Will of John Hedges

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I John Hedges of the County of Spencer and the State of Kentucky do hereby make this my last will and testament in manner and form Following, that is to say:

1st, I will and bequeath to my wife one half of my farm, one bed and furniture, one ------, the cupboard and cupboard ware, one horse, one cow and calf, one Negroe man Philip, six sheep, and six chairs during her natural life.

2nd, It is my will and desire that my son John H Hedges shall have fifty dollars only of my estate.

3rd, I will and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Hedges a Negroe girl named Nanny, over and above what any of my other children shall receive and if my daughter Elizabeth should die without issue, then and in that case the ----- so ----- heir her part aforesaid.

4th, It is my will and desire that a guardianship shall be appointed to keep my daughter Frances Hays part and for her to have it only as she may need it and incase she should become a widow then and in that case the guardianship to cease ans she to take possession of it.

5th, I will and bequeath to my grandson William G Bartlett his mother's part provided that he arrives to the age of twentyone years but if he should die before that time then and in that case to be equally divided among my other children.

6th, It is my will and desire that my three grandchildren Patsy Hedges, Jacintha (?) Hedges, and Haston Hedges shall have one share.

7th, It is my will and desire that if my daughter Margaret Jewell should die without issue that and in that case her part to descend to my other children.

8th, It is my will and desire that all the other residue of my estate including land, Negroes, money, bonds, and stock after my decease and after the payment of my just debts and funeral expenses be equally divided among my eleven children, to wit: Robert Hedges, George Hedges, Spilsby Hedges, Amos Hedges, Delia Fidler, Sarah Jones (?), Elizabeth Hedges, Margaret Jewell, Wilford Hedges, Christian Stansbury, Frances Hays, aqnd my grandchildren above named, and lastly, I do hereby appoint Robert Hedges and George H Stone executors of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all other or former wills by me made heretofor. I witness whereof I have ----- to set my hand and seal this 16th day of December, 1809.

John Hedges

Wll proved in court on Monday the 3rd day of January 1840.

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