburg
Chandler Lewis J Gum Lick
Chapman Belle Scott Riverside
Chapman Elizabeth Ellen Lenoxburg
Chapman Elnora R Mt Moriah
Chapman Isaac Lenoxburg
Chapman Mary I Flower Creek
Childers Arche Bald Benson
Childers Mahala Benson
Childers Esther J Benson
Childers George B Benson
Childers Hickman Riverside
Childers James F Morgan
Childers Joseph W Benson
Chiles James M Short Creek
Chiles Louise Short Creek
Chiles Mary Draper Short Creek
Chipman Hattie C Fisher's Cem
Chipman Nan Elizabeth Riverside
Chipman Noah Benjamin, MD Riverside
Chipman Rannie K Fisher's Cem
Chipman Sallie J Fisher's Cem
Chrisman Jas T Riverside
Chriswell Daniel W Benson
Chriswell David Benson
Chriswell Mary Right Benson
Chriswell Emma J Benson
Chriswell Fannie E Benson
Chriswell H N Benson
Chriswell Irena N Benson
Chriswell Ivy Benson
Chriswell Luther Benson
Chriswell Orat Benson
Clark A B, Lieut Riverside
Clark Abigal Wilmington
Clark Andrew B Riverside
Clark A B, Lieut Riverside
Clark Alvin B Riverside
Clark Caroline L Riverside
Clark Eva Willow
Clark Henry T Riverside
Clark Hester Lenoxburg
Clark Ida A Gardnersville
Clark J T, Capt Riverside
Clark James C Riverside
Clark James T Riverside
Clark John R Lenoxburg
Clark Katie Lenoxburg
Clark Louis F New Peach Grove
Clark Mary A Riverside
Clark Mary T Riverside
Clark G B Riverside
Clarke A R, Jr Riverside
Clarke A R Riverside
Clarke M Anna Riverside
Clarke Anna Riverside
Clarke George R Riverside
Cline J C Lenoxburg
Cline J D Lenoxburg
Cline Mary Lenoxburg
Cline Walter Turner Ridge
Clinger Christina Short Creek
Clinger H T Short Creek
Clinger Mary A Short Creek
Clinkinbeard C E Peach Grove
Clinkinbeard S A Peach Grove
Clinkinbeard W F Peach Grove
Clubertson Eddie Wilmington
Coburn Elizabeth Lenoxburg
Cockayne J W Pleasant Hill
Cockerill Christopher Riverside
Cockerill George W Riverside
Cockerill James C Riverside
Cockerill Lucy G Riverside
Cockerill Lucy Riverside
Cockerill P Clark Riverside
Cody Patrick Riverside
Cody Bridget Riverside
Coff Elizabeth Plum Creek
Colbert Albert B Riverside
Colbert Jessie L Boston Cem
Colbert Walker Boston Cem
Colcord Commodore Perry Pleasant Ridge
Colcord Elizabeth C Pleasant Ridge
Colcord S C Pleasant Ridge
Colcord Samuel C Pleasant Ridge
Colcord Matilda Pleasant Ridge
Cole Nellie Mildred Flower Creek
Colelough George A New Peach Grove
Colelough George H New Peach Grove
Colelough Henry A New Peach Grove
Colelough Lucilla New Peach Grove
Colelough Mary S New Peach Grove
Coleman Catherine Catholic Falmouth
Coleman Clarence Riverside
Coleman Elizabeth Catholic Falmouth
Coleman Elizabeth Catholic Falmouth
Coleman J E Wesley Chapel
Coleman Hester A Wesley Chapel
Coleman J G Riverside
Coleman James Catholic Falmouth
Coleman John Catholic Falmouth
Coleman John Catholic Falmouth
Coleman John Catholic Falmouth
Coleman John Catholic Falmouth
Coleman Katherine S Catholic Falmouth
Coleman Lucy Catholic Falmouth
Coleman Marcella Catholic Falmouth
Coleman Martha A Riverside
Coleman Martin Catholic Falmouth
Coleman Mary Riverside
Coleman Mary Catholic Falmouth
Coleman Michael Catholic Falmouth
Coleman Michael Catholic Falmouth
Coleman Michael Catholic Falmouth
Coleman Michael J Catholic Falmouth
Coleman Patrick Catholic Falmouth
Coleman Mary Catholic Falmouth
Coleman Sarah A Catholic Falmouth
Coleman Speranda Michael Catholic Falmouth
Coleman Theresa William Catholic Falmouth
Coleman W J Riverside
Collier Lucy A Antioch Mills
Collier Louisiana Antioch Mills
Collier Mary Frances Antioch Mills
Collier Nancy Old Mt. Vernon
Collier Perly L Antioch Mills
Collier Rachel M Old Mt. Vernon
Collier Riley Old Mt. Vernon
Collier Rebecca Old Mt. Vernon
Collier W J Antioch Mills
Collier Amanda F Old Mt. Vernon
Collier Anna Antioch Mills
Collier B F Gum Lick
Collier Benjamin F Old Mt. Vernon
Collier Cornelia F Old Mt. Vernon
Collier Elizabeth Kelat Cem
Collier Isaah Old Mt. Vernon
Collier Elizabeth Old Mt. Vernon
Collier John Old Mt. Vernon
Collier Nancy Old Mt. Vernon
Collier James S Old Mt. Vernon
Collier L F Old Mt. Vernon
Collier Lucy A Antioch Mills
Collins Elizabeth Riverside
Colvin Alfred Forsythe Cem
Colvin Anna J Old Mt. Vernon
Colvin Baxter Old Mt. Vernon
Colvin Louisa F Old Mt. Vernon
Colvin Bennie Riverside
Colvin Belle Scott Lenoxburg
Colvin Bettie K Riverside
Colvin Birkett L Riverside
Colvin Sallie E Riverside
Colvin C A Lenoxburg
Colvin Elizabeth Old Mt. Vernon
Colvin Elvira Forsythe Cem
Colvin Flora Riverside
Colvin Freddie W Forsythe Cem
Colvin George A Oakland
Colvin  Lucy B Oakland
Colvin Henry G Forsythe Cem
Colvin Margaret Forsythe Cem
Colvin Henry W Forsythe Cem
Colvin Icie F Old Mt. Vernon
Colvin Josiah Forsythe Cem
Colvin L L New Mt Vernon
Colvin Lewis A Riverside
Colvin Lewis W New Mt Vernon
Colvin Lizzie New Mt Vernon
Colvin Louisa F Forsythe Cem
Colvin Luther Old Mt. Vernon
Colvin M A New Mt Vernon
Colvin Nannie M G Forsythe Cem
Colvin Martha E Forsythe Cem
Colvin Mary Riverside
Colvin Mary Forsythe Cem
Colvin Mary Old Mt. Vernon
Colvin Mary F Riverside
Colvin Mary J Forsythe Cem
Colvin Mason Old Mt. Vernon
Colvin Mollie A Browning Family
Colvin Nellie Mae Riverside
Colvin Nimrod R Short Creek
Colvin Sarah Short Creek
Colvin P W Riverside
Colvin Elizabeth Ginn Riverside
Colvin R Beverly Minor Riverside
Colvin Robert G Forsythe Cem
Colvin William D New Mt Vernon
Colvin Minnie F New Mt Vernon
Conely Jennie Flower Creek
Conley J L Flower Creek
Connelly Iva M Wilmington
Connelly J Frank Wilmington
Connelly John Lenoxburg
Connelly Katie Lenoxburg
Connelly Nellie Lenoxburg
Connelly Mollie O Pleasant Hill
Connelly Mamie Lenoxburg
Connery Mary J Concord
Conrad Bessie E Short Creek
Conrad Emma C Short Creek
Conrad Fannie Short Creek
Conrad Thomas Lee Short Creek
Conroy John Catholic Falmouth
Conroy Mary Catholic Falmouth
Conroy P J Catholic Falmouth
Conroy Elizabeth Catholic Falmouth
Cook Annie L Gardnersville
Cook B H Gardnersville
Cook Cora F Gardnersville
Cook Dorothy Mae Plum Creek
Cook Edna M Gardnersville
Cook Elizabeth Pleasant Ridge
Cook Ella M Gardnersville
Cook Frances M Gardnersville
Cook Fred H Gardnersville
Cook James L Gardnersville
Cook Rachel E Gardnersville
Cook Vera Gum Lick
Cook William Plum Creek
Cookendorfer Alfred Lenoxburg
Cookendorfer Annie Lenoxburg
Cookendorfer C C Walnut Grove
Cookendorfer Chris Lenoxburg
Cookendorfer Luida Concord
Cookendorfer Mary F Lenoxburg
Cookendorfer Minnie Walnut Grove
Cookendorfer Tonie Lenoxburg
Cookman Isaac N Flower Creek
Coons Bettie Marr Diltz Riverside
Cooper Lucy Mae Short Creek
Cooper M E Short Creek
Cooper Sallie Benson
Corbin Carrie Flower Creek
Corbin Grace Flower Creek
Corbin Harry Flower Creek
Cornelius J F Gardnersville
Cornelius Claudia B Gardnersville
Cornelius Lillie Ethel Gardnersville
Corwin Mary Morgan
Costello Joseph Riverside
Cottey Martha R Fisher's Cem
Courtney Ellen Francis Lenoxburg
Courtney F M Oakland
Courtney J H Oakland
Courtney Eliza A Oakland
Courtney J M Lenoxburg
Courtney Matilda Lenoxburg
Courtney Newton Oakland
Courtney Noah Riverside
Courtney U G Oakland
Covington Ora May Gardnersville
Cowles Charles M Flower Creek
Cowles Clarence J Kirby Cem
Cowles Maria Flower Creek
Cowles Ovid W Flower Creek
Cowles William H Flower Creek
Cox Barton W Cem between Caddo and Concord
Cox Clarisa Cem between Caddo and Concord
Cox Eugene Cem between Caddo and Concord
Cox James B Lenoxburg
Cox Julina Cem between Caddo and Concord
Cox Olea M Lenoxburg
Cox Samuel Cox Cem
Cox Mary Cox Cem
Cox Samuel M Lenoxburg
Cox Sentrilla H Lenoxburg
Cox Wesley L Lenoxburg
Coyle Elizabeth Carney Catholic Falmouth
Coyle Mary C Peach Grove
Coyle Patrick Catholic Falmouth
Craig Catherine Benson
Craig Frank P Lenoxburg
Craig Linda O Lenoxburg
Craig Rebecca A Lenoxburg
Crain A J Walnut Grove
Crain Agatha Walnut Grove
Crain Albert V Walnut Grove
Crain Elizabeth Walnut Grove
Crain Georgia Ann Walnut Grove
Crain J S Flower Creek
Crain Lettie J Walnut Grove
Crain Mary E Walnut Grove
Crain Myrtle Walnut Grove
Crain Richard M Walnut Grove
Crain Sarah J Walnut Grove
Crain Lizzie M Walnut Grove
Cram Carrie E Pleasant Ridge
Cram Carrie E Pleasant Ridge
Cram Mary K Lenoxburg
Cram Madge Pleasant Ridge
Crawford Agnes Catholic Falmouth
Crawford Ann Mariah Downard Cem
Crawford Ellen Catholic Falmouth
Crawford F M Oakland
Crawford J S Pleasant Hill
Crawford James Catholic Falmouth
Crawford Mary Catholic Falmouth
Crawford John Catholic Falmouth
Crawford Phobe S Oakland
Crawford Rosa Catholic Falmouth
Crawford Thomas Catholic Falmouth
Crawley Hanohra Catholic Falmouth
Craycraft Thomas J Fisher's Cem
Criswell James W Benson
Criswell John Sunrise
Criswell John T Sunrise
Criswell Stella Sunrise
Criswell Lucinda Sunrise
Criswell Mary L Sunrise
Criswell William H Benson
Cropper Harrie E Conrad Cem
Crotty T R Catholic Falmouth
Crouch Sarah E Aulick Cem
Crouse Pearlee A Pleasant Ridge
Crowley Maggie Catholic Falmouth
Crowley Patrick Catholic Falmouth
Crupper Elit Lenoxburg
Crupper Eliza J Lenoxburg
Crupper Eliza J Lenoxburg
Crupper James E Lenoxburg
Crupper Malinda M Lenoxburg
Culbertson Eliza Wilmington
Culbertson H H Wilmington
Culbertson James E Wilmington
Culbertson James R Bethel
Culbertson Mary Bethel
Culbertson Monroe Wilmington
Culbertson Rebecca J Bethel
Culbertson Wm H Wilmington
Cullen John Catholic Falmouth
Cullen Elizabeth Catholic Falmouth
Cummins Anna H Benson
Cummins Anna W Old Mt. Vernon
Cummins Arthur C Bethel
Cummins Belle Wilson Lenoxburg
Cummins Bridget Catholic Falmouth
Cummins Byron F Walnut Grove
Cummins C T Oakland
Cummins Cecil Bethel
Cummins Charles Riverside
Cummins Clyde Monroe New Richland
Cummins Dora I Riverside
Cummins Doris Ann New Mt Vernon
Cummins Edith L Antioch Mills
Cummins Eliza Benson
Cummins Elizabeth Lenoxburg
Cummins Ella M Bethel
Cummins Fay T Lenoxburg
Cummins Fleming Benson
Cummins Amanda Benson
Cummins George Antioch Mills
Cummins Sarah Antioch Mills
Cummins George Antioch Mills
Cummins George E Antioch Mills
Cummins George T Willow
Cummins Harry Oakland
Cummins Harvey Lenoxburg
Cummins Helen Bethel
Cummins Irl H Lenoxburg
Cummins J E Antioch Mills
Cummins Jennie Benson
Cummins James E Wesley Chapel
Cummins James T Oakland
Cummins Melvina Oakland
Cummins John W Antioch Mills
Cummins John W Lenoxburg
Cummins John W Wesley Chapel
Cummins Johnson Lenoxburg
Cummins Joseph R Antioch Mills
Cummins L L New Mt Vernon
Cummins Lizzie M Lenoxburg
Cummins Louisa Oakland
Cummins Louvena Lenoxburg
Cummins Lucy A Wesley Chapel
Cummins Lydia Benson
Cummins Mary E Antioch Mills
Cummins Mattie F Antioch Mills
Cummins Missouri B Lenoxburg
Cummins Moses Antioch Mills
Cummins Nina Leah Wesley Chapel
Cummins Nora C Bethel
Cummins Otis C Bethel
Cummins Pete Flemmen Lang New Mt Vernon
Cummins Sallie E Oakland
Cummins Sarah L Antioch Mills
Cummins Sarah X Old Mt. Vernon
Cummins Shelley Benson
Cummins Stella E Lenoxburg
Cummins Sudie F Wesley Chapel
Cummins Theodore Bethel
Cummins Thomas L Lenoxburg
Cummins Thos  R S Antioch Mills
Cummins Trecie M Lenoxburg
Cummins Vernie B Antioch Mills
Cummins Viola Bethel
Cummins William Wesley Chapel
Cummins William Goeble Bethel
Cummins Wm H Lenoxburg
Cummins Willie L Oakland
Cunningham Patrick Dividing Ridge
Curry Benjamin F King Cem
Curry Robert King Cem
Curry Sarah King Cem
Curry Wm New Peach Grove
Cushman C E McKenneysburg
Cushman David McKenneysburg
Cushman Dora M Oakland
Cushman Elizabeth McKenneysburg
Cushman L M Oakland
Cushman Jude S Oakland
Cushman Rubye Christine Oakland

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