Transcription: TERRELL guardianship

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Transcription: TERRELL guardianship

Spencer County Will Bk B, pp 281, 282
[NOTE: there is no Voucher No 5 in this]

Henry H. TERRELL Guardian for Charlotte TERRELL Decd widow of Micajah TERRELL Deceased
To Cash rec from the Exr of M. TERRELL Decd Specific
    Devise and Distributable share of Decedents Estate          $586.00
" Do recd her distributable share in sale of land                       286.71
" Interest on $586 from 4th Jany 1837 to 12th October 1840              132.70
"   Do    on $286.71 up to the 12th October 1838                        $1057.75
To Balance due from guardian                                    869.25 ¼
By cash pd S. S. KEEN & Co as per voucher No 1                  12.62
"    do   do Geo W. SHAPR as per         do     No 2                    5.62 ½
"    do    do  Eleanor WHITE as per     do      No 3                    5.00
"    do   do Stephen M. FOSTER as per do        No 4                    6.31
"    do    do  Charlotte TERRELL Senr as per do No 6            35.00
"    do    do           same         as per do  No 7                    5.00
"    do   do Wilson FIDLER as per do            No 8                    6.06 ¼
"    do   do Geo SCARBOROUGH as per do No 9                     4.19
"    do   do     Same           as per do       No 10                   5.18
"    do   do  Charlotte TERRELL as per do       No 12                   5.68
"    do   do E. BAMBERGER as per do     No 13                   15.05
"    do   do Stephen M. FOSTER as per do        No 14                   1.75
"    do   do Henry W. SCOTT as per do   No 15                   6.00
"    do   do Heady & BEARD as per do    No 16                   9.00
"    do   do R. LANCASTER as per do     No 17                   .95
"    do   do Charlotte TERRELL Senr as per do No 18             19.13 ¼
        Allowance for Interest on the above ___ amounts         15.37
                do to guardian for his services                         21.81 1/3
                do to Comms for making this settlement          3.00
                do to clk for recording     do     do                   3.50
Balance due from guardian                                               869.25 ¼

We the undersigned standing Commissioners for the settlement of Executors Administrators and guardian accounts in and for Spencer County being called upon by Henry H. TERRELL Guardian of Charlotte TERRELL Deceased who was Devisee of Micajah TERRELL Deceased to state and settle his accounts as guardian of said orphans Estates, do report that we have performed that duty and submit the foregoing as the settlement made by us by which it will appear that there is in the hands of said guardian belonging to his Deceased ward and subject to distribution among her heirs at Law the sum of Eight hundred and sixty nine Dollars 25 ½ cents Charlotte TERRELL Oliver C. TERRELL and William M. FOSTER the heirs of said Charlotte TERRELL Decd residing in Spencer County were present at this settlement all of which we respectfully report to the Spence County Court   Given under our hands this 12th day of October 1840
                                        Raphl LANCASTER
                                        M. B. SHELBRUNE   Comms

At a County Court held for Spencer County on Monday the 2nd day of November 1840 This Settlement of the accounts of Henry H. TERRELL guardian of Charlotte TERRELL Deceased Devisee of Micajah TERRELL Deceased was this day returned by the Commissioners and it is ordered that the same be continued until the next Court for exceptions.
                                Attest   Raphl LANCASTER CSCC

At a County Court held for Spencer County on Monday the 7th day of December 1840  This settlement of the accounts of Henry H. TERRELL guardian of Charlotte TERRELL Deceased Devisee of Micajah TERRELL Deceased which was returned by the Commissioners at the last Court was this day taken up and no exceptions having been taken to or filed against said settlement by any persons interested in said Estate nor by the Guardian and the same having been examined and approved of by the Court is ordered to be recorded.
                                Attest  Raphl LANCASTER CSCC

Transcribed by Patricia O'Connor




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