Johnitta School Rockcastle County, KY

Abney Home

Submitted by Jim Smith



Front Row L to R: Delie Chasteen; Luther Chasteen; McKinley Jones; Gilbert Abney; George Chasteen; Spencer Abney, Jr.; Anna Abney; Laura Smith; Wesley Abney, Jr.; Ted Chasteen; Hobert Abney; Ernest Abnet; Dola Abney and Mitchell Abney.
Back Row L to R: Thenie Abney; Teacher Theresa Johnson; Cleo Abney; Angie Abney; In front of Angie is Mary D. Ballinger; Nora Abney (my grandmother); In front of Nora is Mae Chasteen; Jalie Abney; Ida Abney; Emma Abney; Lona Abney and Nannie Smith.