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To let you know where I fit in, my mother was Ella Rea Brown born Munfordville, Ky in 1912. The Browns moved from Taylor to Hart about 1879.


Carter HUBBARD having given information that A. BROWN, MARY BROWN, WILLIAM BROWN, SAMUEL BROWN, CAROLINE BROWN, JOHN BROWN and JOSEPH BROWN, poor orphan children of this county living with ELIZABETH BROWN their mother of this county, are not being propertly taken care of. It is ordered that a summons issue against the said ELIZABETH BROWN to appear on the first day of August term to show cause if any she has, why her children should not be taken from her and bound out to learn some good trade. Summons issued July 18, 1848

Court Order Book 1, 1848.

It appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that SAMUEL BROWN, an infant orphan of this county has no estate and WM. G. DEAREN having signified his willingness to take the said SAMUEL BROWN as an apprentice to the trade and business of farmer. It is ordered that the said Samuel Brown be bound as an apprentice to the said William G. Dearen from this date until he shall arrive at the age of twenty one years, his now being 7 years of age on the last day of this month. And the Clerk of this court is ordered to enter into an indenture of apprentice with the said William G. DEAREN containing the comvenants required by law.

1860 Tayor County Census:


William G. Dearing 42 WM Constable, Farmer
Maria Dearing 38
Sam Brown 19 laborer
Delila Bowles 80

Samuel BROWN joined the Army 20 July, 1862 at Mannsville, Kentucky and was assigned to Co. I, 6th Regiment of Ky Calvary. He joined the unit at Louisville on 10 Sept 1862 to serve three years. He died 9 Dec. 1863 in Richmond Va. while a prisoner of war.

War Department Surgeon Generals Office, Record and Pension Division.

Washington DC 7 Oct 1870

It appears for the "list of Casualties" accompaning the "Monthly Report of Sick and Wounded" No 21 of Conferate Army General Hospital, Richmond Va. for the months of Dec. 1863, Surgeon John Wilkins Confederate Army that S. BROWN. Pvt Co 6th Regiment, Ky Vols died 9 Dec. 1863 of gun shot wound.

Elizabeth Brown applied for a dependant Mothers Pension and received several letters to support her claim. Pension # 189,544.

GEORGE WEBSTER and NEWTON SMITH swore they were well aquainted with Elizabeth Brown and had known her and Samuel for 15 years. That Samuel regulary contributed from his pay and prior to entering the service. These contributions commenced from early years and continued until his death. This was attested to by DAVID WILLOCK

A. MATTHEWS and W. G. DAVIS swore they were well acquainted with Samuel BROWM for 18 years and that his only heir was his mother.

4 May 1872 NEWTON SMITH and GEORGE PATTERSON appeared and stated they were well acquainted with Elizabeth Brown and with SAMUEL BROWN SR. the father of the said deceased, who died in Taylor Co on the 20 day of Aug. 1840. They had known the applicant and father and son for 35 years and the said Elizabeth remained a widow of Samuel Brown Sr.

Court Order Book 1, 1848

It appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that JOSEPH BROWN, son of Elizabeth BROWN hath no estate and CARTER HUBBARD having signified his willingness to take the said JOSEPH BROWN as an apprentice to the trade of farmer. It is ordered that the said JOSEPH BROWN be bound as an apprentice to the said CARTER HUBBARD from this date until he shall arrive at the age of twenty one years, his now being 13 years of age on the 25th December last, and the Clerk of this Court is ordered to enter an indenture of apprenticeship with the said CARTER HUBBARD containing the covenants required by law according.

Samuel BROWN 1840-1863 cont.

4 July 1870 John BROWN swore an affidavid that Samuel BROWN Sr. had died in County of Taylor, in the state of Kentucky. The said Mrs. Elizabeth BROWN lives upon a lot piece or parcel of ground containing about two acres situated in the County of Taylor in the State of Kentucky and which property is owned by Mrs. Elizabeth WILLOCK, whose name the title there vests and which together the improvements there is on the value of twenty five dollars.

That this property is totally inadequate to the support and maintenance of the said Mrs. Elizabeth BROWN. That she neither owns nor has in use any other property, real, personal or mixed from which a revenue can be derived. That she is poor and has no source of income, save and except what little money she may be enabled to earn by her own exertions. That she is incapable of earning her own subsistence by reason of disability and old age. [another letter describes her as being 56 years of age and blind in one eye]

1850 Taylor Co. Census page 186


Dwelling 534 Family 536 M.E. Brown 18 female b. Ky
535 537 Elizabeth Brown 39 Ky
Caroline 7
James 5
Jno J. 3

and white male 22 first name John last unreadable. Since Elizabeth is a widow of Samuel who died Aug 1840 according to testimony, I have a hard time explaining the age of these three children, but they are listed as orphan children on the 1848 court order.

1850 Census: page 181 B


464-465 DEAREN, WM G. 32
W.L. 29



446-447 C. B. HUBBARD 83
Nancy 65
Joseph BROWN 15

Court Order Book 1

Friday 28 Nov. 1848

Commonwealth of Kentucky, County of Taylor against and on indictment for an Affray, Thomas SHIPP, Richard MURRY, James BROWN, Samuel MURRY, Defendants.

This day came as well the attorneys for the Commonwealth as the defendants, Richard MURRY and Samuel MURRY by their attorney and the said MURRYS filed pleas of not-guilty, and the attorney for the Commonwealth joins the same- and cause came to be heard and thereinturn came a jury, to wit: Alex ALLEN, James SANDERS, Jon A. JARBOO, Jon SCOTT, David MEARS, Thomas Edwards, David WINSTON, Moses BLAKEMAN, Elijah WEBB, James LEWIS and Henry YOUNG, who being duly selected, tried and sworn to try the facts and cause between the Commonwealth, and the said SHIPP and BROWN after hearing the evidence and arguements of Councel of both sides retired to their room to consider of a verdit. After a short time returned to the bar and with the following verdict to wit:

"We of the jury find the defendant Richard MURRY. James BROWN and Thomas SHIPP quity of the offense charged in the within indictment, as there in charged, ant that Richard MURRY make his fine to the Commonwealth by the payment of one dollar and that James BROWN make his fine to the Commonwealth by the payment of Ten Dollars and that Thomas SHIPP make his fine to the Commonwealth by the payment of twenty dollars. We find the defendant Samuel MURRY not quilty."

Jno SCOTT, one of the jury


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