Pendleton County Churches and Cemeteries

Bethel Church Cemetery

Contributed By: Charlie Pyles

Bethel Church Cemetery is located at the Intersection of US 27 and KY 17 approximately 5 miles North of the Town of Falmouth, Kentucky

Cemetery Photos

Old Bethel Church destruction February 5, 2008!

Surname First Name Middle Name/Initial Birth Date Death Date Notes
Acton Mrs. Miles 1847 1913Dec16
Adkins Gaberial M 1863 1924
Albertson Jessie 1912Jul 1915Jan08 Age 2y 6m
Angel Raymond N 1906Feb08 1906Feb12 s/o R&CL Angel
Asberry Coleman 1830 1859May01 Age 79y4m "War of 1812 According to Flag Medal Marker
Asberry Frank C 1847 1930
Atkins Eliza A 1866 1933
Ballinger Clark 1888Aug31 1918Nov05
Ballinger Harry 1894Apr15 1916Oct16
Ballinger Henry 0 1918Oct05 Died in KY
Ballinger Johnnie 1890Jan01 1894Jun21 s/o WL & Addie M. Ballinger
Bentel Infant 0 1911 d/o WH & Cora Bentel
Bentle Andrew 1829Apr26 1880Apr03
Bentle John Adam 1802Jun16 1871Apr30
B'Hymer Carrie C 1871Sep06 1877Dec12 d/o LB & EF B'Hymer
B'Hymer Hettie C 0 0 d/o LB & EF B'Hymer
B'Hymer Leonard 1867Sep22 1878Oct30
Block Mary E 1879Sep11 1904Aug10 w/o Charles Block
Bradford Arthur 1864Mar04 1864Aug24 s/o Loyd & Angeline Bradford
Bradford Bibtie? B 1868Aug02 1871Sep29 s/o Russell & Sarah E. Bradford
Bradford Coleman 1899Jun05 1951Jun30 KY Cpl 158 Field Art. 38th Div. WWI
Bradford Edward Russell 1924May21 1925Dec19
Bradford George 1837Jan04 1851Aug10 s/o J & M Bradford
Bradford Lloyd 1833Apr10 1911Nov18 78y 7m 8d  Married twice
Bradford Lucy 1888Aug15 1892Sep18 d/o T F & Orpha Bradford
Bradford Martha A 1848Jan16 1863Apr25
Bradford Melinda 1855Sep06 1871May27
Bradford Russell 1824 1904
Bradford Sarah E 1830 1904
Bradford T K 1826 1899
Bradford William C 1854 1922
Bradford Wilmer 1892Jun05 1951Feb18 Mich CPL 339 Inf 85th Div WWI
Bradley Sarah F 1853 1877
Brandt A S 1899 1922
Brandt Fannie 1889 1928
Brandt Infant 1886Nov24 1886Nov26 d/o A & K Brandt
Brandt Infant 1887Sep10 1887Sep21 d/o A & K Brandt
Brandt K 1893 1907
Brandt Lewis 1897 1928
Brownfield John W 1899 1940 no last name on stone but Bur. beside WH & SJ Brownfield
Brownfield Louie 1904 1905 no last name on stone but Bur. beside WH & SJ Brownfield
Brownfield Sarah J 1862May09 1907Mar27
Brownfield W H 1858Feb02 0
Burch Elizabeth 1851Jan02 1937Mar04
Bush Bertha B 1916 0
Bush Minor C 1901 1979
Bush William Elmer Wallace 1899Jan03 1901Oct19 s/o J H & E D Bush
Campbell Elvira A(delaide) 1838Oct03 1903Mar24 w/o T J Campbell (nee Wallace)
Campbell Frank B(ennett) 1864 1937 s/o T J & Elvira Campbell
Campbell Hattie T 1861 1938 w/o F B Campbell (nee Ducker)
Campbell James William L 1860May24 1937Mar23 s/o T J & Elvira Campbell
Campbell Lawrence Jefferson 1888Apr02 1888Apr02 s/o James & Sarah Campbell-Unmarked Campbell Plot?
Campbell Mary nee Newkirk ( one other)
Campbell Sallie Meroz 1872Mar26 1923Oct03 Family Records
Campbell Sarah A 1858Aug04 1904Jun04 w/o James W Campbell (nee Downing)
Campbell T(homas) J(efferson) 1832Dec07 1907Apr01
Carrand J B 1857Aug00 1889Oct16
Carrand Margaret 1825Jul22 1890Mar26
Cockrell Josie E 1887 1967
Cockrell William F 1882 1971
Colbert Charles 1916Aug20 1964Aug25
Cooper Chloe D 1896 1972
Cornelius A 1907Aug25
Cornelius Alva D 1888 1908
Cornelius Blanche 1896 1967
Cornelius John Thomas 1864 1949
Cornelius Letta Blasingame 1863 1905
Cornelius Richard L 1892 1968
Cornelius William T 1885 1941
Craig Irene 1898 0 d/o Everett & Carrie Lovelace
Craig Willis 1898 1966
Culbertson James 1860 1873Sep23 s/o John & C J Culbertson Age 13y6m4d
Culbertson Mary 1833Dec01 1877Oct17 w/o John Culbertson
Cummins Arthur G 0 0
Cummins Cecil 1905 1930
Cummins Clarence 1912 1975
Cummins Ella M 0 0
Cummins Emmitt 1870 1948
Cummins Helen 1847Nov00 1904Jun00
Cummins Infant 1900Mar00 1901Jul27 s/o W P & J A Cummins
Cummins Johanna 1859Apr26 1939Feb28
Cummins Leona Ruth 0 0
Cummins Leona 1882 1958
Cummins Ottis C 0 0
Cummins Theoodore 1842Oct00 1912Mar00
Cummins Thomas N 1866 1878Jan01 s/o C E Cummins 11y3m1d
Cummins Vida 1902 1916
Cummins William 1847Mar04 1929Feb25
Cummins William P 1873 1935
Cummins Julia Ann 1869 1938
Dance A J 1815Jun09 1890Sep15
Dance Andrew J 1856Dec17 1857mAY24 s/o A J & L Dance
Dance Henry L 1891Mar02 1970May20 KY Pvt Co. A 32nd Inf. WWI
Dance James F 1842Jan12 1862May15
Dance Lucy Ann 1826May09 1862May15
Dance Maud Sternburg 1890 1944
Dance Thomas 1854 1936Dec26 Age 82
Davis Samuel C 1881 1941
Dawson Criss 1879 1897
Dawson George W 1840 1902
Dawson Joseph R 1877 1947
Dawson Martha E 1858 1933
Dawson William 1881 1957
Dearborn Billy 1920 0
Dearborn Ella A 1857 1931
Dearborn Ernest H 1899 19--
Dearborn Jane C 1898 1973
Dearborn Joe Paul 1938 0
Dearborn William O 1855 1923
Dearmond Velma 1909 19--
Dearmond William 1899Jul21 1969May31 KY PFC Co B 23 Inf WWI
Draper Dennis T 1962 1963
Ducker America 1855 1934
Ducker Cass 1853 1889
Eggleston Edward G 1898 1974
Eggleston Lucille F 1902 0
Emerich Buddy 1919Oct28 1919Oct28
Emerich Lawrence W 1921 1994
Emmerich Alexander 1836Feb14 1921Feb07 Chief QM USS Victory Civil War
Everette Benjamin 1823 1910
Everette Caroline 1834Jul04 1911Jul30 76y 26d
Ford Asa C 1840 1863 Pvt Co A 18th KY Inf Civil War
Ford Meshec 0 0
Ford NFN Company C 18th KY Infantry
Frank Albert "Bert" 1881 1935Jun24 Age 54 s/o George A & Mary I Austin Frank
Frank Charles H 1874Feb01 1898Sep11
Frank George A 1849Dec11 1923Mar20
Frank Infant 1898Apr07 1898Apr08 s/o Albert H. Frank
Frank Jesse Raymond 1910Oct30 1921Dec12 s/o Jesse & Mary Frank
Frank Jesse 1888 1940
Frank Mary I 1850 1932
Gosney Ann 1833 1907 w/o J E Gosney
Gosney J E 1829 1893
Gosney James J 1857May05 1883Sep11
Gregston Larinda 1850 1935Apr11 Aged 85y
Gribble Leslie 1881Feb24 1902Nov10
Gribble Walter 1879Oct23 1912Jan04
Grizzel Katherine 1914May20 1914May29 d/o Harvey Grizzle
Grizzell Ann Eliza 1844Aug25 1916Feb12 w/o William 71y 5m 17d
Grizzell Francis M 1871Oct26 18--Sep03 s/o W H & Ann Grizzell
Grizzell William 1846 1915Jul02 Was Federal Soldier
Grizzle Edward 1870Sep24 1911May01 40y 7m 5d
Hall Benjamin H 1889Aug02 1951Nov13 KY CPL 162 Inf 41st Div WWI
Hamilton George H 1855Jan15 1890Nov23
Harding Nancy E 1822 1855Mar03 w/o J R Harding Age 63 Yr
Harlich John 0 0 Company L 8th US Div
Harrison Charles B 1864 1939
Harrison Nonie F 1886 1955
Hassman Emma 1875 1937
Hassman Fred 1875 1941
Huff d/o Dave 1912 1914Nov27 d. at Butler Age 2y
Huff Virginia 1913Apr29  7y 3m 15d d/o J D Huff
Ingram Ida D 1861 1922
Ingram Peter G 1855 1932
Jacobs Albert Lee 1887 1940
Jacobs Alpha Retta 1864 0
Jacobs Charles T 1864 1925
Jacobs Dora 1876 1940
Jacobs Gyneth Eugene 1932Jul02 1932Jul02 s/o Virgil & Hope Jacobs
Jacobs Jake Henry 1862 1940
Jacobs Mary L 1903 1974
Jacobs Ray E 1900 1979
Jacobs Virgil R 1910Nov11 1954Apr15 KY CPL Co B 43rd Eng Const. Bat WWII
Johnston B F 1806Jun10 1875Sep02
Kidder Ora 1891Feb01 1898Apr07 d/o John D & Susie Kidder
Krebs Lewis 1822Aug21 1884Jul21 4 Lahrer Baden Co Germany Co C 18th KY Reg Vol Inf
Krebs Mary A 1821Nov01 1889Jan01 born Strasburg, France
Krebs Gottleib 1843Jun05 1871Dec29
Lafollette Addie 1881Mar02 1882Jul14 d/o Jesse Lafollette
Lafollette Narranattah 1873Sep17 1877Jun30 d/o H W Lafollette
Lancaster Benjamin E 1846Dec16 1863Sep10 s/o William & Eleanor Lancaster
Lancaster Eleanor 1810Nov18 1878Dec18
Lancaster Perry B 1838 1864Mar24 age 2y 3m 16d
Lancaster William, Rev. 1814Feb15 1860Oct20
Larkin James William 0 1855May15 s/o James H & Mary A Larkin
Lommis Nancy E 1843Nov19 1904Dec27
Loomis Ada 1881 1905
Loomis Arppa T(hera) 1877 1956
Loomis Eliza 1878 1907
Loomis Homer 1884 1934
Loomis Lucy 1873 1940
Loomis Marthie B 1879Dec23 1896Nov25
Loomis Robert M 1876 1956
Loomis Roma 1904 1905
Loomis Sidney 1882 1942
Loomis T J 1847Feb06 1926Dec05
Loomis W M 1873 1917
Loomis William H 1862Nov24 1900Aug15
Lovelace Carrie 1880 1965 w/o Everette Lovelace
Lovelace Clarence 1879 1939
Lovelace Earl 0 1918 s/o Everette & Carrie Lovelace
Lovelace Elmer F 1913Jun10 1967May10 s/o Everette & Carrie Lovelace KY Pvt 175 Inf WWII
Lovelace Everette 1879 1943 killed by hit/run driver on old US27 1 Mile East of Butler
Lovelace Frank 1853 1934
Lovelace Gladys 0 1907 d/o Everette & Carrie Lovelace
Lovelace Henrietta 0 1907 d/o Everette & Carrie Lovelace
Lovelace Johanna 1859Jun01 1884Sep07 w/o George W Lovelace
Lovelace Maxie 0 1904 s/o Everette & Carrie Lovelace
Lovelace Paul 1914Nov11 1970Dec15 s/o William of Everette & Carrie Lovelace
Lovelace Sarah 1856 1934
Lovelace Therexa 1881 1955 w/o Clarence Lovelace
McAtee Mary E 1892 1926
Morgan Martha Jane 1849 1870May13 w/ Paris E Morgan age 20y 6m 17d
Morgan Parmelia Jane 1818 1914Feb24 M 4 times
Mullins Albert R 1878 1878Sep17 s/o R & M Mullins age 4m 17d
Mullins Bert 1890Dec17 1893Nov28 s/o B B & Minnie M Mullins
Mullins Daisy 1899 1901 s/o B B & Minnie M Mullins
Mullins J B 1815 1897
Mullins Lula May 1885Nov29 1889Feb09
Mullins Orpha 1822 1894
Nelson James Charles 1931Jun23 2005Oct12 Cpl U S Army
Newkirk Charles Ira 1873 1875Nov21 s/o J & S Newkirk
Newkirk Lorenzo
Newkirk Savannah nee Bonar
Oetzel Infant 1893 1893Feb11 s/o V & Sarah Oetzel age 6 days
Oetzel Infant 1896Apr29 1898Aug19 s/o V & Sarah Oetzel
Oetzel Leslie T 1886 1889Jun24 s/o V & Sarah Oetzel
Oetzel Richie 1898Apr31 1900 s/o V & Sarah Oetzel
Oetzel Sarah A 1853Jul29 1933Aug20
Oetzel Valentine 1845Mar14 1901May03
Powell Katherine 1838 1866
Purdy Arthur 1852 1936
Purdy Berty Lawrence 1860 1871Nov20 11y 9m 2d
Purdy Charlotte 1852 1921
Purdy Clary C 1856 1948 w/o George P Purdy
Purdy Ella 1870 1937
Purdy George P 1867 1895
Purdy LaFayette 1858 1943
Purdy Lottie H 1894Nov26 1895Jul26
Purdy Luther 1820Mar01 1898Feb22
Purdy Luther 0 0
Purdy Stella 1870Dec11 1871Sep11 d/o Luther & M J Purdy
Purdy Vernor R 1889 1919 s/o George & Clary Purdy - Pvt 18 Pioneer Inf
Ricker Alex 1842 1900Oct26
Rogers Charley 1872May05 1872May05 s/o Frank & Ellen Rogers
Rogers Ellen 1878 1880Apr20 d/o Frank & Ellen Rogers 1y 8m 1d
Rogers Henry 1876 1878May23 s/o Frank & Ellen Rogers 1y 10m 3d
Rogers Infant 1882 1882Sep09 s/o Frank & Ellen Rogers
Rogers Infant 1881May27 1881 s/o Frank & Ellen Rogers no death date on marker
Rogers Isabel 1869 1870Dec04 d/o John Rogers age 1y 6m 1d
Sargent Allie Lewis 1907 0
Sargent Archie 1853 1933
Sargent Charles 1858 1902 Husband of Nancy Kells Sargent Married 1878
Sargent Charley C 1902 0
Sargent Elizah 1813 1879 h/o Melinda Nester Sergent
Sargent Georgia A 1912 0
Sargent Helen Ruth 1933 1936 d/o Charlie & Georgia Sargent
Sargent Huldy I 1959 1906
Sargent Infant 1872Jan05 1872Jan05 d/o Josiah & Mary E Sargent
Sargent Infant 1873Mar06 1873Mar06 d/o John & Mary Sargent
Sargent Infant 1877Mar02 1877Mar02 s/o John & Mary Sargent
Sargent Infant 1907Jul22 s/o John Sargent
Sargent Infant Twin Child of Charles & Nancy Sargent
Sargent Infant Twin Child of Charles & Nancy Sargent
Sargent Infants 1880Jan10 1880Jan15 infants of Archibald & Missouri Sargent
Sargent James W 1866Mar27 1869Jan12 s/o Josiah & Mary E Sargent
Sargent John M 1868Feb01 1877Jul21 s/o Josiah & Mary E. Sargent
Sargent Josiah 1844Aug05 1913Jul23 Co G 23 KY Inf
Sargent Mary V 1851 1892
Sargent Mary F 1842 1927
Sargent Mattie 1860 1907
Sargent Nancy 1861 1940 w/o Charles Sargent
Sargent Thomas G 1850Feb19 1916Jul31 Outlook Obit has different dates
Sargent Melinda Nester 1822 1890 w/o Elizah Sergent
Schneider Nancy Smith 1901 1934
Smith Belle 1861 1891
Smith Flavie 1880 1956
Smith James W 1870 1944
Smith Larken 1820Dec07 1885Jan08
Smith James Howard 1923Aug17 1928May10
Smoot Arthur 1890Jun18 1894Mar12
Smoot John G 1814Dec17 1897Mar07 10 KY Calvary
Smoot Mary Susie 1877 1888Jan22 d/o J W & Jennie M Smoot 11y 11m 9d
Sper Patricia Naomi 1912Jul16 1975Dec09
Sper Richard Andrew 1911Jul11 1971Jul12 KY Pvt Quartermaster Corp WWII
Stephens Anna "Annie" Alice 1894Sep10 1954Apr17
Stephens Harland Vincent 1917Feb04 19978MAr26
Stephens Harry Cline 1926Nov24 2001Feb16 U S Army Pvt WWII
Stephens James 1852 19--
Stephens Mary A 1854 1929
Stephens Minerva 1870 1937
Stephens Oliver N 1887 1977
Tewell Ben 1904 1973
Tewell G F 1865 1932
Tewell John F 1901 1959
Tewell Mary A 1870 1918
Thompson Chester 1913Aug 1914Oct23 Twin s/o Robert Thompson Age 15m
Thompson Clark 1913Aug 1914Oct23 Twin s/o Robert Thompson Age 15m
Thornton Sarah M 1853 1853Nov04 d/o John & Jane Thornton
Traylor B 0 0 C Company D 14th KY Div
Traylor Mary 1849Dec20 1916Jan21 d. Near Concord w/o Reuben 71y 27d
Turner Allen Eugene 1921Nov07 1921Nov07 s/o George & Madge Turner
Turner Charles William 1920Sep30 1920Sep30 s/o George & Madge Turner
Utley Lillian 1918Jan15 19118Jan15 d/o Clarence & Virginia Campbell Utley
Utter Maggie 1911Dec02 m. twice
Weber Mrs. Joe 1883 1913May13 Age 30
Webster Clara 1885 1956
Webster Pearly 1890May11 1950Sep06 KY Pvt CENOFFTNG Sch WWI
Wolfe Belle 1860 1936
Wolfe Benjamin Franklin 1866 1953
Wolfe Carrie 1883 1907
Wolfe Lula 1864 1947
Wolfe Robert 1858 1937
York Grover C 1892Nov06 1931May24 KY Pvt 326 Fld Trty B N 84 Div WWI
York Louisa Arabelle 1841Apr22 1916Aug17 75y 3m 26d w/o John nee Hamilton

The Tombstone Transcription Project

Veteran Grave Locator

Geographic Names Information System

  From GNIS Search, Pendleton Co. Cemeteries
Place County State Type Elevation* USGS Quad Lat Lon
Bennette Cemetery Pendleton KY cemetery unknown Williamstown 38.677N 84.500W
Browning Cemetery Pendleton KY cemetery unknown Claysville 38.619N 84.218W
Butler Cemetery Pendleton KY cemetery unknown Butler 38.793N 84.348W
Caldwell Cemetery Pendleton KY cemetery 862 feet De Mossville 38.779N 84.473W
Ellis Cemetery Pendleton KY cemetery 876 feet Butler 38.753N 84.301W
Fisher Cemetery Pendleton KY cemetery unknown Butler 38.775N 84.257W
Johns Cemetery Pendleton KY cemetery unknown Goforth 38.720N 84.487W
Knox Cemetery Pendleton KY cemetery unknown Williamstown 38.707N 84.505W
McMillan Cemetery Pendleton KY cemetery unknown Goforth 38.736N 84.483W
Morgan Cemetery Pendleton KY cemetery unknown Berry 38.597N 84.403W
Mount Auburn Cemetery Pendleton KY cemetery unknown Butler 38.785N 84.279W
Norris Cemetery Pendleton KY cemetery unknown Butler 38.780N 84.301W
Pleasant Hill Cemetery Pendleton KY cemetery unknown Butler 38.778N 84.301W
Smith Cemetery Pendleton KY cemetery unknown De Mossville 38.759N 84.441W
Tomlin Cemetery Pendleton KY cemetery unknown Williamstown 38.749N 84.507W
Turner Ridge Cemetery Pendleton KY cemetery 919 feet Goforth 38.690N 84.392W
Unity Cemetery Pendleton KY cemetery 644 feet Williamstown 38.749N 84.505W


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