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Surname Researched by Timeframe
ADAMS Joy Fisher 1798 - 1850
ANDERSON Fran Wood  
BAILEY Mark Younger  
BAKER Ray E. Baker  
BALLINGER Ray E. Baker  
BARTON Chris Wilson Mid-1700's to 1800
BIDDLE Suzanne Shephard
Chris Biddle
BLACKBURN Joy Fisher 1798 - 1850
BONAR Nora Liederbach
Joy Fisher
Vicki Ames

1798 - 1850
1780 - 1890
BROWNFIELD Joy Fisher 1798 - 1850
BURNLEY Mark Younger  
BUSH Tina Reed  
CAMPBELL Charlie Pyles  
CARTER J. Wendell Grayson Jr
Brenda Crosby
CHILDERS Sharon Rush
Vicki Ames
Mid 1800's - 1900
1780 - 1890
CLARKSON Mark Younger
Crystal Dingler

CLEMENTS Joy Fisher 1798 - 1850
COLCORD Tina Reed  
COLLINS Crystal Dingler 1817 - 1832
COOK Linda Goode Mid-1800's - mid-1900's
CRAIL Gloria Crail  
DIDDLEBERGER Linda Goode Mid-1800's - mid-1900's
DITTLEBERGER Linda Goode Mid-1800's - mid-1900's
DUNCAN Jennie Corridan  
EARLES Chris Wilson Mid-1700's to 1800
EWING Harry Ewing  
FAULHABER Linda Goode Mid-1800's - mid-1900's
FIELDS Suzanne Shephard  
FISH Mary Bishop

Bob Robb     NEW 11/2015

William Merriss Fish 

FLYNN Charlie Pyles  
FOGLE Charlie Pyles  
FOSTER Donna Stamm 1760-present
FRIES Rolf Spindler 1880-
FRYER Vicki Ames  
GEDGE Paula Moler 1860 - 1900's
GILLESPIE Jennie Corridan  
GREB Deloris Panzer 1850-1900
GROVES Mary Ann Bumgarner Early 1800's
HALL Suzanne Shephard
Bennie L. Phifer III
HAMPTON Mary Bishop


HARDING Nora Liederbach  
HARRISON Brenda Crosby
HATLEY Donna Stamm 1760-present
HENDRICKS John Moule  
HENDY Mary Bishop Francis Hendy
HICKS Mary Ann Bumgarner Early 1800's
HOLTON Charlotte Frew  
HOOK Janet McColley Franklin
Patricia M. Mullen
HORNBACK Chris Biddle  
IHRIG Donna Stamm 1760-present
JOHNSON Crystal Dingler 1795-1835
KEELER Mary Bishop Mary Keeler
KIRBY Vicki Ames 1780 - 1890
KIRKPATRICK Darrell Martin  
KLEE Richard Klee  
LAUGHLIN Mark Younger  
LAWRENCE Matthew Kindred late 1800ís and early 1900ís
LEWIS Annette DeCoursy Towler  
LILLY/LILLEY India J. Wolf  
LIMERICK Mark Younger  
LONAKER Ray E. Baker  
LOVELESS Vicki Ames 1780 - 1790
MAKEMSON Ann Baughman 1780-present
MARKSBERRY Jennie Corridan  
MARTIN Mark Younger
Bill Patterson
McCLANAHAN Jennie Corridan  
McCLURE Mary Bishop John Allen McClure
McCOLLEY Janet McColley Franklin  
McCULLOUGH Paula Moler 1850 - 1900
McHATTON David Williams Kincaid 1800 - 1900
McMILLAN David Williams Kincaid 1800 - 1900
MILLER Billie Fisher

BJ Miller

NEWKIRK Donna Stamm
Nora Liederbach
OTT Richard Klee  
PERKINS K. Shepherd
Joyce Ernst
1700's to present
PERRY Mark Younger  
PIKE Ed Pike  
POOR Donna Skubic 1812 - present
POWER John Moule  
PREBBLE Nora Liederbach  
PURDY Sharon Rush Mid 1800's - 1900
RACE David Williams Kincaid
Joy Fisher

1800 - 1900
1798 - 1850

RAMSEY Charlie Pyles  
RARDIN Nora Liederbach  
REILEY William Reiley Late 1700's to present
ROONEY Linda Goode Mid-1800's - mid-1900's
ROSS V. Sulfur 1888-1930's
RUSH John Moule  
RUST Linda Goode Mid-1800's - mid-1900's
SHANKS Deloris Panzer 1850-1900
SHARON Billie Fisher  
SHARP Ray E. Baker
Jennie Corridan
SHAW Joy Fisher 1798 - 1850
SLADE Joy Fisher 1798 - 1850
SMITH Billie Fisher  
SORRELL Joan Collett Mid-1800's
STITES Deloris Panzer 1847-1900
STITS Deloris Panzer 1847-1900
STUTZ Deloris Panzer 1847-1900
SWAILS Bill Patterson  
THOMAS Vicki Ames  
Nora Liederbach
John Moule
TOMLIN David Williams Kincaid 1800 - 1900
TRAYLOR Tana Vanzant 1800's
VAN HORN Joy Fisher 1798 - 1850
WALLACE Janet McColley Franklin  
WINN/WYNN David Williams Kincaid 1800 - 1900
WORKS India J. Wolf  
WORMAN Jennie Corridan  
YELTON Suzanne Shephard
Chris Biddle
Vicki Ames

1780 - 1890
YOUNGER Mark Younger  

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