Palestine Baptist Church Records

Member List From Book 1

Transcribed by Sherri from images donated by Joy Fisher from FHL Film #358487.





Names of Members Constituted into a boddy of Brothers & Sisters in the
United Baptist Church of Jesus Christ at Palistine Pendleton County KY
on the 4th Day of November 1859

Mary Pickrel Expelled
Cordealia Hamilton  
Hesther Mains Deceased
Elizabeth K. Mains  
Morah King  
Margaret Mains  
Sarah A. Bradford  
James B. Hamilton  
Ishmael H. Mains  
Laban Mains  
Laban J. Bradford  

Constituted on the a bove Eleven members


Early List of Members

Mary Routt Dismiss by leter
Margaret Routt Dismiss by Leter
Susan Wood Dismissed by Leter
Cinda Ragan Dismissed by Letter
America Mains Dismissed by Letter
Mary Boston Expelled for dancin
Nancy Madden Dismissed by leter
Mariah Mains  
Artimisa Fields  
Luiza Cummins  
Jaley Mcarty  
Jaley Hamilton  
Martha G. Hamilton Excluded
Mary E. Hamilton Dismissed by Letter
Rachel H. Woods  
Luiza Melvina Cummins  
Nancy J. Woods  
Eliza Palmer Excluded 1866 - Restored
Saley An Madden Excluded for dancin
Heather A. Blades  
Mary Boswell  
Cornealy Fields Dismissed by Letter
Rhoda Mains  
John C. Mains  
Nimrod Routt Expelled by order of the church
Ritchard Wood Deceased
Gilderoy Mains Excluded for none attendance
John Bradford Expelled
Wm. Madden Expelled February 1866; restored
Nimrod Mcarty Expelled Feb 1866
Louis Fields Expelled
John Cummins  
Robert Routt Dismissed by Leter
Joel Hamilton  
Minor Martin  
James Woods  
Laban Woods Dismissed Jan 1874
Isham T. Hamilton Expelled
Samuel W. Mains  
Josiah Blades  
Harvy Fields Dismissed by Letter
Edward Hamilton Expelled for profanity
Wm. Hamilton Expelled for swearing
Wm. Miller  

Names of Members in Palistine Church in 1868

Female Members

Sarah T. Mains  
Martha G. Hamilton Restored
Susan F. Mains  
Josephine Miler  

At a meeting Held at Palistine in October 1870 for three weeks by Edler Mason cens
there was added to the chruch those names below:


Catharine Mains Previously baptized
Clerenda Mattox By baptism
Meranda Atwoll By baptism
Mary B. Thomas Dismissed by letter
Nancy Bradford Previously baptized
Lorra Casey By baptism
Faney Oldham By baptism
Ursley King By baptism
Amanda E. Ramsey By baptism
Catharine Atwell By baptism
______ Rice By baptism
Saran Bishop By Baptism
Elizabeth Atwell Baptised; excluded for joining reformers
Susan Rugle By baptism
Sarah S. Mains By baptism
Mary Routt Joined by leter Aprile 1871
Harden Rugle By baptism; dismissed by letter
Wm Hamilton Dismissed by letter
Albert Mains By baptism
James E. Mains By baptism
Mark King By baptism
James Browning Previously baptised
Nimrod Mcarty Restored & deceased
James H. Cumins Baptised
Alonzo King Baptised
Sweden Miller Baptised
George W. Bennet Baptised
Thomas Bradofrd Restored
James M. Mains Baptised
Robert Bradford Dismissed
Fenton Mains Baptised; dismissed by letter
_____ Vinson Dismissed by letter
John Routt Baptised
Thomas King Baptised
John Bradford Restored
Cassam Golasbey Baptised, Dismissed by letter
George Rose Baptised
James Routt Baptised
David Logan Baptised, dismissed by letter
Ritchard Fryer Baptised
Losson Bishop Baptised
Morris Cushman Previously baptised
Joseph Norris By letter
Adam Miller Previously baptised
N.D.C. Mains  

At a meeting held at Palistine in September 1871 for two weeks by Edler mason Owens ther was
added to the Church those names below. The baptising took place in licking river on the 1st day of October 1871

Lewis Day By baptism; expelled
John L. Rice By baptism; dismissed by letter
Riley Simpson By baptism
Robert Stanley Expelled 2 Saturday in Oct 1872
____ Fogle By baptism
Edward McKiney By baptism
Jo Lewdingburg Prevously been baptised
Charley Frirsbury Baptised
J.T.Mcarty By baptism
J.W. Love Previously baptised
W. Simpson By baptism
Ransom Lay By baptism
Bellnapp Rugles Baptised,
Levi Mains Received by Letter
George W. Scott By letter June 1872
Mary Friar By baptism
Mary LewdingburgMary By baptism
Mary A. Rice Previous baptism; desease
Salley Madden Restored
Bell Woods By baptism
Elizabeth Mains By Baptism
Bell Mains By Baptism
Manrovy Stanley By Baptism
Mary E. Lay By Baptism
Malley Lay By Baptism
Susan Mains Received by letter
Mary F. Mains Received by letter
Sariah Ann Scott By letter June 1872


Received by letter June 1872 - Sariah Ann Scott
Received by baptism Aug 1872 - Edward Murrill & Pollie Murrill

No year listed - Cindy Mattox Joining & not Baptised
Robert Matox & Cindy his wife was Baptised at November Meeting the 15 Day & Sister Courtney also




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