Hobson's Regiment - Union 13th Kentucky Infantry

Mustered in: December 10, 1861 at Camp Hobson (near Greensburg, Ky.)
1st Commander: Col. Edward H. Hobson
Field Officers:

          • Lt. Col. William E. Hobson
          • Lt. Col. John B. Carlisle
          • Lt. Col. Benjamin P. Estes
          • Maj. John P. Duncan


          • Boyle's Brigade, Crittenden's Division
          • E.H. Hobson's Brigade, Crittenden's Division
          • 2nd Brigade, White's Division
          • 1st Brigade, Hascall's Division, 23rd Army Corp


          • Shiloh
          • Occupation of Corinth
          • Pursued Bragg out of Perryville
          • Pursuit of Morgan after the Christmas Raid, Jan. 1863
          • Pursuit and eventual capture of Morgan, July 6-26, 1863
          • East Tennessee Campaign with Burnside, Summer 1863
          • Huff's Ferry Engagement (41 men lost)
          • Seige of Knoxville
          • Sherman's Atlanta Campaign

Mustered Out: January 12, 1865 at Louisville, Ky.
A letter written by Gen. Julius White after the war regarding Hobson's Regiment stated:
"I have commanded during the war some sixty regiments of infantry, and among them all there was not one better, if as good, as the 13th Ky. Not only was that regiment wholly reliable during an engagement (for they were always as brave as the bravest), but in camp, on the march, on all occasions and everywhere, that regiment could be depended upon for the prompt performance of every duty. The country owes the 13th Ky. a heavy debt of gratitude for its lofty patriotism and unyielding courage and endurance."

Taylor County Military Records