from the E. E. Barton Papers

The E. E. Barton Collection of Northern Kentucky Families, is a collection of genealogical and family history files and various other types of records compiled in the early to mid 1900s by Edward Everett Barton (1870-1951), a Pendleton County, Kentucky lawyer.  All of his papers have been preserved and microfilmed.

Scanned  at FHL By: Joy fisher   Transcribed & Formatted By: Suzanne Shephard

In transcribing these files, I have tried to do them exactly as they are seen on the microfilm. There are, however, some variances. Five columns were used to denote last name, first name, date of birth, date of death and cemetery of interment. In many instances, a date will be shown in the birth column and a specific age (i.e. 37y 6m 12d) will be shown in the death column. I believe that in most cases, these dates should be together but since they are shown in the separate columns, that's the way I transcribed them. If you see an ancestor and know that the date and age should be together, let Sherri or I know and we will change it! These files have been sorted by Surname and by Cemetery so you have a choice of where to begin researching... enjoy and I hope these documents will be of help!

Peach Grove Cemetery

Last Name First Name/MI Date of Birth Date of Death Cemetery Notes
Addis Millie E   5/26/1882 Peach Grove W/O Samuel Addis
Barnard Anne 1855 age 26 years Peach Grove dau of Cheshire England
Barnard Carrie 1861 19__ Peach Grove  
Barnard G Frank 1855 1936 Peach Grove  
Barnard Henry J 1860 1926 Peach Grove  
Barnard John 1866 19__ Peach Grove  
Barnard Nellie 1881 1904 Peach Grove W/O John Barnard
Barnard John W 1885 1910 Peach Grove  
Barnard Martha C 1865 19__ Peach Grove wife of Henry Barnard
Barnard Nancy B 9/27/1831 5/13/1916 Peach Grove  
Barnard William 1858 1911 Peach Grove  
Barnard William 4/13/1825 4/8/1895 Peach Grove  
Barney Mary L 3/13/1829 7/18/1874 Peach Grove  
Beagle Elizabeth   3/22/1915  age 77y 8m 9d Peach Grove  
Beagle J W, Rev.   2/24/1876  age 63y 4m Peach Grove  
Boggess Benjamin   9/23/1879  age 77y Peach Grove  
Boggess Fanny   7/29/1858  age 48y Peach Grove W/O Benjamin Boggess
Boggess Edward 10/19/1850 5/2/1876 Peach Grove  
Boggess John W   6/14/1851  age 25y Peach Grove  
Bradbury Fannie 1868 1928 Peach Grove  
Bray Albert June 26, 1875   Peach Grove S/O E & F Bray
Carnes Albert   6/20/1885  age 8m 13d Peach Grove S/O A O & E Carnes
Carnes Allie Belle 5/13/1873 age 3y 3m 23d Peach Grove D/O H J & E J Carnes
Carnes Augustus O 1854 1928 Peach Grove  
Carnes Edith M     Peach Grove  
Carnes Edmund 2/24/1813 1/10/1864 Peach Grove  
Carnes Jane 10/29/1820 3/24/1899 Peach Grove W/O Edmund Carnes
Carnes Elizabeth 1853 1913 Peach Grove  
Carnes Elizabeth   5/4/1880  age 31y Peach Grove W/O W R Carnes
Carnes J H 1836 1908 Peach Grove  
Carnes John C   4/7/1893  age 34y 5m Peach Grove S/O J H & Mary Carnes
Carnes Mary E 7/29/1855 1/14/1886 Peach Grove  
Carnes Mary I 1836 1908 Peach Grove  
Carnes Mary M   3/7/1880  age 6m 22d Peach Grove D/O A O & E Carnes
Carnes Thomas J 1857 1916 Peach Grove  
Carnes W N 1849 1924 Peach Grove  
Clinkinbeard C E 1818 1889 Peach Grove  
Clinkinbeard S A 1817 1890 Peach Grove  
Clinkinbeard W F   8/30/1874  age 30y Peach Grove  
Coyle Mary C 8/19/1858 9/7/1871 Peach Grove D/O P & H Coyle
Danson William   7/4/1849  age 31y 11m 20d Peach Grove  
Davis James B 3/27/1850 8/17/1878 Peach Grove b. in Owen Co. Ky
Dicken Charles 4/17/1800 4/28/1860 Peach Grove  
Dicken Elizabeth J   2/20/1881  age 47y 4m 23d Peach Grove W/O J H Dicken
Dicken John T   1/23/1853  age 3y 10m Peach Grove  
Dicken Joseph H   2/1/1874  age 45y 1m Peach Grove  
Dicken Mary 2/26/1805 3/22/1873 Peach Grove W/O Charles Dicken
Dickin J M 7/14/1839   Peach Grove  
Dickin Missouri 10/22/1834 9/24/1903 Peach Grove W/O J M Dickin
Drake Lucie D     Peach Grove D/O R & N G Drake
Drake Mary G   2/9/1884  age 3y 8m 7d Peach Grove D/O R & N G Drake
Drake Richard 5/19/1820 12/28/1894 Peach Grove  
Drake Nancy G   5/20/1883  age 50y 6m 24d Peach Grove  
Drake Willard F 11/7/1856 9/22/1881 Peach Grove S/O R & N G Drake
Ellis Agnes 1823 1893 Peach Grove  
Ellis C F 1824 1902 Peach Grove  
Ellis George N 1848 1919 Peach Grove  
Ellis Johnnie B 1881 1883 Peach Grove S/O G N & M E Ellis
Ellis Mary 1851   Peach Grove  
Ellis Mary 5/2/1795 1873 Peach Grove  
Ellis Mary Augusta   1/28/1859  age 10y 3d Peach Grove D/O L H & M M Ellis
Ellis Willie F 1879 1882 Peach Grove S/O G N & M E Ellis
Fardo Eliza 12/18/1859 6/8/1884 Peach Grove  
Fardo Josiah 2/3/1813 7/11/1891 Peach Grove  
Fardo Martha 4/5/1814 5/9/1883 Peach Grove b. Stafforshire Eng - W/O Josiah Fardo
Fardo Ann 1859 1891 Peach Grove W/O Josiah Fardo
Fossett Clara B 1/22/1876 1/22/1876 Peach Grove D/O D B & F B Fossett
Fossett Mamie D 1880 1885 Peach Grove  
Fries Wilhelmina R 7/14/1883 10/14/1884 Peach Grove D/O Henry & Mary Fries
Garr L, Dr. 2/2/1819 4/16/1887 Peach Grove  
Garr Lizzie   age 33y 8m Peach Grove D/O L & N S Garr
Garr Nancy T 2/29/1828 1/11/1879 Peach Grove  
German F, Rev. 9/3/1802 7/20/1879 Peach Grove  
German Cynthia 7/10/1805 3/24/1892 Peach Grove  
Greeno Thomas   9/23/1875  age 71y Peach Grove  
Greeno Luticia   2/2/1874  age 75y Peach Grove  
Haught Licinda Ann 12/1/1837 7/18/1869 Peach Grove W/O Thos Haught
Hobbs Catherine 11/8/1793 5/20/1876 Peach Grove  
Hobbs Elizabeth E 3/26/1823 4/12/1889 Peach Grove  
Hobbs Georgia Annie 1861 1883 Peach Grove W/O J W Hobbs - D/O Jacob H & Mary I Carnes
Hobbs James Edward   1/3/1878  age 2y 4m 16d Peach Grove S/O A J & E Hobbs
Hobbs Mina Alice 12/10/1856 2/8/1876 Peach Grove  
Hobbs Wallace   4/6/1872  age 2d Peach Grove S/O A J & E Hobbs
Hobbs William 10/11/1816 10/24/1882 Peach Grove  
Holmes Edward C     Peach Grove infant of E W & Nancy A Holmes
Holmes Edward L     Peach Grove infant of E W & Nancy A Holmes
Holmes Edward W 4/22/1817 2/16/1897 Peach Grove  
Holmes John W 6/2/1841 4/24/1869 Peach Grove S/O E W & Nancy A Holmes
Holmes Kate A 12/23/1853 5/19/1875 Peach Grove D/O E W & Nancy Holmes
Holmes Margaret E     Peach Grove infant of E W & Nancy A Holmes
Holmes Nancy Ann 3/29/1825 11/7/1888 Peach Grove W/O E W Holmes
Holmes Robert S   3/19/1869  age 49y 1d Peach Grove  
Holmes Elizabeth R 5/29/1823 5/29/1879 Peach Grove W/O Robert S Holmes
Holmes Welburn H   3/21/1879 Peach Grove  
Holmes Wm Barton 7/14/1789 5/8/1850 Peach Grove  
Hughey Josiah R 11/16/1807 4/20/1866 Peach Grove  
Hughey John   9/2/1862 Peach Grove  
Hutte Carrie 1886 1910 Peach Grove  
Hutte Fred W 1851 1927 Peach Grove  
Hutte Frederica Caroline 11/27/1859 10/19/1885 Peach Grove W/O J C Hutte
Hutte Henry H 1820 1886 Peach Grove  
Hutte Catherine Ernst 5/1/1825 6/27/1881 Peach Grove W/O Henry H Hutte
Hutte Pauline L 1857 1932 Peach Grove  
Ingram Grover   10/3/1885 Peach Grove S/O T J & N M Carnes
Jackson Jacob 4/30/1883 8/10/1883 Peach Grove S/O J W & G A Hobbs
Kernes Nancy E   2/1/1878  age 26y Peach Grove W/O T Kernes
Kober Philip 10/29/1819 3/31/1877 Peach Grove  
Lancaster James M   10/23/1867  age 2y Peach Grove S/O R & S M Lancaster
Lancaster Sarah M   7/23/1867  age 2m 2d Peach Grove D/O R & S M Lancaster
Lancaster Susan 4/1/1856 6/20/1888 Peach Grove W/O Harace Lancaster
Lancaster William W   12/23/1881  age 21y Peach Grove  
Martz John 10/20/1837 11/10/1881 Peach Grove  
Mason Gilbert   12/3/1858  age 3y 16d Peach Grove S/O L H & M M Ellis
Michael George   Dec 25, 1876 Peach Grove  
Montgomery Cornelia Jane   10/17/1861  age 2y Peach Grove D/O J W & M S Montgomery
Montgomery William   9/9/1868  age 5y Peach Grove S/O J W & M S Montgomery
Nagle Elizabeth 3/24/1842 6/3/1894 Peach Grove  
Nagle Johan 5/23/1880 12/6/1899 Peach Grove  
Nagle Maria 10/26/1859 11/21/1871 Peach Grove  
Nagle Sophia 5/15/1841 4/5/1866 Peach Grove  
Newkirk Oliver P 3/10/1815 1/18/1893 Peach Grove  
Nordheim W J 5/31/1881 8/25/1882 Peach Grove  
Norris Laura B Rardin   3/5/1877  age 26y Peach Grove W/O W H Norris (Wm bro. Geo)
Northeim Anna Lizzie 3/6/1857 12/6/1881 Peach Grove  
Northeim Antreas 6/30/1808 10/27/1878 Peach Grove  
Northeim Catherine Ernst   2/20/1882  age 25y 1m Peach Grove W/O Geo Northeim
Northeim Charles   12/29/1875 Peach Grove S/O Antreas & Mary Northeim
Northeim Maria 1/26/1859 10/27/1880 Peach Grove  
Parker Elizabeth   12/15/1873 Peach Grove W/O J J Parker
Patten Lizzie S 1883 1885 Peach Grove D/O N S & N E Patten
Peoples Flora Bell 1876 1876 Peach Grove D/O Chas & Elizabeth Peoples
Pettit A   2/9/1867  age 64y Peach Grove  
Pettit Elizabeth 1804 1889 Peach Grove W/O A Pettit
Pettit Catherine 3/25/1870 9/30/1875 Peach Grove D/O B F & E Pettit
Pettit Ellis C 9/7/1868 9/10/1875 Peach Grove D/O B F & E Pettit
Pettit Rosetta A 8/9/1874 9/19/1875 Peach Grove D/O B F & E Pettit
Phillips Cynthia C 10/3/1856   Peach Grove D/O G W & S Phillips
Phillips John M 1/27/1839 7/1/1871 Peach Grove  
Plank H D Drake 12/23/1879 1/31/1885 Peach Grove  
Rath Andrew 1814 1879 Peach Grove  
Rath Johnnie   4/2/1834  age 6m Peach Grove S/O A & S Rath
Rath Mary   4/22/1878 Peach Grove D/O A & S Rath
Rawlins Lucina P   5/8/1880  age 28y 7m 1d Peach Grove W/O William H Rawlins
Rusk Maggie 7/7/1863 3/14/1887 Peach Grove W/O J W Rusk
Smith J S 1870 1918 Peach Grove  
Vassler Marietta 7/31/1855 6/23/1878 Peach Grove  
Wheeler John 9/8/1797 9/14/1876 Peach Grove  
Wheeler Elizabeth   11/17/1863  age 66y Peach Grove W/O John Wheeler
Willis Amanda M   5/3/1882  age 62y Peach Grove W/O H J Willis
Willis Annette G   1/30/1886  age 81y Peach Grove  
Willis H J 10/4/1820 8/25/1902 Peach Grove  
Woods Elizabeth 1834 1849 Peach Grove  
Yelton C M 3/7/1836 11/24/1894 Peach Grove Personal Note* Charles Marion Yelton, S/O Charles & Amelia Gosney Yelton; m. Rachel Hopkins, 1858 & Cynthia Clinkenbeard 1870.

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