Pendleton County Brick Wall

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Archived Queries 2006-2008


Posted 02/23/17

Surname: Thomas

Hello.  I'm researching the surname Thomas from Pendleton County, Kentucky.  While looking at the 1870 census at my distant grandmother
Isabella Thomas b. 1861, I found her living with William and Nancy Yelton in Pendleton Co., Kentucky. While looking at the neighboring families, I noticed there are more Yelton and Thomas families. I noticed a Sarah Thomas living with Aug. E. Yelton. I have been attempting to find the connection of the Aug. E., William H. and Leroy Yelton families, the Benj. J. William and Elijah Thomas families and also if there is a connection between these Yeltons and these Thomas's. I would appreciate your insight on these families.  Thank you,  Kelsey Probst

Posted 12/19/14

Surname: Carter

I am looking for Peter C Carter (wife was Catherine "Katie" Gafney Carter) who lived in the Demossville, grassy creek area for over 50 yrs.  He shows up on 1880 Census and died there in 1932. He is part of my wife's family, she is a Carter. She knows nothing of her family and I am trying to help.  They have no pictures or information about him, other than what I have found out through Census records.  He and his wife are buried in St Mary's cemetery in Morning view. As long as he was there as a farmer and raising his family, I cannot seem to find out a thing about him. I see he may have been a witness to a will in 1893 but in a general query that is about all that I can see. Anyone know anything at all about this family?  or recommend someone to me who can help?  As we are looking at a man who was still farming there as late as the 1920's, there has to be some good info around there somewhere. I am located in Cincinnati and would love to come down and do some research in person if there are records to scour.  I have gone as far as I can on ancestry and I cannot seem to find a public tree to give me any assistance.Thank you for any help you can give, J. Wendell Grayson Jr,

Posted 06/08/13

Surname: Miller

We are trying to find out what happened to the John Miller b.1824 family line in Pendleton, KY.  They moved around the area a lot and mostly stayed in Pendleton, Grant, and Harrison Counties.  John was married to Polly (Pauline, etc.) Longnecker.  We do not know when they died or where they were buried.  John's father is Henry b.1806 and was married to Fannie Beagle.  Any information to the past or present would be helpful. Thanks, BJ Miller

Posted 05/22/13

Surname: Lawrence

I have been doing research on my motherís side (Lawrence) of the family.  It turns out that most of the people seemed to congregate in Pendleton Co., Kentucky, in the late 1800ís and early 1900ís.  This website has been very helpful.  Iíve learned all about the history of the county and seen lots of good pictures and maps I havenít seen anywhere else.  The people I am related to mostly clustered around the town of Butler.  The main person I have been looking at is my great-great grandfather, James H. Lawrence (Jan. 3, 1847 to Oct. 10, 1916).  I think I have pretty much all the factual information on him. He died 10 Oct 1916  Pendleton Co., KY  In a newspaper article, it says he was a well known lumberman in the area with 3 mills in Pendleton Co. I guess my questions are; was he truly "well-known?" Does anyone have additional information about him? Would his death been worthy of an obituary in some newspaper? And if so, which paper? Anyone who can help will be very appreciated! Thanks, Matt Kindred,

Posted 04/16/13

Surname: Haggard

I have a "brick wall" problem I hope you might have some insight into.  My maternal Grandmother, who is 93 yrs young and very sharp, has an interest in our ancestors who came to Pendleton County from Garrard and Lincoln counties sometime between 1840 and 1860.  There are a few generations in the 1860 census (and a few households).  We are looking for information about the Esom Haggard (b. 1821- farmer) household, Gardnersville 1860.  His family is: wife:  Matilda (Quinn) Haggard, b. about 1823, William T. Haggard, son, b. 1848, son Rice W. Haggard, son, b. 1849/50,  dau, Mary A. Haggard, b. 1853, Catherine Haggard. dau. 1855, Phyllis A. Haggard (Annie), b. 1857, John F Haggard, son, b. 1860 (only 4 mos old on 1860 census. Bear in mind that Esom's father lives in Pendleton at this time as well- his name is also Rice W. Haggard, with a wife named Mary.
Esom Haggard was supposed to have joined the Union army, but I haven't found record of him yet.  The story is that he and his fellow troops stopped somewhere in Confederate territory to rest the horses, and they went to a former sweetheart of Esom's home (I assume in Garrard or Lincoln counties, or thereabouts), and she poisoned them with pie!  I'd love to know if it's true, but I haven't found anything yet.  I know that Esom's wife Matilda is widowed by 1870. Any help will be very appreciated! Hillary Delaney,

Posted 01/05/13

Surname: Hendricks Farm

Looking for any information relative to a farm located on McKinneysburg Road near Brownings Corner in Eastern Pendleton Co. U. S. Hendricks was an early owner. Rumor has it that it was a military camp and was subsequently used for outdoor church services. Thank you for any assistance, MRM@REAGAN.COM

Posted 09/28/10

Surname: Weber, Harrison, Gander

I am looking for a family history by Clifford J. Weber on the Weber, Harrison and Gander family.  I have a short version that was printed in a magazine (from the Campbell County Historical Society) a few years ago, but would like to see the full copy.  I do not know the name of the magazine.  Clifford Weber was from Falmouth and his grandmother Sarah Harrison Gander is from Campbell County. In the article it mentioned that Clifford Weber was living in part of the Kennett building.  I do not know when this was written.  This past week I went to the library in Falmouth to see if he would have left a copy there.  I didn't find one. I also looked through the Barton papers but didn't come up with anything. Thanks for any help, Marcia Barbian

Posted 08/26/10

Surname: Dremer

Looking for burial information on Andreas Dremer died 17 Apr 1913. I know he is buried in Persimmon Grove Cemetery but his name is not on the list. Also buried there are his wife, son and daughter-in-law. Any help you can give the family of Dremers will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Barbara Patterson

Posted 01/14/10

Surname: Straub/Middleton
I have been researching my Great Grandmother, Julia Ann Middleton. She was born 30 Mar 1871 in Pendleton Co. (parents were Willis and Levina Middleton) and she died 06 Dec 1941 in Gardnersville. Until recently I only knew she had taken ill and returned home to Pendleton Co. She was married 1st to Joe Thomas Hasty and had two children, Rosa Lee, my Grandmother and William Thomas. She appeared on the 1900 Garrard Co. census with the family and then just disappeared. I just discovered she married James Seymour Straub when she returned to Pendleton Co. She had a family with him also. Foster, Fannie, Charles, Marjorie and Louella. I would like to contact anyone related to this 2nd family and get more information on Julia and possibly any family photos. According to my Grandmother she thought her Mother had died. Thanks, Julia Williams

Posted 12/10/09

Surname: Monroe

I am looking for information on Alexander Monroe. He was a minister in a Baptist Church in Pendleton County in 1818. He was a Revolutionary War Veteran. Names of his children is of particular interest. His wife's name was Elizabeth. Thanks, James Monroe,

Posted 12/07/09

Surname: Fish

I am searching for a burial record for William Merris Fish and his wife Mary Keeler Fish. In his estate settlement he paid $650.00 for a grave stone, in 1839 that could have been a large stone. not to hard to find, They are my grandparents. Sure could use son help  They lived near Grassy Creek in Pendleton Co., Ky. Thanks so much, Mary Bishop. Contact me at

Posted 11/27/09

Surname: Brown

Looking for information on the William A. BROWN family. William was married in 1860 to Rosa TOMLIN and they had 7 children. I believe Wm died in 1879. When Rosa remarried John McHatton in 1880 she did not have her
children with her. Who took care of them? Thank you for any help. Pat McHatton ,

Posted 11/04/09

Surname: Middleton / Hasty

I need information on Julia Ann Middleton, wife of Thomas Hasty. She had two children with Thomas, Rosa Lee Hasty b. 09 Apr 1894 and William Thomas Hasty b. 14 Oct 1896. Story is she became ill and returned home and died. She died when Rosie and Willie were very young. Some information says Willie was 5 yrs. I know Thomas remarried to a Sally/Sallie Lucas. I have my Grandmother Rosa's birth certificate and it shows Julia as her Mother. I  have been unable to locate anything on Julia. Any help would be really appreciated, Julia Williams,

Posted 08/24/09

Surname: Ott

I am looking for the maiden name of the mother of Barbara Ott Klee, wife of Andrew Klee who lived in Pendleton County just south of town on reservoir hill around the turn of the century.  Barbara Ott Klee died 27 March 1935 and her son, George Nicholas Klee was my grandfather, and his son George Robert "Bobby" Klee my father. 

Barbara Ott's father was Kilian Ott and census records give his wife's name differently from one census to another as Kunigunda, Mary, and Annie, but with no maiden name.  Family have told me it was possibly Fomer or Fulmer, but I have no proof and her maiden name does not appear on Barbara's death certificate. Thank you, Richard E. Klee, Ph.D.,

Posted 08/24/09

Surname: Vaughan / Vaughn

Looking for anything on Daniel Tarleton Vaughan who was in Pendleton County from 1806 until his death in 1825.  He was married to Margaret Nelson who died in 1808.  They had Elizabeth born 8 Feb 1792 married Benjamin Ogden in 1810, John A. born 1793, married Ann Barrett, Atwell Daniel, born 1796, married Susannah Butcher, Mary Ann born 1797, married William Harris?, Catharine born 1801 married Elijah Cobler, Tarlton Laxton Vaughan born 1806 married Mary Naylor in Hanawha, Va.
Daniel married Frances Whitehead on 14 Apr 1811, had Frances Vaughan born 1812, married Isham Thomas Barrar,
Margaret Nelson Vaughan born 1812, married John Wiler, James William Vaughan born 1814, Sarah Whitehead Vaughan born 1818, married John Coppage and Miram C. born 1821 married William Harris.
Does anyone know where Daniel Tarlton Vaughan was born or who his parents were?  He is not the son of Cornelius Vaughan and Ann Carter.  Have proof.  Doris,

Posted 08/02/09

Surname: McColley / McCally / McCalla

I am looking for the wife of George McColley (documents in Pentleton records showed McCally and McCalla) Some of his children were born in Pendleton and his wife died maybe in 1829 when their son Amos was born because he married Sarah Wallace in 1829.  Does anyone have her name or is there any records in Pendleton Co. that would have it? Any help will be appreciated, Janet McColley Franklin,

Posted 06/08/09

Surname: Rogers

Looking for any information on my g-g-grandparents, Frank OR Francis ROGERS B.Feb 5 1845 Pennsylvia & Ellen LEE b.Feb 27 1855. Frank's  father was born in Pennsylvia, nothing else is known. Ellen's father, James LEE b. England or Wales.  Mother is also listed as being born in England or Wales as well. Any help will be very appreciated, Michelle,

Posted 05/01/09

Surname: McNay

Searching for information on Dora Etta Piercefield McNay. Parents Robert L. and Margaret Rachel Vanlandingham Piercefield. Wife of Richard Thomas McNay. I believe she was born in 1863 and they both died before 1900. She had 3 children and I may have found a fourth. Would like to know what happened to Richard and Dora and when Dora died. Two of the children went to an Orphanage and the other two with relatives. Viola, Charles, Woda Albert (many different spellings) and I believe the other was named Robert. Woda and Robert were in the orphanage. All but Charles ended up living in Indiana. Charles lived and died in N.C. Please, any help would be great. Thank you, Page Collins Laney

Posted 05/01/09

Surname: Quinlan

Looking for any information about the Quinlan families in Pendleton County. Looking in particular, for info on Sam Quinlan. Any response will be appreciated. Ruby,


Posted 05/01/09

Surname: Murphy

I am looking for information about my great grandfather, John Murphy b. 1869 Boston Station, Ky. He is said to have killed a man in either Pendleton or Harrison Counties around 1913 or so. He went to prison and was pardoned in 1922 by the governor at that time. I am hoping there is information somewhere, can anyone help me? Sincerely, Debbie Dinser Miller

Posted 03/08/09

Surname: Hall

I am looking for any information about the family of John W. Hall. He, wife Henrietta and children are found in the 1870 Pendleton Co. census, Butler district. In the 1880 Pendleton Co. census, he is widowed and living with Joel and Mary Hamilton [his daughter] in Falmouth. I am trying to find a death date and burial place for him. John was listed as 75 yrs. old in 1880. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Suzanne