Morgan's 7th Kentucky Confederate Calvary

Mustered in: September 1, 1862
1st Commander: Col. Richard M. Gano
Field Officers:

          • Lt. Col. J. M. Huff
          • Maj. Lt. Col. M. D. Logan
          • Maj. Theophilus Steele


          • Morgan's Calvary Brigade, Dept. East Tennessee
          • Morgan's Calvary Brigade, Army of Tennessee
          • Cluke-Johnson's Brigade, Morgan's Calvary Division, Army of Tennessee
          • Johnson's Brigade, Morgan's Division, Wheeler's Calvary Corps, Army of Tennessee


          • Kentucky Campaign Aug.-Oct. 1862
          • Lexington (Gano's squadron)
          • Hartsville
          • Morgan's Christmas Raid Dec. 1862-Jan. 1863
          • Muldraugh's Hill Trestle
          • Morgan's Ohio Raid - captured July 26, 1863

Mustered Out:
This unit was previous known as the Kentucky 3rd Confederate Calvary.


Taylor County Military Records