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First Generation

1 Thomas Stanfield FRITH. Born 5 Mar 1901. Died 4 Feb 1987 in Brodhead, Rockcastle County,

Kentucky. Buried 6 Feb 1987 in Methodist Cemetery, Brodhead, Rockcastle County, Kentucky. Occupation Farmer.


Second Generation

2 William Maurice FRITH. Born 28 Aug 1880 in Berea, Madison County, Kentucky. Died 20 Dec 1962 in

Brodhead, Rockcastle County, Kentucky. Buried in Methodist Cemetery, Brodhead, Rockcastle County, Kentucky.

3 Lillie Ellen HAGGARD. Born 18 Apr 1881 in Brodhead, Rockcastle County, Kentucky. Died 12 Aug

1967 in Brodhead, Rockcastle County, Kentucky. Buried in Methodist Cemetery, Brodhead, Rockcastle County, Kentucky.


Third Generation

4 Thomas Stanfield FRITH. Born Nov 1840 in Lincoln County, Kentucky.

5 Anna Liza (or Ann Eliza) ROBERTS. Born Jan 1857.

6 Andrew Jackson "Doc" HAGGARD. Born 25 Sep 1853 in Gum Sulfur, Rockcastle County, Kentucky.

Died 30 Nov 1935. Buried in Piney Grove Cemetery, Rockcastle County, Kentucky.

A.J. bought Lot #201 (12 spaces) in Piney Grove Cemeteray in 1918. There are five gravestones on the lot, but no stone for Mattie. Because of the date the plot was purchased and that her death certificate lists her burial in the Brodhead Cemetery, I am sure she is buried in Brodhead. The first space in the plot is unmarked and Great-grandfather Haggard is buried in the second spot, with four additional spots in the first row unmarked. The second row has one unmarked space, then Ellen Haggard (A.J.'s second wife) and Winona Brock. To date, I haven't found any information linking the Mink, Saylor and Brock families to A.J. The Saylor and Mink stones show dates prior to A.J.'s death; the Brock stone dates to Ellen's death.

There have been no burials in the plot since Ellen's death1

Research: Information from the State Vital Statistics and Federal Census Mortality Scheules, Official Record from the 1800's records the following information:

Birth, Page 721

1880 Federal Census - Rockcastle County, Kentucky

pages 198-203

Andrew, age 27, farmer

Martha, age 22

John A., age 5

William S, age 3

Parents and children all born in Kentucky

Living next door are Martha's parents and siblings

Author Robbins, age 69

Mary A., age 62

Lucy, age 17

Hansel, age 14, born in Indiana1

1900 Federal Census - Rockcastle County, Kentucky

page 134

Andrew, born Sept 1853, age 46

Martha, born July 1859, age 40

Willie S., son, born May 1877, age 23

Lulu, daughter, born Oct 1883, age 16

Lottie, daughter, born May 1887, age 13

Wallace, son, born Sept 1891, age 8

Parents and children all born in Kentucky

Living next door is Martha's brother and his family

Hansel Robbins, age 34

Nancy J, age 31

Lillie E., age 13

William A. age 11

Mary E., age 81

1910 Federal Census - Rockcastle County, Kentucky

Andrew, male, white, age 56, married 34 years

Mattie, female, white, age 49, married 34 years

Wallace, male, white, age 14

Wickcliffe, male, white, age 9 1

7 Martha S. "Mattie" ROBBINS. Born 9 Jul 1859. Died 23 Sep 1919. Buried in Piney Grove Cemetery,

Rockcastle County, Kentucky.


Fourth Generation

8 Stanfield FRITH. Born 1813 in Bedford County, Virginia. Died After 1860 in Trigg County, Kentucky.

9 Ruth MADDOX. Born About 1816 in Lincoln County, Kentucky. Died Before 1860.

10 Granville ROBERTS.

12 John HAGGARD. Born 14 Sep 1824 in Copper Creek, Rockcastle County, Kentucky. Died 11 Nov 1909

in Gum Sulfur, Rockcastle County, Kentucky.

Enrolled on 4 August 1862 at Lebanon, KY, as a private in Company B, 8th Regiment, Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry; discharged 17 September 1863. Hewas 27 years of agewhen he enlisted, had a dark complexion, black eyes, and was 6 ft. 1 in. in height. He spent most of his life in Rockcastle County, KY,except for four years -- 1867-1871 spent in Sangamon County, IL. Pension No. 605840.He

received $20 per month. 13

13 Rhoda HARDIN. Born About 1829 in Kentucky. Died 9 Nov 1858 in Rockcastle County, Kentucky.

Medical: Rockcastle County, Kentucky Vital Statistics Book (death) page 128.

Rhoda Haggard F(emale) M(arried) age 25 died 9 Nov 1858 of chills and fever.


Fifth Generation

16 Thomas Joseph FRITH. Born Between 1765/1770 in Bedford County, Virginia. Died 1847 in Lincoln

County, Kentucky.

Will left 1847, Lincoln Cunty, Kentucky 1

17 Ruth A GOFF.

24 Martin HAGGARD. Born About 1800 in Crab Orchard, Lincoln County, Kentucky. Died About 1846 in

Rockcastle County, Kentucky.

25 Elizabeth (Betsy). Born About 1800 in Lincoln County, Kentucky. Died Aug 1860 in Rockcastle County,


The 1850 Census lists Betsy Haggard as Head of Household.

It was noted on the 1850 Census for Rockcastle County, Kentucky that neither Betsy or any of her children over 20 could read or write.

Research: AIS Mortality Schedules Index


Haggard, Elizabeth

Rockcastle County, KY

Age 60

Sex F

Month of Death Aug

State of Birth KY

Cause Unknown

Occupation None Listed

ID MRT197-13120


26 Isaac HARDIN. Born About 1799 in Rowan County, North Carolina.

27 Elizabeth ADAMS.


Sixth Generation

32 Joseph FRITH. Born Between 1740/1745.

Research: Records show Joseph went to Bedford County, VA from Chesterfield County, VA and bought 300 acres. Records also show that his land adjoined his father's

48 Henry C. HAGGARD. Born 25 Mar 1759 in Albermarle County, Virginia. Died About 1838 in Rockcastle

County, Kentucky.

49 Mary.

54 Nimrod ADAMS Sr.

55 Nancy ETCHISON.


Seventh Generation

64 John FRITH. Born 1715.

Research: Made land deed to his son Joseph in 1754 in Chesterfield County, Virginia

Military record: Bet 1774-1778 served in 1st-10th & 14th continental line

65 Martha M.

96 Granville (Gray) HAGGARD. Born About 1728 in Overwharton, Stafford County, Virginia. Died After

1765 in Powell's Valley, North Carolina.


Eighth Generation

128 John FRITH.

129 Ann.

192 James Lord HAGGARD. Born About 1678 in Bradenham Hall, Norfolk, England. Died About 1770 in

Fredericksville, Louisa County, Virginia.


(NOTE: These facts are copied this 17th day of August 1904 by Alfred M. Haggard and Finch Haggard from memoranda in the possession of Melvin Haggard Desoto, Iowa. He secured this from David Gentry Haggard within the last 5 years.)

A book by David Dawson Haggard Published in 1899 states that James Haggard is the first known Haggard in America. He migrated to America about 1699 when he landed in Norfolk, Virginia. He is said to have been educated for the ministry but upon arriving in Virginia was put to teaching school. Among his pupils was Elizabeth Gentry, born about 1685, a daughter of Nicholas Gentry, Sr. They eloped to North Carolina where they had a large family. Later they returned to Eastern Virginia.

Some records show that James Haggard married Mabel Gentry, sister to Elizabeth, in 1721. That would imply that the last four children were from this union.

"The wealthy planter finding young James Haggard well educated put him to teaching school. There was connected with this school a young woman whose charms so impressed him that they eloped to North Carolina and were married since it was illegal for a bonded servant to marry in Virginia. They had a large family including: Nathaniel, Edmund, Zechariah, and Gray or Granville."

1678 James Haggard, (identified in the book by David Dawson Haggard) "The traditions of our fathers are that one James Haggard, born ca. 1678, Bradenham Hall, England, son of a wealthy aristocratic Lord of England, was educated for the ministry. He joined the English Army as a private against his father's wishes. Lord Haggard felt that the family's social status would warrant a commission) so Lord Haggard paid handsomly to have young James Haggard smuggled out of England aboard a merchant vessel bound for Norfolk, VA. The unscruplous captain knowing Lord Haggard would never admit to such a scheme threw young James Haggard in with other indentured servants and sold a contract for his services to a wealthy planter, thus collecting for James' passage twice. Young James Haggard landed in Norfolk, VA, ca. 1698 (prior to his 21st birthday).

James Hoggard/Haggard, H11, son of Anthony Hoggard, identified in 1723 Over-wharton Parish, Stafford County, VA, as a tobacco planter with three sons. Nearest neighbors, also tobacco planters, were James French and William Rice. The book by David Dawson Haggard identifies him as a schoolteacher with four sons. Records in the same area include two others believed to be brothers of those named. Mr. Leland Gentry identifies James Haggard's wife as Elizabeth Gentry, baptised 29 August 1687, St. Peter's Parish, New Kent County, VA, daughter of Nicholas Gentry I. (Undoubtedly there were daughters not shown.):


James is thought to be the first Haggard to arrive in America having come from England. It is believed that James arrived in Norfolk, VA about 1698 and subsequently was a school teacher.

The Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah (LDS) shows two marriages for him, one to Elizabeth Gentry about 1707 and another (no name given) before 1711. At least four sons are believed to have been born to James and his wife(s). Records indicate at least four separate families living in Virginia in the 1700's who claim to be sons of James Haggard the school teacher. They are Nathaniel, Edmund, Gray

(Granville) and Zachariah. If indeed James was married around 1707-1711 it is very likely he had more older children since Nathaniel was not born until 1723.


193 Elizabeth GENTRY. Born 29 Aug 1687 in St Peters Parish, New Kent County, Virginia.


Ninth Generation

384 Anthony Lord HAGGARD.

385 Eleanor.

386 Nicholas GENTRY I.



, Ann 129

, Eleanor 385

, Elizabeth (Betsy) 25

, Martha M 65

, Mary 49

ADAMS, Elizabeth 27

ADAMS, Nimrod Sr 54

ETCHISON, Nancy 55

FRITH, John 128

FRITH, John 64

FRITH, Joseph 32

FRITH, Stanfield 8

FRITH, Thomas Joseph 16

FRITH, Thomas Stanfield 1

FRITH, Thomas Stanfield 4

FRITH, William Maurice 2

GENTRY, Elizabeth 193

GENTRY, Nicholas I 386

GOFF, Ruth A 17

HAGGARD, Andrew Jackson "Doc" 6

HAGGARD, Anthony Lord 384

HAGGARD, Granville (Gray) 96

HAGGARD, Henry C. 48

HAGGARD, James Lord 192

HAGGARD, John 12

HAGGARD, Lillie Ellen 3

HAGGARD, Martin 24

HARDIN, Isaac 26

HARDIN, Rhoda 13

MADDOX, Ruth 9

ROBBINS, Martha S. "Mattie" 7

ROBERTS, Anna Liza (or Ann Eliza) 5

ROBERTS, Granville 10


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