Yelton and Connected Families List of Soldiers

The Revolutionary War

Joseph Carver II (b.1727)

Charles G. Yelton (b.1746)

James Yelton (b.1748), served from 1775 -1781

William Barton, Gen. (b.1748)

William Yelton (b.1757), served from 1781 -1783                                                                          

George Washington Barton (b.1776), Lost at sea, story unknown.


William and James fought in the Revolution serving occasional tours of duty as Minute Men along the Potomac River. Charles was also a Patriot. He provided bacon for the war effort. He is said to have also worked in the gun making department but those who have done research into this haven’t bee able to find any records of reference to Charles making guns. James, in his later years was crippled with arthritis and was blind.

                William Barton (b.1748) came to the Colonies with the English Army but later changed sides and joined the Colonial forces. The origin of this is not known.

        From a D.A.R. application: General Barton (b.1748) was stationed at Tiverton, R.I. and did signal service in protecting the channel and facilitating correspondence with Newport: Newport having been surrendered to the British under command of General Prescott. With 40 men, Gen. Barton captured Prescott, hoping to have him exchanged for Gen. Lee. For this Congress presented Gen. Barton with a sword “as a permanent evidence of the just sense entertained by this assembly of your address and galant behavior in making prisoner in Rhode Island Gen. Prescott and his aide de camp”. The enterprise was one of those hazardous actions and therefore the more glorious. Gen. Barton was general in the Rhode Island Militia and Colonel in the U.S. Service. He received commission of Brevet Colonel from Congress.


The Civil War

Elijah Yelton (b.1820)

                According to William Richard Yelton (b.1921), had two sons that died in the Civil War during            Pickett’s Charge fighting for the Confederacy.       

Elias Gerrard (b.1827)

                Married to Mary M. Yelton (b.1826). He was a Sgt. in Company E, 97 Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Army.

Jesse Hamilton Dugan Yelton (b.1828)

                Fought on the Confederate side. Enlisted October 8, 1862. He was also a Mail Carrier.

William Mortimer Yelton (b.1829)

                Son of John H. Yelton (b.1809), fought on the Union side.

Leroy J. Yelton (b. 1831)

                Son of John H. Yelton (b.1809), fought on the Union side and was badly wounded.

Robert Davis (b.1834)

                Husband of Elizabeth Yelton (b.1835), was killed in the Civil War.

Nathan Yelton (b.1834)

                Tried to enlist in Co H. 21st Ind. Volunteers, Indianapolis, but was rejected due to a broken thigh at                 age 15.

Phillip Hendricks Yelton (b.1835)

                Was a Texas Ranger and fought for the Confederacy. (See Book Section)

Barnett Yelton (b.1840)

                Joined the Southern Army, became discouraged and deserted, and to keep from being caught and   hung for desertion, then joined the Northern Army, was wounded and discharged.

James P. Hutchins (b.1841)

                Son of Mary Canup (b.1807), by her second marriage. James died in the Civil War at Strawberry Hill,                Tennessee

Enoch W. Yelton (b.1841)

                Died during the Civil War.

James Madison Yelton (b.1841)

                Served in the Civil War on the Union side and was badly wounded.

James Matt Yelton (b.1841)

                Son of John H. Yelton (b.1809), fought on the Union side.

James W. Yelton (b.1841)

                Enlisted July 31, 1862 in the 78th Regiment of Indiana. Served his 60 days or less and got out before                he got shot at. (See Book Section)  

George W. Yelton (b.1842)

                Died during the Civil War at Greensboro, N.C.

Theodore Augustus Yelton (b.1846)

                Joined the Union Army at 16 or 17 and marched with Sherman to the sea.

John Landrum Yelton (b.1847)

                Confederate Army, Company B, 5th North Carolina Infantry, Confederate States of America.

William Mathew Yelton (b.1847)

                Fought for the Confederacy.

Charles A. Yelton (b.1866)

                Charles was a Captain in Company H., 38th Illinois Infantry. Would have served shortly after the     Civil War due to his birthdate.

Charles Connelly

                Was related by marriage to the Yeltons. His wife’s sister married James W. Yelton (b.1841).                “Sarah    Alexander (sister to Mary Alexander) married Charles Connelly who was a deputy town marshal of      Coffeyville, Kansas at the time the Dalton gang tried to rob the bank, he started to run across the street and was killed by the gang.”

.Bill Yelton

                Brother of Barnett Yelton.


World Wars I and II

William Elijah Yelton (b.1888)

                Son of Theodore Augustus Yelton (b.1835), served in WW I. (d.1956). Served in the 854th Aero Sqd. Was a Welder at the Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and Hanford, Washington, Atomic Plants.

Roy Otto Yelton (b.1894)

                Private, Served his country in WW II. Shortly after his Basic Training he was shipped to Camp Merrit, NJ, where he died of Influenza.

George Phillip Yelton (b.1894)

                U.S. Navy WW II, SEABEES Attached 4th Marine Division. Participated in the invasion of  Marshall Island, Siapan and Tinnian.

Calvin Eldridge Yelton, Sr. (b.1896)

                Drafted into U.S. Army in 1917. Was a truck driving instructor during WW I - caught influenza and was discharged prior to the end of the war

Chester C. Yelton (b.1897)

                Son of Theodore Augustus Yelton served in WW I.

Elmer Pyrl Yelton (b.1905)

                Served for three years in the U.S. Army and served in Africa and Italy.

Blaine Yelton

                Served 32 yrs. in the Air Force, being active in World War II, Viet Nam and the Korean War,  leaving with a rating of G-9.

William Richard Yelton

                Had two brothers, Robert and Samuel, one of which died fighting in Germany. WW II. Was a Colonel in the Michigan Air National Guard.

Neal Warren Johnson (b.1921)

                Was a Sgt. in the U.S. Air Corps. He died in a bomber crash at Westover Airfield, Mass. on               September 17, 1944. He was the son of Margaret (Maggie) Bell Yelton (b.1881).

Wilbur Edwin Yelton

                During W.W. II was in the Navy and worked in Supply in Australia.

Donald L. Yelton

                U.S. Navy WW II, Navy SEABEES, V-12, NROTC, V-5, Served in the Aleutian Area, Alaska.

Milo David Nance

                Husband to Barbara Lee Yelton
, U.S. Navy in the Pacific Theater, Motor Machinist Mate 2nd Class.

Harry E. Yelton

                U.S. Navy WW II, Served aboard the Attack Transport USS Fremont, Seven major actions,                including the Philippines, Iwo Jima, and the Marriannas.

Harold A. Yelton

                U.S. Navy WW II, Served in the Navy Air Arm, Caribbean Area.

George Arthur Yelton

                Son of Lee Anderson Yelton (b.1900), U.S. Army 1945-1946.

Calvin Eldridge Yelton, Jr.

                Calvin was drafted into the U S Army in February, 1952, serving until December of 1953 - served in Korea attached to an M P Company on Pongam-do and Koje-do (islands) POW Camps, Unit Supply / rank - CPL.

Ray Moss

                Husband of Emogene Yelton, was killed in action in WW II. Member of 82nd Airborne Division.

James Wyman Yelton

                U.S. Army, SSgt.

Jack Yelton

                U.S. Air Force WW II, SSgt.

Jacob Dexter Yelton, Jr.

                Jacob Dexter Yelton, Jr., was a Chief Petty Officer in the U.S. Navy during WW II. He served on the USS California which was the Flagship of the Pacific Fleet and was severly damaged at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. J.D. was awarded the Purple Heart for wounds he received there. He also saw extensive action in other battles during the war. He retired as assistant superintendent of the machine shop at Spindale Mills.

  Cpl. Kermit Yelton

served in the Army during WWII in the Pacific Theatre (Phillipines) 1941-1945. TEC 5, SVC Co. 108 Inf. He was a heavy equipment mechanic and was honorably discharged. He was awarded the Bronze Star. 

 Hubert Kenzie Yelton

served in the Navy and became a Radioman/gunner 3rd class on the USS Bunkerhill. He was a member of the "Helldiver Squadron" in the south pacific. He was honorably discharged as a Radioman/gunner 1st class and was awarded the Air Medal.

Joseph Wayne Yelton

served in the Army Air Force. Trained to be a B-17 gunner but due to health reasons he stayed stateside and repaired planes in Texas 1944-1945.


Korean and Viet Nam Conflicts


James Arthur Yelton

                U.S. Army, was stationed at Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Germany.

Cecil R. Yelton

                U.S. Army, went to Korea for two years. Full-time Missouri ANG until retirement.

Judith Sue Yelton

                U.S. Navy . Boot Camp at Bainbridge, Md, and “A” School at Memphis, TN.Aviation Storekeeper (AK-3)                

Patrick A. Yelton

                U.S. Air Force, Viet Nam.

Stephen Leroy Nance

                Son of Milo David Nance, U.S. Air Force both Korea and Viet Nam.

James Roger Yelton

                USAF - Service unknown.

Michael David Nance

                Son of Milo David Nance, U.S. Navy, Corpsman at San Diego.

Unknown Yelton Son

                This unknown son was the son of John Yelton (b.1905) and he was killed in the Korean Conflict.


Other Service

Blane Yelton


Frank Melvin Yelton

                Retired USAF

William Richard Yelton

                Colonel in the Michigan ANG.

Clarence Floyd Yelton


Robert Wayne Yelton

                California ANG, Fighter Pilot, F-102, F-106.

James Roger Yelton



Richard William Yelton

                Sgt in the Michigan ANG . Worked as an Aircraft Electronics Specialist.

Timothy Craig Yelton

                U.S. Marines. 1st Marine Air Wing.

Gary Lee Yelton

                U.S. Air Force

Ronald James Yelton

                California ANG , Fighter Pilot, T-33, F-106, F-4D, F-16ADF.

Andy Lee Yelton

                U.S. Army

Harry Lee Yelton

                U.S. Air Force

Ricky Lee Yelton

                U.S. Coast Guard

Gerald Dean Yelton

                U.S. Army

Mark Jon Yelton

                U.S. Navy

Matthew Neal Yelton

                U.S. Marines


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