Palestine Baptist Church Records

History of the Church

Transcribed by Sherri from images donated by Joy Fisher from FHL Film #358487.


The aforesaid Committee paroceeded to constitute the afore Said Brethern & sisters upo the following principles to wit:

    We believe the old & new testament to be infalible word of god & is the only rule of faith & practice, that there is only true god and in the god head or divine Escene there is one father son & Holy gost that by nature we are fallen & depraved creatures that salvation Regeneration & Justification are by the Life Death Resurection & Assention of Jesus christ.

    that the saints will finally persevere through grace to glory that believes Baptism by immersion is necessary to taking the Lords supper.  That the salvation of the Righteous & the punishment of the wicked wil be eturnal.

The Church Covenant

1st. We the church of Christ at Palistine do Covenant & agree to maintain the faith that we was Constuted upon believing it to be Consistant with the word of god.

2nd. That we agree to Joine ourselves in a church State agreeable to the apostles practice humbly submitting to the disciplin of the gospel & to bear Each others weakness with tenderness not discovering to my with in or without unless agreeable to Christ rule in such Cases.

3rd.  We do promise to watch over each other for good not suffering sin on our Brother & not to be whispering & backbiting & destroying that peace & harmony that ought to exist among the people of god.

4th.  We promise to Love Each other & have fellow feelings as bretheren in the Lord Ever striving to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace.

5th.  We do promise to forgive our brethern there tresspasses when they shall acknoledge them to be cause we believe that god for Christ sake hath forgiving us.

6th.  We agree not to forsake the assembling of ourselves to gather but strive as much as in us Lies to fill our seats at our stated metings & Especially on days of church business our

7th.  We do promise and agree to keep the rules adopted in our church for the purpose of Keeping good order in the house of the Lord.

8th.  We do promise to pray for each other & for the spread of the gospel & for the children of god universally.

9th.  We do promise to live in all holy Conversation not in our own strength but in the strength of christ whose we are & whome we desire to serve to him be the glory forever amen

Rules of Decorum

to be observed in the Church at Pallistine

1st.  Our Church meetings shall be on the 4 Saturday in each monnth to be opening by singing & prayer & preaching if business should per mit.

2nd.  The Church shall Choose a moderator whitch shall preside during the meeting to Keep order & state questions.

3rd.  The moderator shall give an invitation to members of sister Churches to take seats with us.An inquiry shall be made for the peace of the Church.

5th. A Dore shall be opened for Experience Letters or Repentance.

6th.  No motion shall be received unless made by one member & seconded by a nother.

7th.  Every motion made & seconded shall be taken up & determined by a majority Except that of Receiving members & Removing the metting house which shall be by unanimity.

8th.  While a motion is in debate Every member shall confine his self to the point or subject other wise it shall be the duty of the moderator to call such bother to order.

9th.  The moderator shall address the Church by standing up & Each member shall address the moderator in like manor.

10th.  No member shall speak more than three times to any one subject without Leave nor more than once until every male member has spoken once that Shooses.

11th.  All private offences shall be proceeded to agreeable to the Eighteenth chapter of Matthew & all publick offences shall Render publick satisfaction.

12th.  Any person Expressing him self in anger shall be deemed disorderly & shall be reproved by the moderator.

13th.  Any person belonging to our church acting profane or immorally in any sense of the word publickly shall come forward to our next Conference & make acknoluledgement to the Church & failing so to do the Church shall proceed to act as she shall see proper in Calling such disorderly member to her bar to admonish or put away such as shall appear most to the glory of god.

14th.  Any male member negleting three meetings in succession the church shall in vite such person to come & fill their seats which they shall do tell the reason of their ahsence.

15th.  No member shall absent themselves while the Church is sitting without Leave of the moderator.




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