from the E. E. Barton Papers

The E. E. Barton Collection of Northern Kentucky Families, is a collection of genealogical and family history files and various other types of records compiled in the early to mid 1900s by Edward Everett Barton (1870-1951), a Pendleton County, Kentucky lawyer.  All of his papers have been preserved and microfilmed.

Scanned  at FHL By: Joy fisher   Transcribed & Formatted By: Suzanne Shephard

In transcribing these files, I have tried to do them exactly as they are seen on the microfilm. There are, however, some variances. Five columns were used to denote last name, first name, date of birth, date of death and cemetery of interment. In many instances, a date will be shown in the birth column and a specific age (i.e. 37y 6m 12d) will be shown in the death column. I believe that in most cases, these dates should be together but since they are shown in the separate columns, that's the way I transcribed them. If you see an ancestor and know that the date and age should be together, let Sherri or I know and we will change it! These files have been sorted by Surname and by Cemetery so you have a choice of where to begin researching... enjoy and I hope these documents will be of help!

Surname Indexes for the Barton Cemeteries

Last Name First Name/MI Cemetery
Madison Jonas A Flower Creek
Madison Malvina Flower Creek
Mahon Bridget Catholic Falmouth
Mains Alice M Palestine Cem
Mains Alvin Lenoxburg
Mains Beatrice F New Mt Vernon
Mains Charles Sunrise
Mains Daniel Willow
Mains Della Lenoxburg
Mains E B McKenneysburg
Mains Ernest Palestine Cem
Mains Eva Palestine Cem
Mains Ina Wright Old Mt Vernon
Mains Iva Palestine Cem
Mains James E Riverside
Mains Sarah C Riverside
Mains James L Palestine Cem
Mains John McKenneysburg
Mains Mary McKenneysburg
Mains John N Palestine Cem
Mains Josephine Riverside
Mains Levi Willow
Mains Rachel Willow
Mains Lillie C Palestine Cem
Mains Lucy M New Mt Vernon
Mains Margaret A Palestine Cem
Mains Martha E Oakland
Mains Martha M Palestine Cem
Mains Mattie Frances Sunrise
Mains Ol New Mt Vernon
Mains Robert, Jr Riverside
Mains S H Palestine Cem
Mains Sarah E Palestine Cem
Makerson J W Morgan
Makerson Mary K Morgan
Makerson Nancy R Morgan
Makerson Pearl Morgan
Makerson Rebecka Morgan
Makerson Sallie Morgan
Makerson William Morgan
Maloney John W Catholic Falmouth
Maloney Mamie Gardenersville
Maloney Patrick H Catholic Falmouth
Maloney Thomas J Catholic Falmouth
Maloney Catherine Catholic Falmouth
Mangold A H Gardenersville
Mangold Elbert Pleasant Ridge
Mangold Goldie Gardenersville
Mangold Mary Sophia Gardenersville
Manley W M Wesley Chapel
Mann Ada F Gardenersville
Mann Chas E Wilmington
Mann Daniel Willow
Mann Edna Wilmington
Mann Eliza A Pleasant Ridge
Mann Elmera T Riverside
Mann Ernest M Flower Creek
Mann Nettie Flower Creek
Mann Francis Pleasant Ridge
Mann Gertrude M Riverside
Mann J T Gardenersville
Mann Mattie Gardenersville
Mann James Gardenersville
Mann John W Riverside
Mann Leroy Gardenersville
Mann Mary R Gardenersville
Mann Mary Wilmington
Mann Mary L Wilmington
Mann O Perry Wilmington
Mann Richard Wilmington
Mann Sally A Wilmington
Mann Sallie A Gardenersville
Mann William Wilmington
Manning Bridget Catholic Falmouth
Manning Bridget Catholic Falmouth
Manning James M Catholic Falmouth
Manning Mary Catholic Falmouth
Manning Michael Catholic Falmouth
Manning Michael J Catholic Falmouth
Mantz Anna B Riverside
Mantz Benjamin F Riverside
Mantz Benjamin F Riverside
Mantz J B Riverside
Mantz Louisa A Riverside
March Barbara New Peach Grove
Markeley Anna Belle Lenoxburg
Markeley Elvira E Lenoxburg
Markeley Mary C Lenoxburg
Markely W H R Lenoxburg
Markley James Leslie Lenoxburg
Markley John M Lenoxburg
Markley M Lenoxburg
Markley M Warren Lenoxburg
Markley William H Lenoxburg
Marley A J Lenoxburg
Marouardt Albert H Short Creek
Marouardt Friedricke Short Creek
Marquett Charles Short Creek
Marquett Charles R Short Creek
Marquett J J Short Creek
Marquett Nancy W Short Creek
Marquett Lena Short Creek
Marquett Thomas Short Creek
Marsh Jermiah Flower Creek
Marsh Nancy M Flower Creek
Marshall Claude S Lenoxburg
Marshall Ealee Flower Creek
Marshall Henry S Flower Creek
Marshall John J Pleasant Hill
Marshall Matilda Walnut Grove
Marshall S W Walnut Grove
Marshall W R Walnut Grove
Marten Dora Lenoxburg
Martin Lavinia Benson
Martin Anna A Riverside
Martin F, Dr. Wilmington
Martin Fannie Irene Riverside
Martin Frank Smith's Cem
Martin Harold New Peach Grove
Martin Henry D New Peach Grove
Martin James A Wilmington
Martin Leslie Raymond New Richland
Martin Mary A Wilmington
Martin Minor Smith's Cem
Martin Nancy J New Peach Grove
Martin Otha Antioch Mills
Martin Rebecca E Willow
Martin V A New Richland
Martin Violett New Richland
Martz A Riverside
Martz Amelia Riverside
Martz John Peach Grove
Martz Mable Gertrude Riverside
Martz N Riverside
Marvin I P Riverside
Marvin M L Riverside
Marvin W W Riverside
Mason Gilbert Peach Grove
Massey Doris Pleasant Ridge
Massey Dorothy Pleasant Ridge
Massey Lewis Walnut Grove
Massey Mary G Walnut Grove
Mattox Alonzo C Walnut Grove
Mattox Martha Lenoxburg
Mattox Napoleon Lenoxburg
Maxfield Chas A Lenoxburg
Maxfield Sarah A Lenoxburg
Mayfield Edna Baird Dance Gum Lick
McAtee Dulie D Lenoxburg
McAtee Elmore W Lenoxburg
McAtee J H Oakland
McAtee Wm G Lenoxburg
McBride M F Flower Creek
McCandless Lov A Morgan
McCandless Robert H Morgan
McCandless Margaret A Morgan
McCane S B Lenoxburg
McCarthy Gladys G Walnut Grove
McCarty Alfred W Willow
McCarty Sally A Willow
McCarty Alfred W Willow
McCarty C H Willow
McCarty Clarence E Riverside
McCarty Elias Gilmore Willow
McCarty Mary L Willow
McCarty Hannah A Willow
McCarty Josephine Willow
McCarty Josephine H Willow
McCarty Josie H Willow
McCarty L M Antioch Mills
McCarty Luella Pleasant Ridge
McCarty Martha Willow
McCarty Linda A Willow
McCarty Nicholas Willow
McCarty Sophrona Sunrise
McCarty Steward Willow
McCarty William Burr Willow
McCarty Eliza J Willow
McClain Charles Pope Williams Cem
McClain Clara E Riverside
McClain G W Pope Williams Cem
McClanahan A C Lenoxburg
McClanahan Abner Willow
McClanahan Elijah Willow
McClanahan Elizabeth Willow
McClanahan Eva Flower Creek
McClanahan G W Lenoxburg
McClanahan H Willow
McClanahan H C Lena Boston Cem
McClanahan H L Lenoxburg
McClanahan H T Willow
McClanahan Hattie Riverside
McClanahan Isaac C Boston Cem
McClanahan J D Lenoxburg
McClanahan J W T Downard
McClanahan S F Downard
McClanahan J Pickett Lenoxburg
McClanahan Jas Willow
McClanahan Lloyd Willow
McClanahan Lorena Concord
McClanahan Margaret E Boston Cem
McClanahan Mary F Willow
McClanahan Nannie D Riverside
McClanahan Ollie Concord
McClanahan Sallie Willow
McClanahan Seaman New Mt Vernon
McClanahan Susan E Lenoxburg
McClanahan Wm H H Willow
McClanahan William Riverside
McClane Harvey Concord
McClane Nancy Concord
McClung L H Flower Creek
McClung Laura B Flower Creek
McCoe Jas New Peach Grove
McCone Martha S Willow
McCracken C T Antioch Mills
McCracken Levi C Sunrise
McCracken M E Antioch Mills
McCracken Maggie Antioch Mills
McCracken Ollie M Sunrise
McDaniel Earl Edward Gardenersville
McDaniel Lenora J Gardenersville
McDonald Milanda E Willow
McDonald R B Riverside
McDowell Velma G Wesley Chapel
McGerty B Catholic Falmouth
McGerty Lizzie Catholic Falmouth
McGerty B Catholic Falmouth
McGerty Bessie Catholic Falmouth
McGerty Elizabeth Catholic Falmouth
McGerty Harmora Catholic Falmouth
McGerty James J Catholic Falmouth
McGerty John J Catholic Falmouth
McGerty Margaret A Catholic Falmouth
McGerty Mary E Catholic Falmouth
McGill Antony Lenoxburg
McGill Barre Gardenersville
McGill Eva Landen Lenoxburg
McGill Jackson Lenoxburg
McGill Lloyd Flower Creek
McGill Mary Jane Lenoxburg
McGill N B Lenoxburg
McGill Olive Gardenersville
McGill Oscar Lenoxburg
McGill Patrick Pleasant Hill
McGill Viola Flower Creek
McGinety Hester J Riverside
McGinety Wm A, Capt. Riverside
McGladdery Garnett H Sunrise
McGladdery Lucy Price Sunrise
McGuire Wm Sunrise
McHatton James Dudley Flower Creek
McHatton Mahala Jane Flower Creek
McHugh Agnes Dividing Ridge
McHugh John Dividing Ridge
McHugh Kate Dividing Ridge
McHugh M Dividing Ridge
McHugh Mary Dividing Ridge
McKee Elizabeth P Concord
McKee John E Concord
McKee Wm Earl Concord
McKenney A I Riverside
McKenney Eliza J Riverside
McKenney Albert W McKenneysburg
McKenney Catherine F Willow
McKenney Clara E Willow
McKenney Earney McKenneysburg
McKenney Eliza G McKenneysburg
McKenney Elizabeth McKenneysburg
McKenney F M Sunrise
McKenney F T Riverside
McKenney Fanis F McKenneysburg
McKenney George W Willow
McKenney J L McKenneysburg
McKenney Jane McKenneysburg
McKenney Jesse Sunrise
McKenney Grace Sunrise
McKenney Jesse J Pleasant Ridge
McKenney Martha A Riverside
McKenney Mary A Riverside
McKenney Mary Frances Riverside
McKenney Ollie McKenneysburg
McKenney Robert Tolle New Mt Vernon
McKenney Nancy J New Mt Vernon
McKinley Anna Pleasant Ridge
McKinley L R Pleasant Ridge
McKinley R L Pleasant Ridge
McKinney Annis New Richland
McKinney Blanche New Richland
McKinney Dewey New Mt Vernon
McKinney Vera New Mt Vernon
McKinney William New Richland
McLafferty Annie S Dividing Ridge
McLafferty Catherine B Dividing Ridge
McLafferty Elizabeth A Dividing Ridge
McLafferty John Dividing Ridge
McLafferty Mary Dividing Ridge
McLafferty Mary Dividing Ridge
McLafferty Mary Dividing Ridge
McLafferty Theresa Dividing Ridge
McLafferty Tommie Dividing Ridge
McLafferty William, Sr. Dividing Ridge
McLafferty William Dividing Ridge
McLain Mary New Mt Vernon
McLain W M Riverside
McLannahan A P Lenoxburg
McLaughlin Jessie Flower Creek
McLaughlin T B Old Mt Vernon
McMath Carrie Lenoxburg
McMath Daniel Lenoxburg
McMath Julian Lenoxburg
McMath Robert Burns Lenoxburg
McMillian Aggie Bradford Riverside
McMillian Charity Riverside
McMillian J Riley Riverside
McMillian Kenzie Riverside
McMillian Martha Pleasant Ridge
McNay <no name given> Short Creek
McNay Alfred L Short Creek
McNay Andrew H Pleasant Ridge
McNay Andrew J Short Creek
McNay Martha Jane Wilmington
McNay Mary J Pleasant Ridge
McNay Richard T Wilmington
McNearney John G Catholic Falmouth
McNearney Margaret Shanahan Catholic Falmouth
McNees Wm Riverside
McNees Margaret Riverside
McNerney John Catholic Falmouth
McNutt Cova A Lenoxburg
McNutt Fannie Lenoxburg
McNutt James E Lenoxburg
Meador Amos Riverside
Meador Daisy Riverside
Meek Adison Old Mt Vernon
Meek John D Old Mt Vernon
Meek John Milton Riverside
Meek R H Old Mt Vernon
Meek Sarah Menzies Riverside
Meek Willie Old Mt Vernon
Meek Z F Old Mt Vernon
Mefford Eva B Sunrise
Mefford J G Sunrise
Mefford Jennie E Sunrise
Mefford John Lenoxburg
Mefford Martha Lenoxburg
Mefford Varena V New Peach Grove
Mefford Virginia Sunrise
Mefford W Dempsy Riverside
Mellor George A Lenoxburg
Melvin Lore B Lenoxburg
Menefee Augusta Gardenersville
Menefee B Kniffin, Dr. Gardenersville
Menefee Ben F Gardenersville
Menefee Benjamin F Gardenersville
Menefee Bertha Gardenersville
Menefee Elizabeth Gardenersville
Menefee Emma E Gardenersville
Menefee Maggie J Gardenersville
Menefee Mary R Gardenersville
Menefee Missouri Gardenersville
Menefee Napoleon Gardenersville
Menefee S G Gardenersville
Menefee Seymore Gardenersville
Menefee Wm Gardenersville
Menefee Nancy M Gardenersville
Merrill Margaret A McKenneysburg
Merrill Margaret A McKenneysburg
Mershon Thomas Gardenersville
Mershon Mattie Gardenersville
Messmer Anna Catholic Falmouth
Messmer Jacob Catholic Falmouth
Metcalf Polly Wilmington
Metcalf Tilford Wilmington
Metterich Geo Gardenersville
Metterich C Elizabeth Gardenersville
Metzger John N Lenoxburg
Metzger Laura B Lenoxburg
Metzger Lucy C Lenoxburg
Metzger Lulia M Lenoxburg
Metzger Valentine Lenoxburg
Meyer Annie S Mt Moriah
Meyer Doretta Lenoxburg
Meyer Emma C Lenoxburg
Meyer Henry Mt Moriah
Meyer Henry F Lenoxburg
Meyer Mary Lenoxburg
Meyer Sophie Mt Moriah
Meyers Anna Belle Concord
Meyers Belinda H Concord
Meyers David W Concord
Michael Anna B New Peach Grove
Michael George Peach Grove
Miles Addie E Showalter Old Mt Vernon
Miles M J Old Mt Vernon
Miles P W New Mt Vernon
Miles Elizabeth New Mt Vernon
Miles W T New Mt Vernon
Miles William Old Mt Vernon
Miller Artie E Sunrise
Miller Bell Newton Oakland
Miller Benjamin F Sunrise
Miller D A Oakland
Miller D H Browning
Miller Delila H Browning
Miller F M Lenoxburg
Miller James Browning
Miller James D Oakland
Miller Tilitaha F Oakland
Miller Jessie Riverside
Miller Sadie Riverside
Miller John R Oakland
Miller Lucinda A Oakland
Miller M E Oakland
Miller T B Oakland
Miller Elizabeth Oakland
Mills Frank Gardenersville
Mills J S Gardenersville
Mills John W Gardenersville
Mills Satira Gardenersville
Mills Wm S Gardenersville
Milner Robert E Aulick
Milner Mary Aulick
Minarva C Short Creek
Miner Julia A Riverside
Mitchell Daniel J Flower Creek
Mitchell Jane Flower Creek
Mitchell John S Flower Creek
Mitchell Mathew Flower Creek
Mitchell Robert Flower Creek
Mitchell William Flower Creek
Mizzoh M Mullin Pulliam Riverside
Mockbee Betty Elaine Short Creek
Mockbee Carlos P Concord
Mockbee Elvira Short Creek
Mockbee Flora B Concord
Mockbee Geneva Fay Short Creek
Mockbee Harry Virgil Short Creek
Mockbee James M Short Creek
Mockbee Lottie Short Creek
Mockbee John H Fisher's Cem
Mockbee Lewis P Short Creek
Mockbee Pearl Short Creek
Mofford James Willow
Mofford Nancy Willow
Mofford Jas, Sergt. Lenoxburg
Moll Amanda Wilmington
Molloy John Catholic Falmouth
Molloy Julia A Catholic Falmouth
Monigome <no name given> Edward's Cem
Monigome Robert Edward's Cem
Monroe Eva W Riverside
Monroe Frank Riverside
Monroe George W Riverside
Monroe H F, Capt. Riverside
Monroe Ella Myers Riverside
Monroe James F Riverside
Monroe Mabel B Riverside
Monroe Rachel B Riverside
Monroe Robert Wilmington
Monroe Wm Riverside
Monroe Harriet Riverside
Montgomery Calvin Riverside
Montgomery Katherine Riverside
Montgomery Clarence E Concord
Montgomery Cornelia Jane Peach Grove
Montgomery L H Flower Creek
Montgomery Lelia Gruelle Riverside
Montgomery Nannie G Flower Creek
Montgomery Sylvia M Flower Creek
Montgomery William Peach Grove
Montone Fannie Sunrise
Montone Vicenzo Sunrise
Moon Michael Catholic Falmouth
Moon Margaret Catholic Falmouth
Moore Aaron Fisher's Cem
Moore Amanda Fisher's Cem
Moore America Julia Boston Cem
Moore Anna Catholic Falmouth
Moore Annie Catholic Falmouth
Moore Annie B Gum Lick
Moore Annie E Sunrise
Moore Camsarena Pope Williams Cem
Moore Cora Willow
Moore Dosha Fisher's Cem
Moore Dulah Sunrise
Moore Eliza Fisher's Cem
Moore Emmett H Boston Cem
Moore Feeora Gum Lick
Moore Frank B Boston Cem
Moore Fred G Gum Lick
Moore Frederick Fisher's Cem
Moore Henry H Lenoxburg
Moore J H Walnut Grove
Moore J W Morgan
Moore Mary Elizabeth Morgan
Moore J W Walnut Grove
Moore James F Morgan
Moore John C Catholic Falmouth
Moore John F Gum Lick
Moore John P Sunrise
Moore John R Sunrise
Moore Martha Sunrise
Moore Katherine Catholic Falmouth
Moore Katherine Catholic Falmouth
Moore L H Sunrise
Moore Laura Lenoxburg
Moore Louis A Fisher's Cem
Moore Mary A Catholic Falmouth
Moore Mary A Roanoak
Moore Mary J Lenoxburg
Moore Michael Catholic Falmouth
Moore Michael Catholic Falmouth
Moore Missouri Roanoak
Moore Missouri Walnut Grove
Moore Moses Flower Creek
Moore Nancy J Walnut Grove
Moore Nora G Walnut Grove
Moore Ralph V Lenoxburg
Moore Raymond S Walnut Grove
Moore Rebecca Concord
Moore T J Lenoxburg
Moore Thomas Edward Catholic Falmouth
Moore Virgil L Gum Lick
Moore W H Morgan
Moore W M Roanoak
Moore Nancy J Roanoak
Moore W R Sunrise
Moore Jennie Sunrise
Moore Wilford Willow
Moore Jane Willow
Moore William F Roanoak
Moran Catharine Dividing Ridge
Moreland Eliza A Wesley Chapel
Moreland Mary Esther Flower Creek
Moreland T M Flower Creek
Morfford Alice Willow
Morfford Alva H Willow
Morfford David A Willow
Morfford Martha Anne Willow
Morfford Sarah E Willow
Morfford Willie H Willow
Morford Arthur Lenoxburg
Morford Carrie P Lenoxburg
Morford Edna Pugh Lenoxburg
Morford James Lenoxburg
Morford Martha C Walnut Grove
Morford Nancy A Lenoxburg
Morford Permelia Cummins Lenoxburg
Morford W Lenoxburg
Morgan Eura F Gum Lick
Morgan Jas P Wilmington
Morgan Laura Wilmington
Morgan Laura Bethel
Morgan Leonard Wilmington
Morgan Martha Jane Bethel
Morgan Paris E Riverside
Morris Ben F Aulick
Morris Bud Aulick
Morris C Riverside
Morris Champ T Lenoxburg
Morris Charles Riverside
Morris Charles Walnut Grove
Morris Charles S Aulick
Morris Claude Walnut Grove
Morris Cornelia M Lenoxburg
Morris Emma J Massie Walnut Grove
Morris F B Morgan
Morris Frances Riverside
Morris James Walnut Grove
Morris Jane A Aulick
Morris Marcus Aulick
Morris Myra E Walnut Grove
Morris Ralph E Lenoxburg
Morris Nellie V Walnut Grove
Morris W Y Morgan
Morris William Flower Creek
Morrison J L New Mt Vernon
Morrison Mary F New Mt Vernon
Morrison Mary C New Mt Vernon
Mullally E Catholic Falmouth
Mullally James Catholic Falmouth
Mullen S H, Dr. Lenoxburg
Mullins A W Wilmington
Mullins Anne Riverside
Mullins B B Riverside
Mullins Sara A Riverside
Mullins B M Mt Moriah
Mullins Bert Bethel
Mullins Caroline A Gardenersville
Mullins Carrie Flower Creek
Mullins Chas A G Pleasant Ridge
Mullins Daisy Bethel
Mullins Edna A Gardenersville
Mullins Eliza Jane Flower Creek
Mullins Ella Gardenersville
Mullins Francis J Pleasant Ridge
Mullins G B Gardenersville
Mullins Irene Gardenersville
Mullins J B Bethel
Mullins J S Gardenersville
Mullins James B Pleasant Ridge
Mullins James Howard Wilmington
Mullins James W Flower Creek
Mullins Lizzie Bethel
Mullins Margaret J Grassy Creek
Mullins Mary B Riverside
Mullins Matthew Riverside
Mullins Minnie Mt Moriah
Mullins Olive Riverside
Mullins Olla M Flower Creek
Mullins Orinda Wilmington
Mullins Orpha Bethel
Mullins Russell Mt Moriah
Mullins Virginia Goshorn Wilmington
Mullins W W Gardenersville
Murphy James Catholic Falmouth
Murphy John Catholic Falmouth
Murphy Mary Catholic Falmouth
Murphy Samuel Willow
Murray Carrie Trinkle(?) Lenoxburg
Murray Margaret M Lenoxburg
Murray Minnie Catholic Falmouth
Murray Thomas Catholic Falmouth
Myers Ambrose Catholic Falmouth
Myers Anna Catholic Falmouth
Myers Ben F Morgan
Myers George Catholic Falmouth
Myers George L Riverside
Myers James Catholic Falmouth
Myers Susan Morgan
Myrick F B Riverside
Myrick Sallie M Riverside

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