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1. Thomas Stanfield FRITH

Birth Date: 5 Mar 1901

Death Date: 4 Feb 1987

Death Place: Brodhead, Rockcastle County, Kentucky

Burial Date: 6 Feb 1987

Burial Place: Methodist Cemetery, Brodhead, Rockcastle County, Kentucky

Occupation: Farmer

Spouse: Mary Lenore BRUMMETT

Birth Date: 10 Mar 1911

Birth Place: Rockcastle County, Kentucky

Death Date: 17 Oct 1997

Death Place: Greenwood, Indiana

Burial Date: 19 Oct 1997

Burial Place: Methodist Cemetery, Brodhead, Rockcastle County, Kentucky

Spouse Father: Ephraim F BRUMMETT (1877-1945)

Spouse Mother: Matilda Ellen WILSON (1879-)

Spouse Notes:

SS #404-90-9900

The Mount Vernon Signal, Thursday, October 23, 1997

Mary Frith

Mary Frith, 86, of Leitchfield and formerly of Rockcastle County, died Friday, October 17, 1997 at the THC in Greenwood, Indiana. She was born on March 10, 1911 in Rockcastle County, the daughter of Ed and Matilda Wilson Brummett. She was a homemaker and a member of the Holiness faith.

Survivors are: six sons, Ray Frith of Crab Orchard; Earl, Glen and Kennneth Frith all of Caneyville; Bobby Frith of Ninevah, Indiana; Ronald Frith of Paoli, Indiana; four daughters, Juanita Coomer of Leitchfield, Juliette Small of Columbus, Indiana; Margaret Payne of Corbin and Lisa Stone of Clarkson; one brother, Arthur Brummett of Ohio; one sister, Rilda Saylor of Lexington; 23 grandchildren, 9 step-grandchildren, and 12 step great-grandchildren. She was preceeded in death by her husband, Thomas Frith.

Services were Monday, October 17, 1997 at the Watson Funeral Home Chapel with Bro. Tinsley Rector and Bro Donald King. Burial was in the Methodist Church Cemetery.

Marriage Date: 28 Feb 1930

Marriage Place: Brodhead, Rockcastle County, Kentucky

Children: Ray Osler

Earl Leslie

Glen Roy

Bobby Joe

Kenneth Estle


Ronald Edward


Margaret Sheila

Lisa Ann (Adopted)

Other Spouses Bertha E. BOYD


1.1 Ray Osler FRITH

Spouse: Ethel LEDFORD

Marriage Date: 29 Dec 1951

Children: Regina Sue

Tommie Ray

Timmie Wayne

Jeffrey Trent

Ramona Gail


1.1.1a Regina Sue FRITH*

Spouse: Unknown BARFIELD

Children: Anthony Dale

Other Spouses Arthur MEECE


1.1.1a.1 Anthony Dale BARFIELD


1.1.1b Regina Sue FRITH*

(See above)

Spouse: Arthur MEECE

Marriage Date: 9 Dec 1977

Other Spouses Unknown BARFIELD


1.1.2 Tommie Ray FRITH

Spouse: Tammy

Marriage Date: 5 Jan 1991

Children: Emily Megan

Adam Thomas Emily Megan FRITH Adam Thomas FRITH


1.1.3 Timmie Wayne FRITH

Spouse: Martha

Spouse Notes:

Martha is the sister of Melissa Frith, Jeffrey Trent Frith's wife.

Marriage Date: 4 Apr 1986

Children: Amanda Nicole

Chastity Ann

Heather Renee Amanda Nicole FRITH Chastity Ann FRITH Heather Renee FRITH


1.1.4 Jeffrey Trent FRITH

Spouse: Melissa

Spouse Notes:

Melissa is the sister of Martha Frith, Timmie Wayne Frith's wife.

Marriage Date: 10 Jun 1988

Children: Travis Ray

Ashley Faye Travis Ray FRITH Ashley Faye FRITH


1.1.5 Ramona Gail FRITH

Spouse: Douglas Lee SNYDER

Marriage Date: 19 Jul 1990

Children: Cody Lee

Kelsey Cody Lee SNYDER Kelsey SNYDER


1.2 Earl Leslie FRITH


1.3 Glen Roy FRITH

Spouse: Unknown

Children: Mary Elaine

Glen Roy

Troy Lee


1.3.1 Mary Elaine FRITH


1.3.2 Glen Roy FRITH Jr.

Spouse: Unknown

Children: Kody James

Dustin Lee

Mercedes Kody James FRITH Dustin Lee FRITH Mercedes FRITH


1.3.3 Troy Lee FRITH

Spouse: Kimberly

Marriage Date: 16 Sep 1989

Children: Daniel William James Daniel William James FRITH


1.4 Bobby Joe FRITH

Spouse: Phyllis Faye PASSMORE

Marriage Date: 30 Dec 1959

Children: Rodney Alan

Brenda Kaye


1.4.1 Rodney Alan FRITH

Spouse: Joanie

Marriage Date: 13 Oct 1984

Children: Natalie Danielle

Gabrielle Marie Natalie Danielle FRITH Gabrielle Marie FRITH


1.4.2a Brenda Kaye FRITH*


Children: Justin Harlan

Other Spouses Eric BEST


1.4.2a.1 Justin Harlan CLEPHANE


1.4.2b Brenda Kaye FRITH*

(See above)

Spouse: Eric BEST

Children: Ethan David


Other Spouses CLEPHANE


1.4.2b.1 Ethan David BEST


1.4.2b.2 Caleb BEST


1.5 Kenneth Estle FRITH

Spouse: Etta Mae HOPKINS

Marriage Date: 22 Apr 1967

Children: Cynthia Irene

Kenneth Edward


1.5.1 Cynthia Irene FRITH

Spouse: Larry MARTIN

Marriage Date: 29 Apr 1989

Children: Alexander Dakota

Zachary Trent Alexander Dakota MARTIN Zachary Trent MARTIN


1.5.2 Kenneth Edward FRITH


1.6 Juanita FRITH

Spouse: Paul COOMER

Children: Joseph Darryl

Penelope Lenore

Stanley Eugene


1.6.1 Joseph Darryl COOMER

Spouse: Sherry LAVIGNE


1.6.2 Penelope Lenore COOMER

Spouse: Johnny WHITEHEAD

Marriage Date: 19 Sep 1981

Children: Eric Anthony

Rachel Dawn



1.6.3a Stanley Eugene COOMER*

Spouse: Unknown

Children: Miranda Danielle

Other Spouses Lorrie


1.6.3a.1 Miranda Danielle COOMER


1.6.3b Stanley Eugene COOMER*

(See above)

Spouse: Lorrie

Marriage Date: 10 Oct 1998

Children: David Michael

Other Spouses Unknown


1.6.3b.1 David Michael COOMER


1.7a Ronald Edward FRITH*

Birth Place: Brodhead, Rockcastle County, Kentucky

Spouse: Bertha May COLEMAN

Marriage Date: 15 Mar 1969

Marriage Place: Stanford, Lincoln County, Kentucky

Divorced: 1976

Children: Kathryn Jane

Other Spouses Phylis Ann NICHELSON


1.7a.1 Kathryn Jane FRITH

Birth Place: Chicago, Cook County, Illinois

Spouse: Christopher Allen STEFFENS

Marriage Date: 10 Jun 1989

Children: Ashley Amanda

Michelle Lynn


1.7a.1.1 Ashley Amanda STEFFENS

Birth Place: Lake Forest, Lake County, Illinois


1.7a.1.2 Michelle Lynn STEFFENS

Birth Place: Lake Forest, Lake County, Illinois


1.7b Ronald Edward FRITH*

(See above)

Spouse: Phylis Ann NICHELSON

Birth Place: Chicago, Cook County, Illinois

Occupation: Purchasing Agent, Director

Education: Crab Orchard HS

Spouse Father: Ernesto Manuel HERNANDEZ

Spouse Mother: Mildred Louise WOOTTON

Marriage Date: 25 May 1985

Marriage Place: Chicago, Cook County, Illinois

Children: Rebecca Diane

Other Spouses Bertha May COLEMAN


1.7b.1 Rebecca Diane FRITH

Birth Place: Chicago, Cook County, Illinois

Education: Paoli Jr/Sr HS


1.8a Juliette FRITH*

Spouse: Danny Eugene SMALL

Marriage Date: 15 Oct 1988

Children: Scott Aaron (Adopted)

Other Spouses BOWDEN


1.8a.1 Scott Aaron SMALL


Scott Aaron Chandler is the biological son of Dan Small's niece. Julie and Dan raised him from birth and legally adopted him April 2003.


1.8b Juliette FRITH*

(See above)

Spouse: BOWDEN

Children: Robert Dwayne

Richard Dean

Other Spouses Danny Eugene SMALL


1.8b.1 Robert Dwayne BOWDEN

Spouse: Barbara Ann

Marriage Date: 22 Apr 1989


Children: Meghan Marie

Jordan Dwayne


1.8b.1.1 Meghan Marie BOWDEN


1.8b.1.2 Jordan Dwayne BOWDEN


1.8b.2 Richard Dean BOWDEN

Children: Amanda Lynae

Christian Thomas


1.8b.2.1 Amanda Lynae BOWDEN


1.8b.2.2 Christian Thomas BOWDEN


1.9 Margaret Sheila FRITH

Spouse: Larry PAYNE

Marriage Date: 27 Nov 1976

Children: Vanessa Lynn

Douglas Lawrence

John Leslie


1.9.1 Vanessa Lynn PAYNE

Spouse: Bruce HINKLE

Marriage Date: 19 Mar 1999

Children: Cassidy Taylor Cassidy Taylor HINKLE


1.9.2 Douglas Lawrence PAYNE


1.9.3 John Leslie PAYNE


1.10 Lisa Ann FRITH


Lisa Ann Frith Stone is not a biological child of Thomas Stanfield and Mary Lenore Brummett Frith.

However they raised her from birth and gave her their name. I am unsure as to whether or not they legally adopted her.

Spouse: Dennis Ray STONE Sr.

Marriage Date: 29 Jun 1985

Children: Samantha Lynn

Bradley Nicholas


1.10.1 Samantha Lynn STONE


1.10.2 Bradley Nicholas STONE


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