Pendleton County Court Records 

The Last Will and Testament of John Redinhour, Sr.

Contributed By: Doris Haff

In the name of God amen, I John Redinhour Senior of the County of Pendleton and State of Kentucky knowing the uncertainty of life and now being of sound mind and memory wishing while in such situation to make such distribution of what property it has pleased the almighty to bless me with do make and appoint this my last will and testament in manner and form as follows:1st - I wish all my just debts paid and my body decently buried.2nd - I hereby grant and bequeath all my landed estate lying in the County of Pendleton State of Kentucky unto Nancy Redinhour, Rachel Myers formerly Rachel Redinhour, Betsy Rowland formerly Betsy Redinhour, Peggy Biggers formerly Peggy Redinhour.  To have and to
hold for their sole use and benefit the land hereby bequeathed.  It being the farm on which I now live and bounded by the lands of James XXXXXX, Joseph Redinhour, Thomas Dance, Zachariah McCoy decd., Austin and William Dance.
3rd - All my perishable property of whatever description I hereby bequeath unto those my above named children my daughters, Joseph Redinhour, Jacob Redinhour, and John Redinhour each an equal share.4th - I hereby give and bequeath unto Peggy Biggers my daughter and her heirs my negro man George besides or in addition of her having an
equal share of my real and personal estate.5th - In as much as my negro woman Cicily has demeaned herself toward
myself and my deceased wife with all fidelity and trust as a faithful and trustworthy servant now for and in consideration of such faithful service I do hereby give and bequeath unto said negro woman Cicily her freedom or otherwise it is my will & desire for her to have liberty or freedom without hurt or molestation and I wish it distinctly understood that said Cicily shall be free and none of my heirs or others to have any authority over her otherwise than as the known laws of the land shall have pointed out and defined.6th - And lastly, I hereby appoint my trust and loving son Joseph Redinhour Executor to this, my last will and testament. 

In witness when of I hereunto set my hand and seal January the 11th 1845.
Testo: Edward
Waller                                                         John +
            Green Berry
Redinhour                                                 mark
           Eliza + Agee

State of Kentucky Pendleton County XXXXXXXXXXX 1848.  The foregoing writing purporting to be the last will and testament of John Redinhour was this day produced in open court and proven by the oaths of Edward Waller, Greenberry Redinhour and Eliza Agee the subscribing witnesses thereto to be the act and deed of the said John Redinhour
and the same was therefor ordered to be recorded and probate granted the Executor thereof.


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