1918 - 1919 & 1920  Pendleton County Deaths

During the Influenza Outbreak

Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Contributing Factor
Lilian B. Kirby 20 9-Oct-18 Spanish Influenza Bronchial Pneumonia
John A. P. Kirby 39 12-Oct-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
James Moses Baker 17 mths 12-Oct-18 Influenza Lobar Pneumonia
Mrs. Oma Sargent 30 15-Oct-18 Mennengitis Influenza
Roy Piercy 23 21-Oct-18 Influenza Lobar Pneumonia
Mabel Lilley 23 22-Oct-18 Catarrhal Pneumonia Influenza
Mrs. Annie Lambert 30 22-Oct-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Spanish Influenza
Dr. Lester Tully Eckler 40 26-Oct-18 Influenza Lobar Pneumonia
Joe Denie 20 26-Oct-18 Influenza Lobar Pneumonia
Helen Craig 11 27-Oct-18 Double Pneumonia Influenza
Joey Forsythe 22 1-Nov-18 Influenza & Lobar Pneumonia Lobar Pneumonia
John W. Coghill 37 1-Nov-18 Pneumonia Influenza
R. F. Taylor 30 5-Nov-18 Influenza Lobar Pneumonia
Charles Thomas Lanter 8 mths 5-Nov-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Sadie Lemon 18 8-Nov-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Roy Clifford Hammock 5 mths 9-Nov-18 Influenza
Mrs. Caren Makemson 35 13-Nov-18 Pneumonia Influenza
American Elizabeth Bishop 30 19-Nov-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Carline Baker 46 20-Nov-18 Influenza
Alexander Thornton 28 1-Dec-18 Lobar Pneumonia Influenza
Mary Tresa Kelly 22 2-Dec-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Ethel Laa 17 2-Dec-18 Influenza Broncial Pneumonia
Ina B. Nelson 11 3-Dec-18 Pneumonia Influenza
John Orvia Monday 1 6-Dec-18 Influenza
Kenzie Preston Held 26 8-Dec-18 Influenza Broncial Pneumonia
Ida Haley 44 9-Dec-18 Influenza Broncial Pneumonia
Harry Nevell Wilson 32 9-Dec-18 Influenza
Elbert Varner Courtney 2 10-Dec-18 Cerebal Convulsions Influenza
Josephine Catherine Schanding 13 15-Dec-18 Congenital disease of heart Influenza
John Russell Hendricks 19 15-Dec-18 Influenza Acute Congestion
Robert Lee Galloway 43 16-Dec-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Lafyette Jasper Rouse 79 19-Dec-18 Congenital disease of heart Influenza
Nola Fleetwood Sorrell 26 20-Dec-18 Influenza
Georgia Ann Lightner 32 31-Dec-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Contributing Factor
Edward Huffman 36 18-Jan-19 Accute Pneumonia Influenza
Irene Cannon 8 mths 18-Jan-19 Pneumonia
Raymond Plummer 2 mths 20-Jan-19 Influenza
Frank Traylor 47 20-Jan-19 Influenza 7 days Pneumonia
Annie Pugh 25 23-Jan-19 Accute Sclerosis/Heart Influenza & Lobar Pneumonia
John Henry Ramsey 20 24-Jan-19 Pneumonia Influenza
Katherine Elizabeth Zempter 46 24-Jan-19 Influenza Broncial Pneumonia
Minnie Vasti Fields 31 26-Jan-19 Spanish Influenza Lobar Pneumonia
Mary K. McGill 42 26-Jan-19 Influenza
George McGill 65 28-Jan-19 Influenza
Dollie May Shotwell 20 31-Jan-19 Spanish Influenza Cataral Pneumonia
Walter W. Ammerman 35 31-Jan-19 Pneumonia Influenza
Belle Bradford 72 3-Feb-19 Influenza
Anna May Aulick 39 5-Feb-19 Influenza
Frank Charles Schalk 27 6-Feb-19 Influenza
Lula May Kelley 7 7-Feb-19 Bronchial Pneumonia
Ruby Lillian Adams 2 11-Feb-19 Influenza & Desentery of the Bowels Pneumonia
Mary Elizabeth Hill 18 12-Feb-19 Influenza Pneumonia
Frank Albert Webb 28 12-Feb-19 Influenza
Ray Fossett 28 15-Feb-19 Bronchial Pneumonia
Laura M. Lawson 34 18-Feb-19 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Dora Isobell Cummins 26 21-Feb-19 Pneumonia Influenza
Permelia Wright 63 27-Feb-19 Influenza
Della Boone 1 11-Mar-19 Influenza & Pneumonia
Millard Filmore Draper 58 30-Mar-19 Influenza & Pneumonia Arterio Sclerosis
Emma Etna Rankin 35 22-Apr-19 Tuberculer Pneumonia following Spanish Influenza
Mildred Elizabeth Clemons 1 14-May-19 Pneumonia Influenza
George B. McLaughlin 47 23-May-19 Acute Brights Disease Influenza
Robert Watkins 41 12-Jun-19 Lobar Pneumonia Flu
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Contributing Factor
Myrtie E. Rulman 1 2-Feb-20 (indecipherable) Catarrah
James Howard Fornash 9 18-Feb-20 Pneumonia Influenza
Margaret Caldwell 73 18-Feb-20 Influenza
John Howard Fornash 13 20-Feb-20 Pneumonia Flu
Harriett Ann Crowley 34 20-Feb-20 Bowels Flu
John S. Heisel 39 20-Feb-20 Influenza
Glan Heisel 3 20-Feb-20 Influenza
Mrs. Agnes R. Aulick 78 22-Feb-20 Grip Flu
Mary Josephine Merrill 26 25-Feb-20 Bronchial Pneumonia Flu
Russell Brown 12 25-Feb-20 Bronchial Pneumonia
Henry Eibeck 25 29-Feb-20 Bronchial Pneumonia Flu
Nicholas Pershing Fornash 10 mths 6-Mar-20 Influenza Broncial Pneumonia
Charles Newton Howell 56 15-Mar-20 Pulmonary Tuberculosis Influenza
Hellena Greene 67 16-May-20 Myocarditis Influenza
Ella Frances McGuire 7 10-Jun-20 Pulmonary Flu
Edward William Oldham 41 28-Sep-20 Flu




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