from the E. E. Barton Papers

The E. E. Barton Collection of Northern Kentucky Families, is a collection of genealogical and family history files and various other types of records compiled in the early to mid 1900s by Edward Everett Barton (1870-1951), a Pendleton County, Kentucky lawyer.  All of his papers have been preserved and microfilmed.

Scanned  at FHL By: Joy fisher   Transcribed & Formatted By: Suzanne Shephard

In transcribing these files, I have tried to do them exactly as they are seen on the microfilm. There are, however, some variances. Five columns were used to denote last name, first name, date of birth, date of death and cemetery of interment. In many instances, a date will be shown in the birth column and a specific age (i.e. 37y 6m 12d) will be shown in the death column. I believe that in most cases, these dates should be together but since they are shown in the separate columns, that's the way I transcribed them. If you see an ancestor and know that the date and age should be together, let Sherri or I know and we will change it! These files have been sorted by Surname and by Cemetery so you have a choice of where to begin researching... enjoy and I hope these documents will be of help!

Surname Indexes for the Barton Cemeteries

Last Name First Name/MI Cemetery
Quinlan Cora B Lenoxburg
Quinlan Minnie Lenoxburg
Quinlan Nancy Lenoxburg
Quinlan Philip Lenoxburg
Quinlan Philip M Lenoxburg
Race Dora M Flower Creek
Race E A Short Creek
Race Grace Short Creek
Race R R Flower Creek
Race W S Flower Creek
Race William Flower Creek
Rainey Fred F New Richland
Rainey Leslie H Sunrise
Rainey Lavinia M Sunrise
Rainey Mary Catholic Falmouth
Rainey Mary Jane Sunrise
Rainey Michael Catholic Falmouth
Rainey Robert H New Richland
Rainey Julia F New Richland
Rainey Timothy Catholic Falmouth
Ramilangs Michael N Forsythe Cem
Ramsey Andrew J Oakland
Ramsey Ros Ann Oakland
Ramsey C T Browning Cem
Ramsey Charles E Oakland
Ramsey John W Oakland
Ramsey Cora D Oakland
Ramsey Viola G Oakland
Rand Annie Laurie Smith's Cem
Rand Francis Turner Ridge
Randall Emily Holden Flower Creek
Randall William Flower Creek
Rankin A T Benson
Rankin Elizabeth R Benson
Rankin C N Sunrise
Rankin Nancy Sunrise
Rankin Emma E Riverside
Rankin H C Benson
Rankin Evaline Benson
Rankin Joseph C Benson
Rankin Nancy R Benson
Rankin Rebecca A Benson
Rankin Samuel G Benson
Rankin Emily Scott Benson
Rankin Willard J Benson
Rankin Wm Benson
Rankin Willis Benson
Rankin Nancy R Benson
Rardin Agnes New Peach Grove
Rardin Alfred New Peach Grove
Rardin Augustus New Peach Grove
Rardin Eugene S Flower Creek
Rardin Howard V New Peach Grove
Rardin Isabel New Peach Grove
Rardin Lafayette New Peach Grove
Rardin Mary New Peach Grove
Rardin Wesley M Flower Creek
Rareick Jno Bethel
Ratcliff James N Lenoxburg
Rath Andrew Peach Grove
Rath Johnnie Peach Grove
Rath Mary Peach Grove
Ratliff Nancy E Benson
Ratliff William Benson
Ratliff Mary A Benson
Ravenscraft Charles H Riverside
Ravenscraft Harry Roanoak
Ravenscraft Johnie T Roanoak
Ravenscraft Joseph Roanoak
Ravenscraft Catherine Roanoak
Ravenscraft Loretta Roanoak
Ravenscraft Mary Roanoak
Ravenscraft S T Riverside
Rawlins Lucina P Peach Grove
Record Eliza J Walnut Grove
Record Elmer Walnut Grove
Record Harvey G Walnut Grove
Record John T Walnut Grove
Record L T Walnut Grove
Record M A Walnut Grove
Record Malinda C Walnut Grove
Record Margaret Walnut Grove
Record Millard F Walnut Grove
Record Susan A Walnut Grove
Records Ella Walnut Grove
Records Otis G Walnut Grove
Records William A Walnut Grove
Reddix Marie Smith's Cem
Redman Esther Riverside
Redmond David E, Corpl Riverside
Reed Alva Lenoxburg
Reed Elizabeth Sunrise
Reed Gabriel Wilmington
Reed George, Jr Riverside
Reed J T Sunrise
Reed Lester Sunrise
Reed Nancy A Fisher's Cem
Reed Richard Sunrise
Rees Elva M Lenoxburg
Rees Rachel T Lenoxburg
Rees W S, Dr. Lenoxburg
Rees Wanda Lenoxburg
Rees William T Lenoxburg
Reeves Jno Pope Williams Cem
Reeves Marie Riverside
Regan Maggie Bethel
Regan T J Catholic Falmouth
Regan W L, Rev. Riverside
Revel Jacob W Flower Creek
Revel John L Flower Creek
Reynolds Albert Catholic Falmouth
Reynolds Bessie M Flower Creek
Reynolds Father Catholic Falmouth
Reynolds Mother Catholic Falmouth
Rice Ben A New Richland
Rice J P Flower Creek
Rice J W Palestine Cem
Rice John Palestine Cem
Rice M K Flower Creek
Rice Rubye Pauline Riverside
Rice William I Willow
Richards Frances M Riverside
Richardson Adie M Kelat Cem
Richardson Daisy Benson
Richardson Louis Benson
Richardson Mary A Benson
Richeson Jennie Reed Benson
Rickir Alexander Bethel
Rickles Mary E Riverside
Riddell Bessie Monroe Morgan
Riddell Eva Alline Morgan
Riddell Frances Aulick Cem
Riddell Lillon Monroe Morgan
Riddell Robert Tolle Morgan
Ridgway Margaret Riverside
Ridgway N C Riverside
Ridgway Ada E Riverside
Rigg D Douglas Morgan
Rigg Joseph Morgan
Rigg Marzie Morgan
Rigg S L Gum Lick
Riggles Kate N Riverside
Riggs George Scott Riverside
Riggs Margaret Warner Riverside
Riggs Mary Elizabeth Riverside
Riggs William Bingley Riverside
Riley Alfred Short Creek
Riley Grover C Wilmington
Riley J S Lenoxburg
Riley John H Lenoxburg
Riley Lydia A Lenoxburg
Riley Rachel Short Creek
Riley S J Lenoxburg
Riley W Z Lenoxburg
Ring Alphues Flower Creek
Ring Julia Ann Flower Creek
Ring Margaret Moore Flower Creek
Ring Maurice Flower Creek
Risen George Roanoak
Risen Alice Roanoak
Risk J B A, Dr. Riverside
Risk Lucy Riverside
Ritter Henry C Riverside
Ritzler Eugene J Catholic Falmouth
Ritzler Elizabeth Catholic Falmouth
Ritzler Philomena Catholic Falmouth
Robbins Belle Wilson Riverside
Robbins Charles A Riverside
Robbins Charles E I Riverside
Robbins Henry L Riverside
Robbins Joel Frazier Riverside
Robbins Luetta Riverside
Roberts Dessie Antioch Mills
Roberts Edith H Lenoxburg
Roberts George Benson
Roberts J G Flower Creek
Roberts John Benson
Roberts Joseph F Lenoxburg
Roberts Lizzie Riverside
Roberts Louis H Riverside
Roberts Lyndia P Erisman Riverside
Roberts Martha J Lenoxburg
Roberts Mary Benson
Roberts Mary B Riverside
Roberts Mary E Riverside
Roberts Mary Laura Lenoxburg
Roberts Nellie A Lenoxburg
Robey N B Willow
Robey Angeline Willow
Robinson J P Morgan
Robinson J T Riverside
Robinson James P Benson
Robinson Sarah Lang Benson
Robinson Lucy A Benson
Robinson Martha Morgan
Rochford Annie Catholic Falmouth
Rochford Philip Catholic Falmouth
Rockwell Anna Flower Creek
Rode Anna Smith's Cem
Rodgers G T Roanoak
Rodgers Mary E Roanoak
Roehm John S New Peach Grove
Roehn Carolina Lenoxburg
Rogers <no name given> Bethel
Rogers Anna Laura Gardenersville
Rogers Charlie Bethel
Rogers Columbus Wilmington
Rogers G W Wilmington
Rogers Henry Bethel
Rogers Isabell Bethel
Rogers Lettie L Riverside
Rogers Mary J Wilmington
Rogers Nancy I Wilmington
Rogers S D Gardenersville
Rogers Susan Wilmington
Rogers Susan F Wilmington
Rogers W A Sunrise
Rogg Harry G Flower Creek
Rohda John Smith's Cem
Rohda John F W Smith's Cem
Rohde Dena Riverside
Rohde J F Riverside
Rohr J T Sunrise
Rose Eliza H Gardenersville
Rose Emma C Benson
Rose Hayden Gardenersville
Rose James M Gardenersville
Rose Kirtley S Gardenersville
Rose Lester H Gardenersville
Rose Robert Franklin Gardenersville
Rose J H Benson
Rosenstiel Amma M Riverside
Rosenstiel Frederika Riverside
Rosenstiel Henry L Riverside
Rosenstiel John H Riverside
Rosenstiel Johnny Riverside
Rosenstiel Mary Riverside
Rosenstiel Nellie Fay Short Creek
Rosenstiel Samuel Riverside
Ross G W, Corp'l Catholic Falmouth
Rourke Mary Catholic Falmouth
Rourke Michael Catholic Falmouth
Rouse Annie L Gardenersville
Rouse Ed. A Flower Creek
Rouse Ella S Flower Creek
Rouse Eva Pearl New Peach Grove
Rouse Francis E Flower Creek
Rouse Frankie J Short Creek
Rouse J L Gardenersville
Rouse Jas A Short Creek
Rouse Martha E Short Creek
Rouse Nicholas T Flower Creek
Routt Mattie L Lenoxburg
Routt W R Lenoxburg
Routt William W Lenoxburg
Ruber Charles F Mt Moriah
Ruber Eliza Smith's Cem
Ruber Gay Priscilla Mt Moriah
Ruber H Smith's Cem
Ruber Hannah E Mt Moriah
Rucker Bonnie Gibbens Flower Creek
Rucker Wm Rayburn Flower Creek
Rule Ann L Riverside
Rule Augustin Eastin Riverside
Rule Priscilla W Riverside
Rule Frances B Riverside
Rule George R Riverside
Rule Emma L Riverside
Rule James N Riverside
Rule Letitia Riverside
Rule Mary C Riverside
Rule Mary F Riverside
Rule William C Riverside
Rule William L Riverside
Rumery Amanda M Walnut Grove
Rumery Rachel A Walnut Grove
Rummery M A Concord
Rush Emma Walnut Grove
Rush Mary G Lenoxburg
Rusk Maggie Peach Grove
Rust James P Wilmington
Rust Zada A Wilmington
Rust John P Short Creek
Rust Marie Flower Creek
Rust Thomas J Short Creek
Ruth Orpha Gardenersville
Ruth W L Gardenersville
Ryan Joseph Catholic Falmouth
Ryan Lizzie Catholic Falmouth
Ryan Martin Catholic Falmouth
Ryan Mary E Catholic Falmouth
Ryan Patrick Catholic Falmouth
Ryder Cornelia Edwards' Cem
Ryder Francis Marion Flower Creek
Ryder George W Flower Creek
Ryder Iva M Flower Creek
Ryder Sarah Elizabeth Flower Creek

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