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New Series--Vol. IX, No. 2         COVINGTON, KY., FEBRUARY 19, 1876                Whole No. 428


Falmouth, KY., Feb. 16, 1876

Editor Journal


    A reverend Ethiopian martyr from the classic shades of Flower Creek, in this county, was placed under the protection of Uncle Bryant Ingles, on Saturday last, having been examined and held over by the Police Judge of Butler, with reference to a charge preferred by a sister of his flock, of “Beecherism,” modified by an unwillingness on one side of the house, which the same was hers. The Rev. Robert Hudson denies the charge, in toto, and denominates the recurrence – that is, his arrest, not the cause of it – as the meanest kind of black-mailing, part of which is evidently true, and should be placed to Bob’s credit. I can state myself, that I heard Bob preach the gospel in Butler a couple of years ago, and I believe published in the JOURNAL a synopsis of his discourse, which contained nothing at all with reference to the offence wherewith he is charged, no femininity or any other nonsense, but on the contrary, abounding in deeds of masculine dexterity and temerity; the Hebrews in the fiery furnace, Daniel in the lion’s den, & noticeably exempt from softer allusions. No, I shall not believe anything of the kind about Bob, should he adduce next week, in the Criminal Court, satisfactory evidence of his innocence. And I think he’ll try.



J    udge Boyd passed through Falmouth on Saturday. I saw the Judge on the cars and was startled at the very unusual rosy appearance of his countenance. “Tis not a natural glow,” I muttered, “tis but the reflection of one of the red lights of the car.” And thought less earnestly, I continued to observe him. But the train gliding over sharp curves without any change to blue or any other hue, I asked Conductor Matlack, in great alarm, if his Honor was sick. Frank’s communication set me at ease at once. The Judge was thus ecstatic, without ever having laid eyes on the cause. A lawyer of less sedate deportment would have d—enounced Greenleaf, Blackstone; Coke and all other legal luminaries; and had the cars met with an accident that would place them behind time at Cynthiana, the learned Judge himself might have sworn a qualified oath, such as a newly fledged church member in this county did when his horse threw him, “G—d d—n it! --us the fellow said/” But, except the glow above mentioned, and an optic straining southward, the Judge was calm as usual.



    A clergyman of the Baptist church on Sunday evening, favored part of a congregation who refused to kneel and be prayed for, with sundry remarks as to their appearance and evident destination. The unregenerate of Falmouth hate to hear so much about one locality and greatly prefer a slight knowledge of many counties, to a thorough acquaintance with any single one, especially the one in question. They want their knowledge to spread, as it were.



    The folks at Butler, or many of them, have signed a petition to the Legislature to continue the privileges of the Licking River Lumber and Mining Company. N. S. Patton, himself proprietor of a saw mill in Butler, is circulating the petition.




    Mrs. Margaret Pendergast, a lady universally respected, wife of John A. Pendergast, of this place, dies on Saturday evening, and was buried in the Catholic cemetery at Falmouth, on Monday.


    The municipal board was sworn in last night – Quarterly Court this week – Criminal Court begins next Monday – Tim Needham lectured on temperance Friday night. O, Timothy, have you again forgot what Paul told you, personally, about its good effects?











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