Union 27th Kentucky Infantry


Mustered in: Fall 1861 (?)
1st Commander: Col. Charles D. Penne baker
Field Officers:

          • Lt. Col. John H. Ward
          • Maj. John Carlisle
          • Maj. Samuel J. Coyne
          • Maj. Alexander Magruder


          • Hazen's Brigade, Nelson's Division
          • Crittenden's Division
          • Pennebaker's Brigade
          • Strickland's Brigade, Hascall's Division


          • Occupation of Corinth
          • Perryville, on skirmish lines
          • East Tennessee Campaign
          • Knoxville
          • Cut off at Leiper's Ferry
          • Seige of Knoxville
          • Bean's Station
          • Atlanta Campaign

Mustered Out:
This regiment was formed before Kentucky, as a state, had called for Union volunteers. Those men traveling to the camp to be enlisted often had to fight their way past Confederate forces to get there. Upon their arrival to camp, they found that none of the governmental support normally offered to military units was available. According to an account written by Col. John Ward, the officers managed to scrounge up $13 pay for each of the first new recruits to give to the needy families they were leaving behind. By the time these recruits were ready to leave camp for the war, government support was starting to filter in. The men heading out of camp often loaned their second month's pay of $13 back to the officers to pay for other new recruits to leave money to their families. He states "Here was tried and true patriotism that people and soldiers outside the border states knew nothing about". The regiment only consisted of nine companies.

Taylor County Military Records