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Submitted by Carole Disanto

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1. John Minks (was an S at the end of name) d. 1859
  + Nancy Wilson d. 1865  both probably buried at Mink Cemetery in Rockcastle Co. Ky.
    2.  Albert Gallatin Mink b. 1830 Carter Co. TN  d. 1895 in Walnut Gove, R.C. co.
       buried at Albert Mink Cemetery in Rockcastle co. Near Skaggs Creek
       + md Rebecca Jane Brewer b. 1832 in Va.  d/o James Brewer and  Polly Brown
        3. John H. Mink b. Mar 1854 d.
            + Sarah Jane Kinser b. 12 Jan 1859 Lee Co. Va  d. 26 Feb 1949  d/o John Kinser and Dorcus Shelton
              4. Ellen A. Mink b. Dec 1878 
              4. James M. Mink b. May 1880
              4. Leeroy Mink b. May 1882
              4. Albert M. Mink b. Aug 1887
              4. Henry Harrison Mink b. 11 Oct 1889 Springfield, Mo. d. 28 may 1966, Pineville, Ky
              4. Thina Mink b. May 1892  d. 17 Aug 1928  Bell Co. Ky
              4. George Hiski Mink b. 25 Apr 1894  d. Jan 1980 Perry co. Ky
                  + Elizabeth Earls
              4. Linda C. Mink "Linchy"  b. 10 Aug 1896 d. 3 may 1983 Bell Co. Ky  Green Hills Cemetery
        3. Celia Jane Mink 1856
                + Joseph Adam Cromer s/o William Cromer & Elizabeth Renner
              4. Eugene Cromer
              4. Rebecca Jane Cromer b. 1874  d. 1960
              4. Elizabeth A. Cromer b. Sept 1975
              4. William Albert Cromer b.4 Sept 1878 d. 11 Dec 1937 Laramier Co. CO.
              4. Lucy Mae Cromer b. 24 Dec 1937  d. 28 Oct 1942  Canada
        3. Amanda J. Mink b. 14 Aug 1856 md William S. Doan s/o George Doan & Rachel Storm
             4. Lucy Doan b. ca 1877 d. 1971 md ___Manuel
             4. Rebecca Doan  b. ca 1878
             4. Mary Doan b. ca 1880 md 1 Dec 1903
                + Andrew Owens
                     5. Leona Owens   md Arthur Harris
                     5. Hence Owens  md. Georgia Harmon
             4. Martha Ann Doan b. 1 Sept 1882 d.29 Apr 1971
                  + John Wesley French b. 6 June 1878 d.20 Feb 1967  both buried in Riverview Mich.
                      John W. French is adopted son of James Porter French
                                   mother: Martha Jane Stokes buried at Pine Grove Cemetery, Lincoln Co.Ky.
                     5. LaSalle French  md. Alice R. James d/o James Garland James & Frances Oaks
                            both buried; Rest Haven Cemetery, Cincinnati Oh.
                     5. Leslie French   md. Lucy      both buried; Rest Haven Cem. Cincinnati, OH
                     5. Elda French  md. Joseph Wade  both buried; Buffalo Springs Cemetery, Stanford, Ky
                     5. Wm E. French md Eva M. James d/o J. Garland James & Frances Oaks
                     5. James French  (stillborn)
                     5. Zelma Lee French md. Alonzo Dishon
                           Zelma buried beside her parents in Riverview, MI
                     5. Leonard French  md  1st. ?   md 2 Goldie ___
             4. Lasalle Doan b. 6 Sept 1884    md. Pearl McKinney
                     5. Clarence Doan ( possibly died in infancy)
                     5. William T. Doan
                     5. Roscoe Doan
                     5. Cora Lee Doan 1906  d. 3 Sep 1976  buried; Buffalo Springs, Stanford Ky
                           +md  1927  William Rambo
                     5. Orderly S. Doan b. 25 Dec 1907  d. 25 Apr 1981  buried; Buffalo Springs, Stanford
                          + Martha Campbell
              4. Ida Doan  b. ?  d. 1924 (after death of her sister, Mary Doan Owens)
                         + Andrew Owens
                     5. Virgle Owens
                     5. Essie Owens  md. Ed Stewart
                     5. Herbert Owens 
                          + md 30 Sept 1935  Jennie  Irene James d/o J. Garland James & Frances Oaks
                     5. Delmis Owens   md. Pauline Bartley
              4. Locie Doan b. 16 June 1897  d. Mar, 1977
                        + ___ Manuel ( lived in Illinois 1940's)


Notes on John Wesley French  (Updated March 10, 2004)

John Wesley French is the illigetimate son of Martha J. Stokes and Leroy B. Carter. Martha married John Porter French when John Wesley was about 3 or 4 years old. John Porter French adopted my grandfather.
I just found this information after searching for his biological father since 1975. 
Leroy B. Carter is the son of Judge James Carter and Charlotte H. Unknown Carter.  Leroy was married first to Addie Pierce. They had a son born about the same time as my grandfather. I'm suspecting that Addie found out about Leroy's indescretion and divorced him.  Leroy married a second time to" Mattie" Margaret Lewis 17 March 1883 in Rockcastle co. ( I have a partial list of marriages ) Leroy "Lee" Carter was shot and killed by his best friend. Mr. Snodgrass a member of the KKK.  There was another Lee Carter in the area, but he lived longer than my Lee. 


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