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  Jeff Renner, County Coordinator

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Available as an E-book
Three Springs and a Wilderness Station
by Jeff Renner

Containing new, never-before-published information, this book deals with the early history of Rockcastle County and Mt. Vernon. Research from land and court records, and especially from a number of lawsuits—civil and criminal—allows us a much more detailed and complete picture of the formative years of the area.

Click for more details and ordering information.

This site has a wealth of information on Rockcastle County and the people who have lived upon its land for the past 200 hundred years or so. All of this wonderful data has come from user contributions and the only way it will continue to grow is for you to continue to contribute. If you've got something to share, see the contact page for instructions.

Researching in Rockcastle can be challenging, mainly due to the 1873 courthouse fire which destoyed virtually all of the primary records. Having a site such as this one, while not replacing those missing treasures, helps give us the best tools and data possible.

Rockastle County, Kentucky is proud to be a part of KyGenWeb and USGenWeb. If you are interested in contributing to Pulaski County's project, please contact me. If you are interested in hosting a Kentucky county or volunteering in some other way, please contact Sherri Hall, State Coordinator.

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