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21 July 1888

The following are the dates of Kentucky fairs:
Kirksville July 27 – 2 days
Sharpsburg Aug 7 – 4 days
Danville Aug 7 – 5 days
Richmond Aug 14 – 4 days
Harrodsburg Aug 14 – 4 days
Columbia Aug 21 – 4 days
Lawrenceburg Aug 21 – 5 days
Maysville Aug 22 – 4 days
Lexington Aug 18 – 5 days
Paris (Fair and Trotting) Sep 4 – 5 days
Bardstown Sep 5 – 4 days
Ashland Sep 4 – 5 days
Falmouth Sep 11 – 5 days
Somerset Sept 11 – 4 days
Hopkinsville Oct 3 – 4 days
Germantown Oct 10 – 4 days

28 July 1888

Reunion of the Sixth Kentucky Volunteers
Those interested both Federal and Confederate will keep in mind the fact that the Sixth Kentucky Volunteere Infantry will hold a reunion at the Eminence Fair Grounds Saturday July 28. The managers have kindly invited boys in gray to join them and no doubt many ex-Confederates will be present to participate in this memorial of hardships and privations long since gone by.

4 August 1888

The annual reunion of the First Kentucky "Orphan Brigade" C. S. A. will be held at Frankfort, September 20, the twenty fifth anniversary of the battle of Chickamauga. Soldiers of other Confederate commands and Federals are invited by the committee to attend.

The Falmouth Fair Association offers a purse trot for each of three minute, 2:40, 2:30, 2:25 and 2:20clases to close August 30th. They have a first class half-mile track and we hope our horsemen will patronize them liberally. Write to the Secretary for conditions and catalogue of Fair. The Falmouth Fair Association will hold their fair this year Sept. 11 to 15, and from the number of the special premiums given them we do not see how they can help to be successful this year. The people of the county have responded to their call for help quite liberally and from appearances they do not intend to have a failure this year. Their Floral Hall list of premiums are liberal and numerous, while those given to horsemen are more liberal that usual besides having added a second premium in a good many rings. A. F. Aulick is president this year and will make a good one. We hope to see our county help them liberally. The price of admission has been reduced to 35 and 20 cents. Write to the Secretary for catalogue.

25 August 1888

Major J. W. Robbins and others of the 18th Kentucky Infantry, request all the members that can, to come to Falmouth the first Monday in September to consider the advisability of having a reunion of all those who served in that regiment either as officers or privates. A great many of this county and counties adjoining Pendleton were members of the 18th anda good many are asking for something of the sort and as a preoiminary step you are asked to meet here on that day. Let all who can, come.

P. Tillman, of this city, has been awarded the dining privileges of the Falmouth Fair. Pete has been the caterer of public hunger at this fair for several years, and has acquired a reputation for serving the best dinner in the State for the money - 35 cents. Our citizens should remember him when they visit this fair and give him a call.

22 September 1888

The reunion of the Orphan Brigade will take place in Frankfort on the 26th inst. The program for the day is as follows. At 11 o'clock the meeting of the survivors will take place at the opera house, hon. Ira Julian will deliver the address of welcome, which will be responded to by Gen. Joseph H. Lewis, the old commander of the brigade. This will be followed by an oration on General William Preston, deceased by Hon. W. C. P. Breckenridge, member of Congress from this district. The business of the meeting will then be taken up and disposed of, when the brigade will form in columns preceded by a band of music, and march to the cemetery where the remains of Col. James W. Moss, Maj. Rice Graves and about thirty other bodies of dead members of the brigade, disinterred from the field of battle near Chickamauga will be re-interred. The brigade will return to the opera house, where Col. John W. Caldwell, of Russellville, will deliver the oration on the dead. The day will close with a reception and dinner at the executive mansion by Gov. and Mrs. Buckner. Every arrangement has been made to insure a most happy and successful meeting of the brigade, and it is expected there will be a full attendance.

At the Orphan Brigade reunion, to be held at Frankfort Wednesday, the following soldiers from this county, killed in the battle of Chickamauga , will be brought to Frankfort and interred in the Capital cemetery. Sergeant Fritz Ensign Robt. Anderson Jno. Steele Lieut. David H. Thompson The above were members of McDowel's Company F.

29 September 1888

The following is a special from Falmouth: Arthur Bradford, son of the late Wm. Bradford, of Pendleton County, has just returned from California. He left Pendleton county in 1852 and has only been heard from but once, about 20 years ago. His father, Mr. Wm. Bradford, resided near Falmouth and died some ten years ago. His estate was settled up and the money divided among the heirs, Arthur supposed to dead. His arrival and mysterious movements, and the subsequent disclosure of his identity caused considerable excitement, especially among the heirs. After leaving Falmouth he went to Butler, and there fell in with his brother, Thomas K. Bradford, and rode with him to his house, where told Tom and his family who he was. It is a pleasure to know that Arthur, during his residence on the Pacific slope, made money and it is not likely that he will give any trouble to his father's heirs. He is a single man. Born to the wife of G. C. Lockhart of Paris, a daughter. Died Beela Swinford died Sunday, of heart disease, aged 70 years. He was a nephew of Dr. G. H. Penn. Miss Harriet Ware, aged 53, died at the residence of Prof. Brown, Saturday. Her home was in Covington, but she had come here to recuperate.

The seventh reunion of the Orphan Brigade occurred at Frankfort Monday. There was a larger attendance of the boys who wore the gray that at any meeting since 1867, and the old veterans who fought so valiantly for the Confederacy entered fully into the enjoyment of the occasion. The address of welcome was given by Hon. Ira Julian, and was responded to by Col. Joseph Lewis. Hon. W. C. P. Breckenridge delivered a splendid eulogy on Gen. Prestgon and Col. John Cadwell spoke feelingly of the life and work of Col. James Moss. In the evening a reception was tendered by Gov. and Mrs. Buckner. The next reunion will be held in Louisville.

2 March 1889

Pendleton's Soldiers The following communication in regard to the drafting of soldiers from Pendleton County during the late war, will be ready with much interest by those therewith connected: Cynthiana, KY, February 16th, 1889. John H. Marshall Boyd, KY Dear Sir.-In reply to your letter of 13th inst. to say you and others citizens of Pendleton County, Kentucky, were drafted under the calls of the President made Feb. 1st and Mar. 14th, 1864. No draft was made under the call of December 19th, 1964. J. S. Nixon, as receiver of commutation money under the act of March 3, 1864 and the amendments thereto on Feb. 24th 1864, after receiving $300 from each drafted man gave you exemption papers signed by Henry A. Mitchell, Acting Provos Marshall and President of Board of Enrollment, E. W. Hawkins, Member and E. P. Buckner, Surgeon. J. S. Nixon filed all the claims in the War Department, 67 in number, under the Act Feb. 28, 1867, to recover the money because of the fact you had been illegally drafted, Pendleton County not being liable to draft, having furnished the quota. These claims were referred to Capt. Geo. E. Scott, in charge of enrolling branch A. G. O. He held the claims did not come under the law. But when he examined them he found that they were just, and had them properly filed and registered in view of the passage of an amendment to the act of Feb. 8, 1867, to pay them. On May 5gh, 1884, Mr. Clay introduced H. R. Bill 6888, for the relief of certain drafted men of Pendleton county, KY (48th Congress, 1st Session) That bill went to the Committee on War Claims, which referred these claims to the United States Court of Claims, under the act of March 3rd, 1883. That court on May 1st 1886, rendered opinion in your congressional case No. 106, and other drafted men of Pendleton Co. KY dismissing them for want of justification. The papers in these cases are now in the Clerk's room in the House of Representatives, where your representative, Hon. John G. Carlisle can at any time see them. The style of the case in Court: Court of Claims Congressional Case No. 106 John H. Marshall and others, drafted men of Pendleton County, Kentucky vs The United States J. Scofield delivered the opinion of the Court. I Hereby return Mr. Carlisle's Letter. Truly yours, W. S. Haviland


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