Will of Coleman E Wells

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In the name of God amen. I Coleman E Wells of Spencer County and State of Kentucky calling to mind the mortality of all flesh and being of sound mind do make this my last will and testament constitute and ordain it as such.
1st. It is my will and desire that all my just debts be first paid.
2nd. That my beloved wife Sarah Ann Wells hold possession and enjoy the farm on which we now live, know as the Henry L Bridwell track, containing two hundred and twenty acres per deed, also the following slaves to wit: a man Jedrry, a boy Joseph, a woman Martha and her two children and increase, a woman Letty and her increase, a women Pheby, a girl Margrete, and furthermore she shall have all the household and kitchen furniture, except one good bed and furniture to each of our children that has not been furnished as they may need it. Also my horse and buggy, one third of my stock of horses, cattle, sheep, and hogs, one third of my farming utensils, one small wagon and its Appetences and also provisions and horse feed for one year.
3rd. I will to my son Abner K Wells a slave boy named Sam at eight hundred dollars, to my daughter Mary Frances Haddox a woman Aguied and her infant child at one thousand dollars, to my daughter Catharine Beard a girl Amanda at three hundred dollars ( as she got her when quite young), to son George C Wells two slaves, a boy named Isaac and a girl Ellen at one thousand dollars, to my son William W Wells a girl Candace and a boy S----- at one thousand dollars, to my daughter Sarah Ann Wells a woman named Mary Jane and her two children at one thousand dollars. It is my further will that the woman and children devised to my daughter Sarah Ann be placed in my wifes care and used as she may think best for the benefit of my daughter until she comes of age and may marry.
4th. It is further my will that my son William W Wells shall have the land known as the Jones land at forty five dollars per acre to be paid in five equal payments, the first to be paid when he gets possession and the remainder four to be paid yearly. If he does not accept it my executors shall have the power to seel it and convey it. They shall power to sell it privately or public as they may think best.
5th. It is my will and desire that my daughter Sarah Ann Wells shall have two hundred and twenty five dollars to make her equal with the balance of my children. I have also given to my daughter Catharine Beard five hundred dollars in the hand to make her equal.
6th. And it is further my will and desire that after the death of my wife all the land and slaves and the increase or posterity and all the personal estate that may then remain be equally divided between the six named legatees and further I do hereby appoint my wife Sarah Ann Wells and my friend David Black executors of this my last will and testimony whereof I do hereby annex my hand and seal this 18th day of June, 1860 Coleman E Wells Attested by McKelsey H Murry and Edrington Wells The will was proved in court July 6, 1860, and Weldon Beard, Abner K Wells, George C Wells, and WH Haddox were named securities.

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