from the E. E. Barton Papers

The E. E. Barton Collection of Northern Kentucky Families, is a collection of genealogical and family history files and various other types of records compiled in the early to mid 1900s by Edward Everett Barton (1870-1951), a Pendleton County, Kentucky lawyer.  All of his papers have been preserved and microfilmed.

Scanned  at FHL By: Joy fisher   Transcribed & Formatted By: Suzanne Shephard

In transcribing these files, I have tried to do them exactly as they are seen on the microfilm. There are, however, some variances. Five columns were used to denote last name, first name, date of birth, date of death and cemetery of interment. In many instances, a date will be shown in the birth column and a specific age (i.e. 37y 6m 12d) will be shown in the death column. I believe that in most cases, these dates should be together but since they are shown in the separate columns, that's the way I transcribed them. If you see an ancestor and know that the date and age should be together, let Sherri or I know and we will change it! These files have been sorted by Surname and by Cemetery so you have a choice of where to begin researching... enjoy and I hope these documents will be of help!

Surname Indexes for the Barton Cemeteries

Last Name First Name/MI Cemetery
Haberer John Riverside
Haberer Mat Riverside
Haberer Barbara Riverside
Hackett Ellen E Catholic Falmouth
Haegele E G Short Creek
Haegele Margaret Short Creek
Hafer Annie S Smith's Cem
Hafer Charlotte Smith's Cem
Hafer Emma Smith's Cem
Hafer Frederich Smith's Cem
Hafer Minnie S Smith's Cem
Hagemeyer Anna R C Flower Creek
Hagemeyer Anthony T Flower Creek
Hagemeyer Christian C Flower Creek
Hagemeyer J C Wm. Flower Creek
Hagemeyer Martha E Flower Creek
Hagemeyer Mary E Flower Creek
Haley James O Sunrise
Haley Oliver G Sunrise
Haley Penelope F Sunrise
Haley Thomas P New Mt Vernon
Halfhill Malinda Fisher's Cem
Halfhill Nancy Fisher's Cem
Halfhill Syntha A Fisher's Cem
Halfhill Elizabeth Fisher's Cem
Halfhill Elizabeth Fisher's Cem
Halfhill J J Fisher's Cem
Hall Anna Lee Riverside
Hall Edith Walnut Grove
Hall Ella Quinlan Lenoxburg
Hall Fannie Kirby Riverside
Hall Francis Morgan
Hall Francis M Walnut Grove
Hall Frank J Lenoxburg
Hall Geo Walnut Grove
Hall Hazel Lenoxburg
Hall J Edward Lenoxburg
Hall J L Riverside
Hall Lucinda Riverside
Hall Joe B Riverside
Hall John E Walnut Grove
Hall John W Riverside
Hall Josie R Lenoxburg
Hall Katie W Riverside
Hall Loney C Lenoxburg
Hall Louis Newton New Mt Vernon
Hall Margaret Browning
Hall Martha D Riverside
Hall Nancy A Walnut Grove
Hall Nancy Ruth Walnut Grove
Hall Nellie Lenoxburg
Hall S W Lenoxburg
Hall Nancy Lenoxburg
Hall Squire Browning
Hall T G, Dr. Riverside
Hall Mary E Riverside
Hall Tom G Riverside
Hall William R Lenoxburg
Hall William S Lenoxburg
Hall Dessie L Willow
Hall Ida A Walnut Grove
Hamilton A T Riverside
Hamilton America E Flower Creek
Hamilton E A Willow
Hamilton Sallie Willow
Hamilton F E Riverside
Hamilton Geo H Bethel
Hamilton Henry C Flower Creek
Hamilton Henry C Flower Creek
Hamilton John C Riverside
Hamilton John M Flower Creek
Hamilton John M Downard Cem
Hamilton Nannie Downard Cem
Hamilton L N, Jr New Mt Vernon
Hamilton Leonard L Flower Creek
Hamilton M D Riverside
Hamilton Mary E Riverside
Hamilton Nancy A Riverside
Hamilton Nellie New Mt Vernon
Hamilton Ola May New Mt Vernon
Hamilton Pearl A Bethel
Hamilton T N Oakland
Hamilton Mary E Oakland
Hamilton W R Riverside
Hamilton William C Smith's Cem
Hampson R Knight Smith's Cem
Hampton Alica A Riverside
Hampton Catherine cem between Caddo & Concord
Hampton Cecil Riverside
Hampton Cloy M Willow
Hampton John W Riverside
Hampton Mabel Riverside
Hancock Elizabeth Lenoxburg
Hancock George M Lenoxburg
Hancock George W Lenoxburg
Hancock Hazel Lenoxburg
Hancock Lawrence Lenoxburg
Hancock Nellie Lenoxburg
Hand Thomas L Gum Lick
Haney James Fisher's Cem
Hanker Christofer Smith's Cem
Hanker Mary Smith's Cem
Hannah Cecelia A Willow
Hannah Chambers Lenoxburg
Hannah Hannah J Lenoxburg
Hannah Jas Lenoxburg
Hannah Jane Lenoxburg
Hannah James Lenoxburg
Hannah James Wm Lenoxburg
Hannah John G Lenoxburg
Hannah John W Lenoxburg
Hannah Nancy M Lenoxburg
Hannah Newell Lenoxburg
Hannah V J Lenoxburg
Hannah Willie P Lenoxburg
Hannah William Lenoxburg
Hannah William T Willow
Hanrahan Julia Donehue Dividing Ridge
Hanson Alexander Gum Lick
Hanson Charles Albert Gum Lick
Hanson Phoebe Arnold Gum Lick
Hanson Joseph Gum Lick
Hanson Mary Gum Lick
Hanson Nannie A Gum Lick
Hanson W T Gum Lick
Harcum Belle Lenoxburg
Harcum Elisha B Lenoxburg
Harcum Harry Lenoxburg
Harcum Josephine Lenoxburg
Harcum Lucille (Mrs.) Riverside
Harcum Susan Sunrise
Harcum Wm L Concord
Hardeman Thomas J Flower Creek
Harden Gus D Riverside
Harden M B Riverside
Harden Mary F New Mt Vernon
Harding Nancy Bethel
Harding Missouri A Flower Creek
Harding William H Flower Creek
Harper Braxton New Mt Vernon
Harper Lizzie New Mt Vernon
Harper E L New Mt Vernon
Harper Eliza New Mt Vernon
Harper Everett E McKenneysburg
Harper Geneva Moore New Richland
Harper Isabel A Flower Creek
Harrington <no name given> Catholic Falmouth
Harris Harrie P Flower Creek
Harris John J Flower Creek
Harris John E Willow
Harris Martha Willow
Harrison Alvin Morgan
Harrison Florence A Pleasant Ridge
Harrison G W Pleasant Ridge
Harry Bertha Lenoxburg
Harry George Lenoxburg
Harry Nellie Lenoxburg
Hart Alvin W Walnut Grove
Hart Elizabeth Walnut Grove
Hart Ernest A Walnut Grove
Hart Irial Walnut Grove
Hart J M Walnut Grove
Hart Maranda Walnut Grove
Hart John M Morgan
Hart Laura A Walnut Grove
Hart Matilda Walnut Grove
Hart Mary Edward's Cem
Hart Rollie F Walnut Grove
Hart Ruby F Walnut Grove
Hart Sarah Morgan
Hart Serelda Walnut Grove
Hart Thomas W Walnut Grove
Hart Mary A Walnut Grove
Hart W G Walnut Grove
Hassman Emma Bethel
Hassman Fred Bethel
Haubner Albert Flower Creek
Haubner Zella May Flower Creek
Haufler Cattlar Riverside
Haufler Mary Riverside
Haufler W G Riverside
Haught Licinda Ann Peach Grove
Haunost Dosie Flower Creek
Hauser Agnes Euphemia Riverside
Hauser George Riverside
Hauser S Thos. Riverside
Hauser Samuel Thomas Riverside
Hauser Mary A Riverside
Hauser William C Riverside
Hazelbaker Mable Louise Riverside
Heaverin Billy Lenoxburg
Heaverin Lora Lenoxburg
Heaverin Charles W Fisher's Cem
Heaverin Henry D Lenoxburg
Heaverin Ida L Fisher's Cem
Heaverin John A Lenoxburg
Heaverin John T Fisher's Cem
Heaverin Mary L Fisher's Cem
Heaverin Nellie E Fisher's Cem
Hedgecock Charley A Willow
Hedgecock Eli Willow
Hedgecock Eli Willow
Hedgecock Mary E Willow
Hedgecock Elizabeth Willow
Hedgecock F A Willow
Hendricks Elizabeth Concord
Hendricks Estella Riverside
Hendricks Francis Jane Concord
Hendricks G W Concord
Hendricks J A Fisher's Cem
Hendricks Jane C Fisher's Cem
Hendricks John A Concord
Hendricks Laura Concord
Hendricks Mary F Walnut Grove
Hendricks Russell Riverside
Hendricks Thomas J Riverside
Hendricks U S Walnut Grove
Hendricks Sallie E Walnut Grove
Hendricks Ura S Walnut Grove
Hendricks Wm F Walnut Grove
Hendricks Mary Walnut Grove
Henry Etta F Flower Creek
Henry R E Benson
Henry Nellie Benson
Hensel Frederick New Peach Grove
Hensel John S Riverside
Hensel Lizzie Riverside
Hensel Margaret E New Peach Grove
Hensley B B Flower Creek
Hensley Sarah E Flower Creek
Herrety Austin Catholic Falmouth
Hess Josephine Riverside
Hetterman Bobbie L Catholic Falmouth
Hetterman Harmon A Catholic Falmouth
Hetterman Henry H Catholic Falmouth
Hetterman Mary M Catholic Falmouth
Hetterman Mary M Catholic Falmouth
Hetterman Paul P Catholic Falmouth
Hetterman Susanah Elizabeth Catholic Falmouth
Hetterman Therisa Catholic Falmouth
Hicks Emma Antioch Mills
Hicks Leslier New Richland
Higginhotham Martha Plum Creek
Highfill Elizabeth J Short Creek
Highfill Frank F Short Creek
Highfill J L Gum Lick
Highfill Mary E Gum Lick
Highfill Mary S Short Creek
Highfill T S Short Creek
Highland Ella Dividing Ridge
Highland Henrietta Dividing Ridge
Highland Henrietta Dividing Ridge
Highland M Dividing Ridge
Hightower Clay Wilmington
Hightower Effie Gardnersville
Hightower Elizabeth Wilmington
Hightower H M Wilmington
Hightower Isabella Wilmington
Hightower John Gardnersville
Hightower Margaret J Gardnersville
Hightower Mary D Wilmington
Hightower Merriman Wilmington
Hightower Richard Wilmington
Hightower Sarah A Wilmington
Hightower Sarah F Wilmington
Hightower T B Wilmington
Hightower Lucinda Wilmington
Hilge Sophia Gardnersville
Hill Edna G Benson
Hill Elizabeth Wilmington
Hill Elton Wilmington
Hill Hubert M Lenoxburg
Hill Katherine Benson
Hill Robert Y Lenoxburg
Hill Tim, Jr. Benson
Hill Virgil Howard Benson
Hilton William Ford Riverside
Hitch Annie Frances Riverside
Hitch Carrie Concord
Hitch Eddie V Riverside
Hitch G Orsen Concord
Hitch George J Concord
Hitch Eliza J Concord
Hitch Georgia L Concord
Hitch Ida Concord
Hitch J T Concord
Hitch Laura B Concord
Hitch Lucinda Concord
Hitch Mallie F Concord
Hitch Mary E Riverside
Hitch May S Concord
Hitch Mildred K Concord
Hitch N O Concord
Hitch Nora D Concord
Hitch Robert E Concord
Hitch T P Concord
Hitch T T Concord
Hix Sarah Frances Willow
Hobbs Catherine Peach Grove
Hobbs Catherine New Peach Grove
Hobbs Elizabeth E Peach Grove
Hobbs Georgia Annie Peach Grove
Hobbs J W New Peach Grove
Hobbs James Edward Peach Grove
Hobbs L L New Peach Grove
Hobbs Elisabeth New Peach Grove
Hobbs Mina Alice Peach Grove
Hobbs Ollie Lenoxburg
Hobbs Perry New Peach Grove
Hobbs Carrie New Peach Grove
Hobbs Silas G Lenoxburg
Hobbs Wallace Peach Grove
Hobbs William Peach Grove
Hobday Cecil Fryer Riverside
Hobday Jeanette Benson
Hobday John F (James) Riverside
Hobday John M Benson
Hobday Rebecca M Benson
Hobday Lida (Summers) Riverside
Hobday Minerva J Riverside
Hodge Dimmie F Riverside
Hodge Thos Sunrise
Hodgetts Willie S New Peach Grove
Hoelscher Anna Catholic Falmouth
Hoelscher David Catholic Falmouth
Hoelscher Helena Catholic Falmouth
Hoffman Gila A Flower Creek
Hogan Patrick Dividing Ridge
Hoge Albert Leroy Concord
Holderman Agnes A Plum Creek
Holderman George Plum Creek
Holderman Lilly Plum Creek
Holderman Ora Plum Creek
Holderman Roy Plum Creek
Holderness Emily Flower Creek
Holderness Thomas Flower Creek
Holland Hobert L Riverside
Holland Mary N Riverside
Holland Newman E Riverside
Holland Robert W Riverside
Holmes Claude New Mt Vernon
Holmes Edward C Peach Grove
Holmes Edward L Peach Grove
Holmes Edward W Peach Grove
Holmes Elizabeth New Mt Vernon
Holmes Elizabeth Wandelorh Flower Creek
Holmes George W New Peach Grove
Holmes J R New Mt Vernon
Holmes Amanda New Mt Vernon
Holmes James E New Mt Vernon
Holmes James Ella New Mt Vernon
Holmes John W Peach Grove
Holmes Kate A Peach Grove
Holmes Lucy D Walnut Grove
Holmes Lamah Flower Creek
Holmes Oliver W New Mt Vernon
Holmes Margaret E Peach Grove
Holmes Mary M Riverside
Holmes Nancy Ann Peach Grove
Holmes Paul Gordon New Richland
Holmes Robert S Peach Grove
Holmes Elizabeth R Peach Grove
Holmes B J New Mt Vernon
Holmes Alice New Mt Vernon
Holmes Samuel Riverside
Holmes Sarah Riverside
Holmes Sarah M Riverside
Holmes Simon Boyd New Mt Vernon
Holmes T J Riverside
Holmes Ann Whitaker Riverside
Holmes Thomas H Riverside
Holmes W W Flower Creek
Holmes W W Flower Creek
Holmes Welburn H Peach Grove
Holmes Wm Barton Peach Grove
Holock Catherine New Peach Grove
Holock Charles New Peach Grove
Holock Matilda S New Peach Grove
Holock William New Peach Grove
Holton Alemer Oakland
Holton Augustus F Oakland
Holton Sally A Oakland
Holton James Augustus Oakland
Holton John T Oakland
Holton M W Oakland
Holton Mary Jane New Mt Vernon
Holton Nora M Oakland
Holton Russell Brown Oakland
Hoop (Hook?) Emilia Willow
Hopkins Anna Gardnersville
Hopkins Mary A Gardnersville
Hopkins Mont Gardnersville
Hopkins Nora L Gardnersville
Hopkins S M, Dr. Gardnersville
Hopkins W L Gardnersville
Hopkins Fannie Gardnersville
Hopkins Yancey Gardnersville
Houchen Grace Riverside
Houchen J R Concord
Houchen Sarah Concord
Houchen Mary E Concord
House Bessie M Morgan
House G W Roanoak
House Mary K Roanoak
Houston Amanda J Lenoxburg
Houston Barbara E Fisher's Cem
Houston Charles W Concord
Houston Druzie Lenoxburg
Houston Elizabeth Lenoxburg
Houston Francis Marion Walnut Grove
Houston Glady Concord
Houston Herbert Concord
Houston James A Concord
Houston James Dow Fisher's Cem
Houston James W Concord
Houston John R Concord
Houston John S Fisher's Cem
Houston Joseph C Concord
Houston Louis Fisher's Cem
Houston Margaret E Walnut Grove
Houston Mary A Lenoxburg
Houston Mary C Concord
Houston Nicholas Lenoxburg
Houston S E, Dr. Lenoxburg
Houston Sarah Agnes Walnut Grove
Houston Susanna P Walnut Grove
Houston T C Walnut Grove
Howard Claude Lenoxburg
Howard Llewellyn Antioch Mills
Howe Delia A Pope Williams Cem
Howe Emma K Lenoxburg
Howe Sarah E Riverside
Huddleston S E Flower Creek
Huddleston Ethel Flower Creek
Huddleston Peter M New Peach Grove
Huddleston S E Flower Creek
Huff Joseph Edgar Flower Creek
Huffman C C New Mt Vernon
Huffman Hattie Smith's Cem
Huffman Isaac Turner Ridge
Huffman Jacob Fisher's Cem
Huffman Mary A Fisher's Cem
Huffman Jacob Smith's Cem
Huffman Jas Turner Ridge
Huffman Jeptha M Fisher's Cem
Huffman Johanna Turner Ridge
Huffman L B New Mt Vernon
Hughey Josiah R Peach Grove
Hughey John Peach Grove
Hume Addie Riverside
Hume Evelyn Riverside
Hume H Clay Riverside
Humphrey Chester Brian Benson
Humphrey Robert B Benson
Humphrey Emily Benson
Humphrey Sophrona Sunrise
Hunter E W Riverside
Hunter George W Walnut Grove
Hunter Amanda Walnut Grove
Hunter Jasper Walnut Grove
Hurd Mattie M Concord
Huston William Lee Fisher's Cem
Hutchinson Frank J Pleasant Ridge
Hutchinson Lizzie Pleasant Ridge
Hutson Alva A Lenoxburg
Hutson Lallas D Lenoxburg
Hutte Carrie Peach Grove
Hutte Fred W Peach Grove
Hutte Frederica Caroline Peach Grove
Hutte Henry A New Peach Grove
Hutte Henry H Peach Grove
Hutte Catherine Ernst Peach Grove
Hutte Pauline L Peach Grove
Hymer Carrie E Bethel
Hymer Hattie G Bethel
Hymer Leonard B Bethel

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