Pleasant Hill Christian Church

Transcribed by Sherri from images donated by Joy Fisher from FHL Film #358488.

Record of Deaths


Date of Death
Place of Death
Place of Burial
Sis Jane Norton 1-25-1884 Steer Creek Pend. Co. Pleasant Home Burying Ground
Sis Susanah Houston 3-8-1886 Born 9-14-1884 Mt. Auburn
Bro. Wilbur Muloy 4-26-1887   Mt. Auburn
Sis Nancy Barnhill 4-29-1888   Mt. Auburn
Sis. Catherine Shoemaker 1-25-1888   Ellis Grave Yard
Bro. Lorenzo Shoemaker 10-15-1888   Mt. Auburn
Bro. Benj. Yelton 6-27-1889   Mt. Auburn
Mollie Fossett 7-26-1889   Mt. Auburn
Sis. Sallie Fryer 11-12-1890 Pendleton Co. Mt. Auburn
Bro. James W. Fryer 3-22-1891 Pendleton Co. Mt. Auburn
Bro. James A. Bonar 1891 Pendleton Co. Elis Grave Yard
Thomas Wilson 5-1-1892 Pendleton Co. Mt. Auburn Cemetery
Elva Ellis 7-18-1892 Pendleton Co. Ellis Grave Yard
Mary A. Beach 9-5-1893 Pendleton Co. Mt. Auburn
James Pickerel 9-5-1893 Pendleton Co. Corcord Ossipee
Louisa Shoemaker 6-9-1894 Pendleton Co. Mt. Auburn
Alfred Fryer 12-4-1897 Pendleton Co. Mt. Auburn
John Beach 3-21-1896 Pendleton Co. Mt. Auburn
Sarah Beach 3-17-1897 Pendleton Co. Mt. Auburn
Lucy Ellis 11-27-1887 Pendleton Co. Mt. Auburn
James W. Fryer 3-22-1891 Pendleton Co. Mt. Auburn
Mollie Fossitt 7-26-1889 Pendleton Co. Mt. Auburn
Porter Jett 3-27-1893 Pendleton Co. Mt. Auburn
J. W. Norris 1-14-1895 Pendleton Co. Mt. Auburn
Lucy J. Nolin 2-20-1897 Pendleton Co. Mt. Auburn
Lou Pribble 3-11-1895 Pendleton Co. Mt. Auburn
Martha Pickerel 1-20-1887 Pendleton Co. Mt. Auburn
Elvira Thomasson 11-7-1893 Fishers At Family Burying Ground
W. B. Tucker 4-17-1797 New Hope Mt. Auburn
Tillie Hitch 1-14-1898 Concord Mt. Auburn
R. L. Fossit 10-31-1899 Hope Well Mt. Auburn
Sarah Yelton 12-20-1899 Mt. Auburn Mt. Auburn
Alvin Hart 3-3-1900 Ossipee Mt. Auburn
Leona Schubert 10-24-1900 Butler Mt. Auburn
Sorelda Hart 12-9-1900 Falmouth, KY Mt. Auburn
Sallie Mockabee 8-13-1901   Concord Cemetery
John M. Pribble 8-3-1902 Pleasant Hill Mt. Auburn
Belle Fryman     Concord
Stella Alender 4-24-1903 Pendleton Co. Mt. Auburn
Naoma Shoemaker 5-17-1903 Pendleton Co. Concord
Sallie Yelton Son 2-6-1903 Pendleton Co. Mt. Auburn
Martha McGill      
Caroline Sine 4-17-1904 Pleasant Hill Flower Creek
Julia Webster 3-3-1904 Pleasant Hill Burlews
Nellie Biddle 12-1903 Mt. Auburn Mt. Auburn
Callie Pribble 10-1905 Pleasant Hill Fryer Burying Ground
J. M. Hart 3-18-1906 Pleasant Hill Mt. Auburn
Amanda Mattox 12-1-1906 Pleasant Hill Ellis Burying Ground
Myrtie Lancaster 4-25-1907 Newport, Ky. Mt. Auburn
America Fryer 5-11-1907 Pleasant Hill  Pleasant Hill
Elizabeth Taylor 12-28-1907 Pleasant Hill Mt. Auburn
Nancy J. Cockayne 4-1908 Covington, KY Mt. Auburn
J. M. Poston 5-17-1908 Greenwood Butler Cemetery
Sarah I. Ellis 6-6-1908 Pleasant Hill Ellis Burying Ground
Mary A. Fryer 6-13-1908 Pleasant Hill Pleasant Hill
G. J. Yelton 9-22-1908 Pleasant Hill Mt. Auburn
Mrs. Sarah Jett 10-17-1908 Mt. Auburn Mt. Auburn
Chas. D. Sharp 2-20-1909 Florida Mt. Auburn
Misouri Harrison 4-18-1909 Pleasant Hill Mt. Auburn
Bertha Morris 9-1909 California, Ohio  
S. W. Fossett 5-21-1910 Peach Grove Mt. Auburn
T. C. Houston 1-22-1911 Mt. Hope Mt. Auburn
Mrs. Jane Wright 1-30-1911 Mt. Auburn Mt. Auburn
Alva D. Pribble 5-27-1911 Pleaant Hill Mt. Auburn
Nora Pribble 7-22-1911 Plesaant Hill Mt. Auburn
Jerry Pribble 11-4-1911 Pleasant Hill Mt. Auburn
Susan E. Norris 1-21-1912 Greenwood Butler Cemetery
Robert Barnhill 7-10-1912 Pleasant Hill Mt. Auburn
Hellena Fossett 12-31-1912    
Mrs. Agnes Houston 12-27-1914 Pleasant Hill Mt. Auburn
W. H. Waller 6-1916 Pleasant Hill Mt. Auburn
W. A. Houston 6-23-1916 Falmouth, Ky Mt. Auburn
Matilda Marshall 12-7-1916 Pleasant Hill Mt. Auburn
Ella N. Beach 1-24-1917 Pleasant Hill Mt. Auburn
O. P. Yelton 8-1920 Boston  




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