Early Pendleton County Deninquent Tax Records


Transcribed from FHL microfilm 358486.  Images from the microfilm were donated by Joy Fisher.

Delinquent List for County Levy & Bridge Taxes for 1872.

(Transcriber's note: This list was poorly written, the names often misspelled and shows carelessness and want of knowledge of the names of persons listed.  On the whole, it is not considered very accurate.)

I've alphabetized this list to make searching it easier. SB


Angell, W.H. Free, Taylor Pickerel, James B.
Asberry, Basil Gabriel, Mike Pingest, John
Atchison, John Gifford, Dock H. Pollock, P.G.
Bailey, Basil Gillaspie, Lewis Porter, Robert L.
Bailey, l. Gray, Edward Porter, W.W.
Bailey, Perry Gray, Isaac Powell, Heber
Barber, Frank Gray, Wm. Powers, Joseph L.
Barker, Harmon L. (unknown) Grayson, F.M. Pressley, Alexr
Barker, Joseph Gregory, Francis M. Preston, Jason
Barnes, John Gwuin, Milton Quinlin, Philip
Barnes, John Jr. Hall, Perry Quinlin, W.H.
Barnhill, Robinson Hamilton, Joel Rainey, John F.
Bates, Gustave Hamilton, W.E. Rankin, James B.
Bean, Theodore Hampton, Daniel Rarden, Augustus
Beard, Jerome Hampton, John Rarden, James W.
Bennett, John Haney, Frederick Rarden, James W.
Berry, Richard Haney, Geo. S. Rarden, Lafayette
Beysdoffer, John Haney, John H. Ratliff, Joel N.
B'Hymer, Benj. Harper, Edward Reads, Elijah
Bicker, Peter Hartman, Charles Records, Isaac N.
Bishop, John S. decd. Hartman, Wm. Records, W.A.
Bishop, Lawson Haught, Thomas Redman, Charles
Bishop, W.H. Hemingway, Peter Redman, Rufus
Bishop, W.W. Hendricks, Enock S. Redman, Wm.
Black, David A. (removed) Hitch, Geo. H.O. Rice, Wm.
Black, John Hobner, Frederick Richardsson, Lewis
Bold, James Holmes, Thos. A. Rickles, Thos.
Bold, Wm. Huddleston, C.L. Riley James
Bolt, George Hudson, Ruda Riley, Darlington P,
Bolt, Joseph Indacut, John Rose, Wm.
Boone, Weeden Janes, John E. Ruggles, Belknap
Bosford, Isaac Jenkins, Mathew Ruggles, Hardin
Bradford, Robert Jones, Simeon Ruggles, Hardin Jr.
Bradley, H.I. Jong, John M. Salner, Florence
Bristow, John W. Justice, John W. Sapp, Milton
Brokely, John Kavanaugh, John B. Sargent, James M.
Brooks, Wm. H. Kimberly, Wm. Sellers, Jacob J.
Brown, John S. (removed) Laforce, Joseph Sellner, Andrew
Browning, Benj. Harrison Looman, Jessie Sellner, Marshall (or Michael)
Browning, Elijah (removed Lowe, James Sellner, Valentine
Burgadine, Frank Lowe, John Shafer, George
Burlew, Jeff P. Lowe, John S. Shanks, John
Burriss, Joseph Lowe, Samuel Sharp, Woodford
Butler, John Lucas, Joseph Sherlock, Wm.
Butler, Joseph S. Maddox, Sandford Sherwin, W.B.
Cahall, A.J. Mains, Wm. Shively, John B.
Caldwell, Henry Mally B. Shultz, Michael
Campbell, Geo. E. (removed) Mann, Milton Smith, Alfred M
Carnes, Geo. W. (removed) Mannen, John Smith, B.
Carney, Henry Marquett, John Sr. Smith, James
Caseman, Jacob Marshall, Elijah R. Smith, John
Chack, J.W. Marshall, Jerry Sons, Geo. W.
Chamberlain, Jas Martin, W.H. Stanfield, Marion
Chandler, James D. Mattox, John Stanley, C.C.
Clark, F.G. Mauser, F.M. Stevens, Nathan
Clayton, Nicholas McCain, Joseph Stevens, Wesley
Clayton, Samuel McCall, Frank Stevenson, James W.
Cockran, Dawden McClanahan, A.J. Streeter, Squire
Cockran, Dawden McClanahan, P.F. Stytes, Joh
Coleman, J.G. McClanahan, Samuel Stytes, Joseph
Connery, Wm. McCloud, Wm. H Sullivan, Dennis
Connolly, Samuel McCracken, H.B. Sullivan, Michael
Cook, Henry (listed twice) McGomery, C.M. Swear, James
Cook, Wm. McKinney, John F. Taylor, Andrew
Cookendorfer, J.A. McKinney, McE. Taylor, Isaac H.
Cookman, Isaac McLane, Samuel Taylor, James
Cordray, Wm. McLaughlin, D.C. Taylor, John
Cornelius, B. McMahan, Perry Taylor, John W.
Courtney, John T. McMath, James Taylor, Robert, H.
Crouch, John W. Merrill, Augustus Tharp, Owen T.
Cummins, John W. Merrill, M.D. Thornton, John
Dailey, Jasper Miley, Thos. Tippett, John
Dailey, Seeberry Mockabee, Henson Toll, Thos.
Daughters, F.M. Moore, Alfred H. Turner, John
Davis, A.G. Moore, Lawson T. Utter, Dooty Jr.
Davis, Barker Morrison, James Utter, George
Davis, Daniel D. Mosley, Wm. Varner, James
Davis, John S. Muntz, Joseph Vogglesong, S.E.J.
Davis, Joseph N. Myers, David W. Wagner, Joseph L.
Davis, Oscar Myers, George Wagner, Wm.
Davis, Ruben Myers, James Wallace, Ben C.
Dawson, Jackson Nail, Wm. Wallace, John
Deathridge, James L. Neeves, A.J. Ward, Gabriel S.
Degray, Charles Neeves, Andrew J. Washington, James
Dick, Charles Neeves, Arthur M. Waters, Reason
Donovan, F.M. Neeves, J.W. Weiskoff, Isaac
Dunn, Geo. W. Newkirk, C.W. Whitford, George
Eades, W.H. Newkirk, Geo. W. Wiggins, Thomas
Earles, Aberdeen Norton, Andrew, Jr. Wilcox, L.N.
Ellis, James T. Norton, Haydon Wiley, Milton
Ellis, Joseph Pangburn, Alfred Wilson, Wm.
Ellis, Winfield Pangburn, H. Wolf, Andrew
Erwin, Henry Parker, Frank M. Woods, George
Faloonerm Alfred Parker, John J. Woodworth, Lewis
Fedder, John Parker, Richard L. Wright, Francis
Fleek, Jacob Parr, Christopher Wyatt, W.W.
Fortner, John T. Pearsons, Samuel Yelton, Leroy
Frazer, Elias Pettit, John York, Chas H.
Frazer, Peter Pettit, Joseph Youngman, Stanfield






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