from the E. E. Barton Papers

The E. E. Barton Collection of Northern Kentucky Families, is a collection of genealogical and family history files and various other types of records compiled in the early to mid 1900s by Edward Everett Barton (1870-1951), a Pendleton County, Kentucky lawyer.  All of his papers have been preserved and microfilmed.

Scanned  at FHL By: Joy fisher   Transcribed & Formatted By: Suzanne Shephard

In transcribing these files, I have tried to do them exactly as they are seen on the microfilm. There are, however, some variances. Five columns were used to denote last name, first name, date of birth, date of death and cemetery of interment. In many instances, a date will be shown in the birth column and a specific age (i.e. 37y 6m 12d) will be shown in the death column. I believe that in most cases, these dates should be together but since they are shown in the separate columns, that's the way I transcribed them. If you see an ancestor and know that the date and age should be together, let Sherri or I know and we will change it! These files have been sorted by Surname and by Cemetery so you have a choice of where to begin researching... enjoy and I hope these documents will be of help!

Surname Indexes for the Barton Cemeteries

Last Name First Name/MI Cemetery
Wadsworth Elizabeth Short Creek
Wadsworth H E Short Creek
Wadsworth Henry Short Creek
Wadsworth Johny Short Creek
Wadsworth John S Short Creek
Wadsworth Mary Short Creek
Wadsworth Myrtle Short Creek
Wadsworth Nellie Short Creek
Wafford William Preston Riverside
Waggman Mary Ellen Concord
Wagner Annie S Riverside
Wagner J S Riverside
Wagner James Ross Aulick
Wagner Leslie Leo Aulick
Wagner Maggie F Old Mt Vernon
Wagner Sarah C Aulick
Wagner William J New Mt Vernon
Wagner Alma New Mt Vernon
Wallace Andrew J Lenoxburg
Wallace Cordella B Lenoxburg
Wallace E S Lenoxburg
Wallace Elizabeth Lenoxburg
Wallace F F Lenoxburg
Wallace J C Lenoxburg
Wallace Lidda A Lenoxburg
Wallage Lew, Dr. Lenoxburg
Waller John, Sergt. Bunker Hill
Waller Sarah Riverside
Walsh Luke Catholic Falmouth
Walton Mathew Willow
Walton Mary E Willow
Walton Nancy Willow
Wandelohr F A Riverside
Wandelohr James K Riverside
Wandelorh C A Flower Creek
Ward Della Anderson Lenoxburg
Wars John A Riverside
Waters John H Fisher's Cem
Waters Susan Lenoxburg
Watson Abdellah Riverside
Watson Abdellah Riverside
Watson Barbara E Lenoxburg
Watson Claudie New Richland
Watson Dorthy Lenoxburg
Watson Eber Riverside
Watson Eli Downard
Watson Nancy Downard
Watson Garretta Lenoxburg
Watson Homer T Riverside
Watson J F Lenoxburg
Watson J P Riverside
Watson J Taylor Riverside
Watson John W Lenoxburg
Watson Mary A Riverside
Watson Nellie Lenoxburg
Watson Sarah J Lenoxburg
Watson Wm M Riverside
Watson Zedekiah Lenoxburg
Wayland Lora Gibson Gardenersville
Weaver Alice Lenoxburg
Weaver Francis Lenoxburg
Weaver Levi D Lenoxburg
Weaver Taylor Lenoxburg
Weaver W S Riverside
Weaver Mary Riverside
Webb Dollie L Lenoxburg
Webb Emma E (Heanerins?) Lenoxburg
Webb Eunice Lenoxburg
Webb Frank A Lenoxburg
Webb Lytle Clay Lenoxburg
Webb Tony Lee Lenoxburg
Weber John Wilmington
Weber Judith Wilmington
Webster Lillian B Flower Creek
Webster Samartian Wesley Chapel
Webster Sarildia Wesley Chapel
Weisbrodt Albert C Lenoxburg
Weisbrodt John Lenoxburg
Weisbrodt Julia Lenoxburg
Weisbrodt Robert P Lenoxburg
Weisbroot William Samuel Lenoxburg
Wellman Adie J Concord
Wellman Florence E Concord
Wellman John L Concord
Wellman Sarah Concord
Wellman William E Concord
Wells Alice Belle Morgan
Wells Anna Mary Morgan
Wells Charles S Riverside
Wells Francis M Roanoak
Wells Georgia E Roanoak
Wells Grace Morgan
Wells J T Morgan
Wells John Roanoak
Wells Mollie Roanoak
Wells Jane Roanoak
Wells Lorene Gum Lick
Wells Maggie Morgan
Wells Mary B Riverside
Wells W J Riverside
Wells William Joseph Gum Lick
Wells Mollie Abner Gum Lick
Wertsch Emma E (Heanerins?) New Peach Grove
Wertsch William New Peach Grove
West Claudie Lenoxburg
West Nannie Riverside
Whalen A J Sunrise
Whalen Ella Sunrise
Whalen Adda Sunrise
Whalen Ann Catholic Falmouth
Whalen Annie Lang Sunrise
Whalen Bertha M Sunrise
Whalen Emma Riverside
Whalen Evan Sunrise
Whalen Harry T Sunrise
Whalen Mary Sue Sunrise
Whalen Herbert L Sunrise
Whalen Ida P Sunrise
Whalen J W Sunrise
Whalen Sarah Sunrise
Whalen John Sunrise
Whalen Glovena Sunrise
Whalen James Catholic Falmouth
Whalen Katherine Catholic Falmouth
Whalen Mary F McKenneysburg
Whalen Michael Catholic Falmouth
Whalen Nora Sunrise
Whalen Raymond L Sunrise
Whalen S B Sunrise
Whalen Smith Sunrise
Whalen W W Sunrise
Whalen Rachel J Sunrise
Whalen Willie L Sunrise
Whalen John Catholic Falmouth
Wheeler Cora Wandelohr Riverside
Wheeler John Peach Grove
Wheeler Elizabeth Peach Grove
Whipps George W Boston
Whitaker E J Sunrise
Whitaker Hattie Sunrise
Whitaker Idam Benson
Whitaker Isaac N Benson
Whitaker Sarah J Benson
Whitaker J P Benson
Whitaker Angeline Benson
Whitaker Joseph B New Richland
Whitaker Laura G Old Mt Vernon
Whitaker Lucy A Benson
Whitaker Mary T W Sunrise
Whitaker N R Sunrise
Whitaker Correilla F Sunrise
Whitaker Rissa P Sunrise
Whitaker Sarah W Old Mt Vernon
Whitaker Willie R Benson
Whitaker B F Sunrise
White Annie Lenoxburg
Whitson B B, Jr. Sunrise
Wickline Agnes Antioch Mills
Wicks J Riverside
Wicks Jno Riverside
Wicks William H Riverside
Wiedner George Riverside
Wiegandt Amelia L Pleasant Ridge
Wiegandt Eliza Pleasant Ridge
Wiggins A T Riverside
Wiggins James David Riverside
Wiggins Jesie Riverside
Wiggins Mary N Riverside
Wiggins Nannie A Riverside
Wiggins Paul G Riverside
Wiggins R B Riverside
Wiggins Vernon A Riverside
Wiggins W M, Mrs. Browning Cem
Wiggins William M Riverside
Wilcox Grace Bethel
Wiley J W Oakland
Wiley Mary G Gardenersville
Willett Eliza Riverside
Willhoit George P Wilmington
Williams Agnes I Aulick
Williams Alta D Sunrise
Williams Alma I Sunrise
Williams Catherine Pope Williams Cem
Williams Charles Aulick
Williams Daniel N New Mt Vernon
Williams Nancy M New Mt Vernon
Williams E P Pope Williams Cem
Williams Harriet T Flower Creek
Williams John T Flower Creek
Williams Julia A Pope Williams Cem
Williams Lewis Sunrise
Williams Lov. Slade Riverside
Williams Martha E Aulick
Williams Mary F Sunrise
Williams Mary I Gum Lick
Williams Mellissa Pope Williams Cem
Williams Nancy J Sunrise
Williams Pope Pope Williams Cem
Williams Elizabeth Pope Williams Cem
Williams Robert H Old Mt Vernon
Williams Sarah Pope Williams Cem
Williams Walter Aulick
Williamson Mattie Roanoak
Willis Amanda M Peach Grove
Willis Annette G Peach Grove
Willis H J Peach Grove
Willis Josie Hall Riverside
Willis Mary Willow
Willis U Grant Riverside
Wilson Amanda Riverside
Wilson Augustus Riverside
Wilson Berry N Gardenersville
Wilson Carrie Flower Creek
Wilson Charles T Riverside
Wilson Clayton O Riverside
Wilson Emma F Riverside
Wilson Florence V Riverside
Wilson Floyd Virgil New Mt Vernon
Wilson Frances C Gardenersville
Wilson Frank C Riverside
Wilson Harry E Wilmington
Wilson Harry N Flower Creek
Wilson Harry V Riverside
Wilson Laura Stillwell Riverside
Wilson Isabell Gardenersville
Wilson J A Riverside
Wilson Jas M, Capt. Riverside
Wilson Ella Kerr Riverside
Wilson Jane S Riverside
Wilson John B Riverside
Wilson John E, Dr. Flower Creek
Wilson John R Lenoxburg
Wilson Joshua F Wilmington
Wilson Kizziah Wilmington
Wilson Laura B Flower Creek
Wilson Mack Wilmington
Wilson Mary P Riverside
Wilson Mattie E Lenoxburg
Wilson Nannie B Flower Creek
Wilson Sue Mary Gardenersville
Wilson Susie C Riverside
Wilson Tom C Riverside
Wilson W M Flower Creek
Wilson William B Riverside
Wiltshire Anna S Riverside
Wiltshire Wm H Riverside
Winterlinc Elizabeth Wilmington
Wirsch Catherine E New Peach Grove
Wirsch John New Peach Grove
Wolf Annie Riverside
Wolf Carrie Riverside
Wolfe B A Turner Ridge
Wolfe Louisa Turner Ridge
Wolfe Ben A Turner Ridge
Wolfe Belle Bethel
Wolfe Carrie Bethel
Wolfe George J Flower Creek
Wolfe James Keith New Mt Vernon
Wolfe Lowery Turner Ridge
Wolfe Pheba Turner Ridge
Wolfe Robert Bethel
Wood A A Oakland
Wood Archa Augustus Willow
Wood Beaula H Oakland
Wood Walter Brook New Richland
Wood Ora Zella Oakland
Wood Ollie Lee Oakland
Wood Rebecca Anna New Richland
Wood J M Riverside
Wood Nannie Oakland
Woodhead Elizabeth Riverside
Woodhead Elmer Riverside
Woodhead Elizabeth Pettit Riverside
Woodhead Ella Riverside
Woodhead George Riverside
Woodhead James K Riverside
Woodhead Maggie Riverside
Woodhead Joseph Riverside
Woodhead John Riverside
Woodhead Thomas Nelson Riverside
Woodhead Walker Riverside
Woodhead Walker Riverside
Woods Elizabeth Peach Grove
Woods George Roanoak
Woods Mary Henry Roanoak
Woods George Perry Willow
Woods James Oakland
Woods J B Palestine
Woods Laben Oakland
Woods Martha Oakland
Woods Milton Lenoxburg
Woods Marial Jane Willow
Woods Rachel H Oakland
Woodworth Nora Riverside
Woodworth W W Riverside
Woodworth Maria L Riverside
Woolery Annie Antioch Mills
Woolery Corilla Antioch Mills
Woolery Emmett Antioch Mills
Woolery Fannie B Antioch Mills
Woolery James Antioch Mills
Woolery Jas Antioch Mills
Woolery Frances Antioch Mills
Woolery James Old Mt Vernon
Woolery <no name given> Old Mt Vernon
Woolery J Davis Antioch Mills
Woolery Joseph Riverside
Woolery Juanitae Sunrise
Woolery Lewis Caso Antioch Mills
Woolery Nannie F Antioch Mills
Woolery Sarah A Antioch Mills
Worick Laura Isabel Sunrise
Works Annie Bell Gardenersville
Works Henry Franklin Gardenersville
Works Lottie Mable Gardenersville
Works Rhoda Agnes Gardenersville
Works Zeak A Gardenersville
Worm A D Concord
Worrell J G Sunrise
Worrell Lucinda C Sunrise
Worrell Robert Willow
Worrell Amanda Willow
Worrell Robert M Willow
Worrell Riley Willow
Worrell W F Sunrise
Worrell Mariah E Sunrise
Wright Ann E New Mt Vernon
Wright Ada F New Mt Vernon
Wright America E Old Mt Vernon
Wright A F Old Mt Vernon
Wright Marthy Old Mt Vernon
Wright Adaline Old Mt Vernon
Wright B F Old Mt Vernon
Wright Addie Old Mt Vernon
Wright Bettie Old Mt Vernon
Wright B B New Richland
Wright Charles D New Mt Vernon
Wright Ethel P Old Mt Vernon
Wright Elizabeth F Old Mt Vernon
Wright Elsa A Old Mt Vernon
Wright Floyd Old Mt Vernon
Wright Fannie Old Mt Vernon
Wright George W New Mt Vernon
Wright Amanda New Mt Vernon
Wright Gideon A Riverside
Wright Lewis Forsythe Cem
Wright Agnes Forsythe Cem
Wright Gideon Beverly Riverside
Wright Hughey Old Mt Vernon
Wright Elizabeth Old Mt Vernon
Wright I W Old Mt Vernon
Wright Sarah E Old Mt Vernon
Wright Katherine Elizabeth New Mt Vernon
Wright Kirbby L Old Mt Vernon
Wright Kenneth R New Mt Vernon
Wright Kirtley A Old Mt Vernon
Wright Lilly Old Mt Vernon
Wright Laulie Marvin Old Mt Vernon
Wright L P Old Mt Vernon
Wright Louis F Old Mt Vernon
Wright Louis F Old Mt Vernon
Wright Francis A Old Mt Vernon
Wright Louis F New Mt Vernon
Wright Permelia New Mt Vernon
Wright Martha A Old Mt Vernon
Wright M Myrtie New Richland
Wright Mattie R Old Mt Vernon
Wright Mable Old Mt Vernon
Wright Odema New Mt Vernon
Wright Robert C New Mt Vernon
Wright Robert N New Mt Vernon
Wright Richard Old Mt Vernon
Wright R F Old Mt Vernon
Wright Margaret Old Mt Vernon
Wright Robert Walnut Grove
Wright Taylor Old Mt Vernon
Wright Twyan New Mt Vernon
Wright <no name given> Old Mt Vernon
Wright <no name given> Old Mt Vernon
Wright William M New Richland
Wright Zerelda New Richland
Wyatt A T New Richland
Wyatt Rena New Richland
Wyatt Anna S Riverside
Wyatt Clifford Sunrise
Wyatt Emma J Sunrise
Wyatt Grade B Sunrise
Wyatt J T Sunrise
Wyatt Anna E Sunrise
Wyatt J W Oakland
Wyatt Emma M Oakland
Wyatt John F Sunrise
Wyatt Mattie F Antioch Mills
Wyatt Mirtie Oakland
Wyatt Ruth Riverside
Wyatt Sarah A McKenneysburg
Wynn H C Gardenersville
Wynn Jessie Hitch Concord
Wynn Johnathan Wilmington
Wynn Mary Edna Concord
Wynn T P Wilmington
Wynn Izara Wilmington

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