E. E. Barton Papers

Transcribed By: Suzanne Shephard

William Justice, Jr.

Name: Wm. Justice Jr.
Buried: Roanoke
Church Member: Bap. Roanoke
Occupation: farmer
Father: Wm. Justice Sr.
Wm. lived about Callensville or Morgan at Dr. Nichols old place,
which was Wm. Stowers home.

Wife: Sarah T. West

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John Justice of Fal. 5/7/37


Children: John Richard, William, Olie, Charles Cephas, Ida, ? (dau) m. Jack Jacobs. Lived about Cynthiana.

Charley m. Mary (dau. of Reuben Loomis)
Obe m. Bettie Martin, raised in Har. Co. I think.
Wm. Jr. (Billy) m. Annie of abt. Cyhthiana
Ida m. Bill (son of J. Porter)
John Richard (Dick) think he was oldest. Married (1) Carrie Pfierman, dau of
Valentine Pfierman who was b. in Germany, lived on Bradford Rd. Henry McClanahan
now owns his place.
Married (2) Minnie, dau of James Coghill and Nan Lowe (dau of John Lowe).


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