Pendleton County News

C O V I N G T O N  J O U R N A L

New Series--Vol. V, No. 9         COVINGTON, KY., MARCH 23, 1872                Whole No. 217



[From the Falmouth Independent]


    Elder Robt. Elrod, of the Baptist Church, well and favorably known by the citizens of Bracken and Pendleton, died at his residence, in the former county, on Monday the 4th inst. Age, 74 yrs.



    Coal Oil must come down. It is reported that the coal-oil well on Kincaid Creek, in this county, the digging of which three or four years ago cost one of our citizens a thousand dollars or more, has lately shown signs of containing oil; having exploded and set fire to a log cabin near it, the burning oil running upon the creek, and setting fire to several logs upon its banks. This will, no doubt, strengthen the opinion of a great many of our citizens who were victims of the oil fever sometime since.














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