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    Posted: September 15, 2016 Surname(s): HICKS/WILLIAMS
Looking for several people in the lineage of Robert Hicks and Mary Polly Williams, shown as married in Breathitt County 1850 Census, have hit a brick wall in Breathitt County.  What we do know:  Robert was born in KY 1822-1825 (probably in Perry Co.).  We suspect Robert's mother was also a Williams as Robert shows a half-sister living with him in Arkansas in the 1860 census.  Robert and Polly had several children listed in the census, but Polly and some of the children do not show up on the 1860 census in Arkansas.  We are assuming that Polly and a couple of the children (Samuel and Nancy) died in KY before the move, died enroute or died shortly after arriving in Arkansas.  Would appreciate any information or clue. Thanks, Lesley Hicks

Posted: May 20, 2013 Surname(s): BEAVAN

I am trying to find additional information on the Beavans' family from Perry County. If anyone is also researching this family, please get in touch. Thanks, Michelle S.,

David Beavan b. 1908, d. 1961, Perry Co., KY  -  Glenna Beavan, b. 1906 in TN; d. 968, Perry Co., KY

John M. Beavan, b. 1929 in KY; d. 1987, Perry Co., KY  -  William P. Beavan, b. 1854 in PA; d. 1928 in Perry Co., KY

Julia Beavan, b. abt. 1862 in KY  -  May Beavan, b. 1900 in TN  -  Nettie Beavan, b. abt. 1852 in KY

Thelma Beavan, b. abt. 1915 in TN  -  Thomas Beavan, b. abt. 1857 in KY  -  William P. Beavan, b. 1902 in TN; d. 1979 in MN

William P. Beavan, b. 1927 in Perry Co., KY; d. 2010 in IL  -  Edgar Beavan, b. 1904 in TN  -  Hazel Beavan, b. abt 1913 in TN

Posted: April 18, 2013 Surname(s): BEAVAN

Looking for any information on Beavan families living or who did live in Perry County, KY. Any help would be appreciated... would like to connect with other Beavan researchers! Thanks, Michelle S.

Posted: March 9, 2013 Surname(s): RICE


  I was born in Hazard in 1946 ad have traced by family from my father Theodore Rice Jr 1925, to Theodore Rice Sr 1896 in Gays Creek, his father was Robert Rice born 1864. My Grandmother Naomi Napier Rice 1897 told a story that Robert should have been a Johnson. Grandma said when Robert's mother was pregnant and at Robert's birth his father was away for some reason.

  I ordered Jacob Rice, born 1828 - died 5 Nov 1898, Civil War records and found that he was home on furlough from the 14th Kentucky Cavalry until Sept of 1863.  The records also provided me with the last name of Jacob's wife, Jane Johnston. I know that Jacob's father was Jeremiah Rice born 1801 found in the 1830 Clay County census and the 1850 Perry County census.

  Jeremiah is my brick wall. I have had my Y-DNA tested and found that I am a 37/37 marker match with Thomas Manson Rice born in 1828 in Tennessee and died in 1909 in Whitley County Kentucky. Also a 37/37 match with John L Rice born in 1800 in South Carolina and died in Randolph County Alabama. I also am a 36/37 match with two individuals who are related to Henry Rice, 1717 - 1818, the Tennessee Gristmiller. A 36/37 marker match with John Rice Sr who died in Hawkins County Tennessee in 1811. All these persons and I are part of Group 7 - Mid-South Edmond Rice DNA project. I have not been able to find an individual which tied all these together. I also do not know who Jeremiah's parents are. I know he and Polly were last found in the 1870 census living with their daughter and Sampson Couch in Owsley County.
Hope someone can help. Dennis Rice,