Sarah Frances (Langsford) Nicholls

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Will of Sarah Frances (Langsford) Nicholls I Sarah F. Nicholls being of sound mind do make and declare this my last will and testament. 1st. after the payment of my just debts and funeral expenses, I want $150.00 or $175.00 invested in a suitable tombstone for my husband, son and myself. 2nd. I leave to Mattie Belle Nicholls $400.00 in addition to her proportional part of her father's share. I also give her my sewing machine; my best set of furniture; feather bed and bedding and my china set and china cabinet. 3rd. I will the remainder of my estate to be divided into four equal parts share and share alike for my four children or their bodily heirs. Pearl Durrett or her bodily heirs; Cathie N. Stone or her bodily heirs. To the four children of W.B. Nicholls; James Nicholls, John K. Nicholls, Frances Whitaker and Mattie B. Nicholls share and share alike. To the children of Ruby Clark; Lillie Woodford, Rebecca Clark, Thadus Clark, Margie Clark and Mary E. Clark share and share alike of their mother's part. Written and signed by Sarah F. Nicholls this 28 day of May 1914.


I Geo. B. Shindler clerk of the Spencer County Court, certify that at a regular term of the County Court held in and for said county on Monday June 7th 1915, the foregoing instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Sarah F. Nicholls, was presented in open court and offered for probate and proven by the oaths of E.D. Hourne and Z.J. Stone to be wholly in the handwriting of Sarah F. Nicholls, and that the signature thereto was the true and genuine signature of the said Sarah F. Nicholls, all of which was admitted to probate and ordered recorded as the last will and testament of Sarah F. Nicholls, deceased which is now done accordingly.

Witness my hand as Clerk of said Court this June 7th, 1915.
Geo. B. Shindler

Clerk Spencer County Court.

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