Richland Baptist Church Records


Little Church

January 3, 1818 - September 18, 1841

Transcribed by Suzanne from images donated by Joy Fisher from FHL Film #358487.

An alphabetical listing of names found in the Richland Church records. Some names are found several different times with different spellings throughout the documents.

Name Owner (slaves)
Abernathy, Blackstone L  
Abnature, ___  
Adams, A  
Adams, Henry  
Adams, Mary  
Adams, Nancey  
Adams, Polly  
Anderson, Alexander  
Anderson, Nelly  
Asbury, Mary  
Atwell, Margaret  
Atwell, Wm  
Barlow, ___  
Blackborn, Robert  
Blackbourn, Celicia  
Blackburn, J  
Blackburn, Mary  
Blackburn, Robt  
Bowling, Margaret  
Browing, Marcus  
Browning, Ann  
Browning, Calob  
Browning, Cinthyann  
Browning, Franklin  
Browning, Marcus E  
Browning, Micajah  
Browning, Rily  
Browning, Sarah  
Browning, Tiletha A  
Buoy, John  
Buoy, Mary  
Buoy, Polly  
Buoy, Robert  
Burch, James  
Cambridge, Nancy  
Casey, Ann  
Casey, Hambleton  
Casey, Jane M  
Casey, Nancy  
Chainy, Elizabeth  
Chany, Samuel  
Clark, Cyntha  
Clark, Polly  
Clayton, Coleman  
Clayton, William  
Cleavland, Cassa  
Cleavland, William  
Cleveland, Oliver  
Colier, John  
Collier, Malinda  
Colvin, G Henry  
Courtney, Eleanor  
Courtney, Mary  
Courtney, Michal  
Curry, Sarray  
Cury, Sally  
David (slave) Arnold, Sam'l
Dawson, James  
Delaney, James  
Delany, James  
Dickesen, Gaius  
Dickesen, Mary  
Dickeson, Gaius  
Dounard, Adam  
Downard, Mary  
Duncan. Archable  
Egnew, James  
Elkin, ___  
Forrest, Charlotte  
Forrest, Dennis L  
Forrest, E  
Forrest, Helen  
Forrest, Jane  
Forrest, Sally  
Forsyth, Rachael  
Forsythe, Jacob  
Forsythe, Jacob Sr.  
Forsythe, Rachel  
Forsythe, W  
Green, Ann  
Green, Balis  
Green, Jane  
Greene, Bayless  
Gruell, Catherine  
Gruell, Isaac  
Gruwell, Sally/Sarah  
Hatfield, T  
Hillary, Charlotte  
Hitch, Mary  
Hitch, Wiseman  
Holmes, Wm  
Holton, G W  
Holton, J M  
Holton, Jesse  
Holton, Jno  
Holton, Nancy  
Jackson, Elizabeth  
Jackson, Mary  
Jackson, Sarah  
Jolly, James  
Jones, Susana  
Joseph (slave) Capt. B Collard
Name Owner (slaves)
King, Alcy  
King, Fanny/Francis  
King, James  
King, Silas  
King, Susanna  
Laughlan, John  W  
Laughlan, Nancy  
Lay, Thos  
Lay, William  
Lee, Samuel Vanhook  
Lemmon, Wm  
Lemmons, Elizabeth  
Lemmons, George  
Lemmons, Rachel  
Lemons, Joshua  
Long, Saml  
Lydia (Free woman of colr)  
Manuel (man of colr.)  
Mariah (slave) Hitch, Wiseman
Marsh, Peggy/Margaret  
Marsh, Polly  
Marsh, Susan  
Marshall, Joshua  
Martiel, Betsy  
Martiel, Elizabeth  
Mcan, Marget  
McCarty, Adam  
McCarty, Eliza  
McCarty, Mahaly  
McCarty, Mary  
McCarty, Nathaniel  
McCarty, Polly  
McCarty, Sarah  
McKinny, James  
McMurray, Cyntha  
McMurry, Leander  
McMurrym Cyntha  
Mitchel, John  
Mitchel, Joseph  
Mitchel, Maragret  
Mitchel, Margaret  
Mitchel, Minerva  
Mitchell, Aaron  
Monroe, E Alex  
More, William A  
Morton, ____  
Munson, Isaac  
Neaves, Mary  
Neaves, Susanna  
Perrin, Solomon C  
Pike, John  
Pollard, Blackstone  
Pollard, Branton  
Pollard, Cilicia  
Pollard, Judith M  
Pollard, Nancy  
Pollard, Thos  
Potter, T  
Powel, John (of Ohio)  
Powers, Sarah  
Prince (free-man)  
Pugh, George  
Pugh, Margaret  
Ramey, E  
Rawlings, Elizabeth  
Rawlings, Nancy  
Rawlins, James  
Rawlins, Margaret  
Rawlins, Michael  
Rawlins, Rachel  
Rawlins, Robert  
Richey, James  
Richey, Mary Ann  
Richey, Nancy  
Roalin, Margaret  
Robinson, Sarah  
Saml (slave) Garrard, J J
Sanders, Henry  
Sharp, Lucy  
Spencer (slave) Duncan, Archable
Stevens, Nancy  
Steward, Mary Ann  
Turner, Hannah  
Turner, Joshua  
Washbourn, Mary  
Washbourn, Squire  
Washburn, Francis  
Washburn, John  
Wiliams, Daniel  
Williams, Sarah  
Winn, Minor  
Winn, Pauline  
Winny (Woman of colr)  
Woford, Susan  
Wolf, J  
Worrel, Mary  
Worrel, Sarah  
Worrel, Susan  
Wright, Lewis  
Wright, Melinda  
Wright, Nancy  
Wyatt, Elizabeth  




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