Pendleton County Homepages

African American Halls from Falmouth Descendants of Gabriel Hall (b: Abt 1858) married Amanda Bowers

Descendants of WILLIAM BUSH

Wicoff Family of Pendleton County, KY

 Wicoff, Wikoff, Wickoff, Wycoff, Wykoff, Wecoff, Wicuff, Wicough, Wychoff, Wiekoff

Children of Amoriah Amariah LAKE and Nemoiah TOWNSEND
Jackson Henderson Oldham Family
James Barton
Bethel Church - Charlie Pyles
George Mains and Mary Vane
Tyree Oldham Family Page

Yelton and Osborn Family Homepages

David L. Bush Family Home Pages

Journey's Past

Ammerman and Kenner Family Pages

The Pohl/Armstrong Family

Smith/Race Genealogy Research

The Genealogy of Descendants of William Ford

Ball Family History

John William Cummins & Lucinda Jane Casey

John Barrow Lightfoot

Ancestors of Frances Marion Davis

The Yelton Family

Genealogy of Sean M. Cox

The Duncans of Pendleton County

Keys/Kees Family

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