Taylor Co. Marriages 1848-1867

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This section is a record of Underwood marriage bonds and actual marriages as recorded in the Taylor County Court House records. Included also are marriages performed by my great-great grandfather, Thomas E. Underwood.

MAR 26, 1856-JUN 20, 1860


Pg 9
Thomas M. Wright and Jane Underwood
Bond:    James P. Childers on Jan 6, 1856
Married Jun 8, 1856 by Thomas Underwood at Hiram Underwood's
Witness:    Henry Johnson, James P. Childers and William Linville

Pg 14
William Jones and Mary E. Morris
Bond:    Henry Drum and David Jones on Jun 27, 1856
Married Jul 1, 1856 by Thomas Underwood at Jesse Morris'
Wiltness:    James Jones, Henry Jones and Henry Drum

Pg 15
John Wright and Celia Hedgespeth
Bond:    Henry Hash on Jul 18, 1856
Married Jul 20, 1856 by Thomas Underwood at Caloway Underwood's
Witness:    William Wright, James DeSpain and Samuel Oakes

Pg 16
John B. DeWitt and Nancy Hedgespeth
Bond:    John Carlisle on Jul 19, 1856
Married Jul 22, 1856 by Thomas Underwood at Ben S. Gaddie's
Witness:    Josiah Morris, Jerry Micah Hedgespeth and James Ratiff

Pg 19
David Jones and Nancy Morris
Bond:    William Jones on Jul 26, 1856
Married Jul 29, 1856 by Thomas Underwood at Jesse Morris'
Witness:    Henry Reed, William Jones and Henry Morris

Pg 40
Jesse P. Bryant and Lovinia Sympson
Bond:    Thomas Underwood on Feb 9, 1857
No record of marriage

Pg 61
William I. Underwood, age 21, and Louisa C. Dearen, age 18
Bond:    Richard Dearen on Nov 24, 1857
Consent:    Richard Dearen, father of bride
Married on Nov 24, 1857 by Thomas Underwood at R. Dearen's
Witness:    William C. Booker, William Drum and S. T. Bragg

Pg 73
James Sprowles and Celia Underwood
Bond:    Jesiah Morris on Feb 1, 1858
Consent: William Underwood, father of bride, and Moses Sprowles,
father of groom
Married Feb 2, 1858 by Thomas Underwood at William Underwood's
Witness:    Josiah Morris, Joseph Hedgespeth and William Sprowles

Pg 81
James T. Morris and Mary DeWitt
Bond:    Josiah Morris on Feb 3, 1858
Consent: Holliday Morris, father of James, and A. H. DeWitt, father of Mary.
Married Mar 4, 1858 at Aaron H. DeWitt's by Thomas Underwood
Witness Josiah Morris, Henry Reed and Samuel Allen

Pg 85
James F. Gaddie and Rachel Hedgespeth
Bond:    Elias S. Barbee on Mar 30, 1858
Consent:    Holland Hedgespeth, father of bride
Married Mar 30, 1858 by Thomas Underwood at Holland Hedgespeth's
Witness:    William Hedgespeth, Emily Gaddie and Joseph Hedgespeth

Pg 107
James C. Sympson and Sarah A. Nelson
Bond:    John R. Robinson on Oct 11, 1858
Married Oct 12, 1858 by Thomas Underwood
Witness:    Mrs. Caroline Samuels, Mary P. Sympson and Pernell Lee

Pg 128
Henry M. Price, age 22, and Margaret C. Gaddie, age 24
Bond:    M. K. Price on Jan 11, 1859
Consent:    J. B. Gaddie, father
Married Jan 12, 1859 by Thomas Underwood at Johnson Gaddie's
Witness:    Marion Price, William Gaddie and Johnson Gaddie

Pg 132
William J. Morrison and Lucy A. Thompson
Bond:    George W. Pearce on Jan 25, 1859
Consent:    James Morrison, father, and Charles Thompson, father
Married Jan 25, 1859 by Thomas Underwood at Charles Thompson 5
Witness:    William Linville, Lafayett Underwood and Thomas Nelson

Pg 150
Ely 0. Towles and Mary Ann Underwood
Bond:    Caloway Underwood on Jul 29, 1859
Consent:    Caloway Underwood, father of Mary
Married Jul 29, 1859 by Charles Blevins at Caloway Underwood's
Witness:    Caloway and John Underwood

Pg 156
John Underwood and Delilah Ann Beams
Bond:    Jesse Johnson on Sep 7, 1859
Consent:    Caloway Underwood, father, and James B. Beams, father
Married Sep 7, 1859 by Solomon Skaggs at J. B. Beams
Witness:    Jesse Johnson and Fielda Beams

Pg 159
Thomas Gill and Lucinda Underwood
Bond:    R. W. Skaggs on Sep 22, 1859
Consent:    Walker Gill, father, and Younger Underwood, father
Married Sep 22, 1859 by Daniel Ball, minister Baptist church,
Taylor County at R. W. Skaggs.
Witness:    Irvin Thompson and James S. Underwood

Pg 163
W. S. Tandy and Sally Ann Wade
Bond:    Cyrus Parrot on Sep 27, 1859
Consent:    James E. Tandy, father, and Green Wade, father
Married Oct 2, 1859 by Thomas Underwood at Jackson Dies
Witness:    John Sanders and William Sullivan

pg 169
Alexander Shofner and Emily F. Bell
Bond:    John B. Bell on Oct 17, 1859
Consent:    John B. Bell, father
Married Oct 17, 1859 by Thomas Underwood at John B. Bell's
Witness:    James Sprowles, John T. Shofner and Issac Oakes

Pg 173
S. H. Chaudoin and E. M. Gaddie
Bond:    R. B. Sympson on Oct 24, 1859
Consent:    Thomas G. Chaudoin, father, and James Gaddie, father
Married on Oct 27, 1859 by Thomas Underwood at James Gaddie's
Witness:    Bluford Sympson, Thomas Chaudoin and Luther Chaudoin

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