E. E. Barton Papers

Generously Contributed by Gayle Reizes

Henry Newton Huff

Name               Henry Newton Huff

Wife               Emma Forward

When Born        April 11, 1856

When Born       February 14, 1860

Where Born       Campbell County

Where Born

When Died

When Died



Church Mbr

Church Mbr



Military Service


Occupation       Farmer, Oil Dealer


Father             Enoch Huff

Father             Charles R. Forward

Mother             Patricia Jane Wood

Mother             Elizabeth Boggs



Information By:  Henry N. Huff

P.O.                                                     7/29/1936

Children & P.O.


1 – Ray died age 20-21.  He joined army and deserted

2 – Charley - Was married in Illinois  He got drowned in lake in Ill.  

3 -                Daughter died age 3 or 4, buried at Flour Creek

4 – Bernard   Died age about 17-18; buried Flour Creek

5 – Mabel      Married Vincent Hall            

6 – Goldie, single


Notes Henry N. went to school 2 mos. In Campbell Co. and 2 mo. In Pendleton Co.  One teacher was Wm (Bill) Smith, who was kin to Robt. F. Shaw.  In Pendleton Co., he went to school at Barton, to Harve Bascom. His son, Harvey Bascom, Jr., lived in Butler  Harvery Sr. was bald headed, was good teacher.  He would get drunk, and be discharged, but was hired over again when he got sober.  On account of getting drunk, being discharged, and hired over again, it took him about 8 mos. to finish a 3 months school.  He lived at Boston then. “Til” Kirby and Hugh Bradford were the trustees.  When he got drunk, his term of employment was ended.  They hired him that way.  When he got sober, they would hire him again.  Henry N. is a noted fiddler and in earlier days, was much in demand to play for dances.  He went far and near to play.