Taylor Co. Marriages 1848-1867

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This section is a record of Underwood marriage bonds and actual marriages as recorded in the Taylor County Court House records. Included also are marriages performed by my great-great grandfather, Thomas E. Underwood.

MAR 1, 1848 - NOV 21, 1851

Belfield H. Kirtley to marry Ellen Underwood
Bond and consent:    Thomas Underwood on Jan 30, 1850.
Married:    Jan 30, 1850

Pg 97
William Sprowles and Sarah Underwood
Bond:    Mary Underwood on Feb 14, 1850
Consent: William Underwood and Moses Sprowles

Pg 119
James Hedgespeth and Celia Underwood
Bond:    William Hedgespeth on Aug 24, 1850
Consent:    Caloway Underwood
Witness:    William A. Hedgespeth

NOV 22, 1851-MAR 25, 1856


Pg 95
Jessee Johnson and Jane Underwood
Bond:    James H. Hedgespeth on Sep 23, 1853
Married:    Sep 23, 1853 by John D. Oakes
Bride from Taylor County, 19 years old, born Taylor County
Groom from Taylor County, 19 years old, born Taylor County

Pg 96
John T. Skaggs and Mary Jane Underwood
Bond:    William L. Larimore on Sep 28, 1853

Pg 164
William H. Skaggs and Cloey (Clary) A. Gaddie
Bond:    Johnson B. Gaddie on Nov 1, 1854
Consent:    William T. Skaqgs, father
Married on Nov 9, 1854 at Johnson Gaddie's in Taylor County
Witness:    Hiram Underwood and Moses Skaggs
Married by Jesse T. Bryant

Pg 166
Hiram Underwood and Nancy Ann Gaddie
Bond:    Johnson Gaddie on Nov 20, 1854
Consent:    Johnson B. Gaddie, father
Married Nov 30, 1854 at Solomon Gaddie's
Witness: William Skaggs and Johnson Gaddie in Taylor County
by J. T. Bryant.

Pg 193
William T. Underwood and Harriet E. Ford
Bond:    William D. Ford on Mar 10, 1856
Married on Mar 11, 1856 in Taylor County
Witness:    George Haselwood and George Moss
Married by Jesse H. Vance

Pg 240
William Underwood and Mary Ann Underwood
Bond:    Thomas Nelson on Mar 8, 1856
Consent:    Anderson Underwood, father, and William Underwood
Married Mar 10, 1856 at William C. Thompson's in Taylor County
Witness:    Moses R. Skaggs and Thomas Nelson
Married by Solomon Skaggs

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