Union 6th Kentucky Calvary

Mustered in: Late 1861 Co. A-E mustered in as "Mundy's Battalion"; Summer 1862 Co. F-M consolidated with Mundy's Battalion to become the 6th Calvary.
1st Commander: Col. Dennis J. Hallisy
Field Officers:

          • Lt. Col. Reuben Mundy
          • Lt. Col. Wm. P. Roper
          • Maj. Lewis A. Gratz
          • Maj. Wm. H. Fidler
          • Maj. Walter F. Stafford


          • Operated primarily as "independent" battalions in early part of it's existance, each battalion sent where ever it was needed at the time. 6th Calvary finally united in Lebanon, Ky. in Dec. 1862
          • Hoskin's Brigade
          • Watkin's Brigade, Granger's Division, Stanley's Corps, Army of the Cumberland
          • Watkin's Brigade, McCook's Division
          • Watkin's Brigade, McCook's Division, Gen. Wilson's Calvary


          • 1st Battalion participated in the battles of Tazewell,Tn., Cumberland Gap and Richmond, Ky.
          • 3rd Battalion captured prisoners from Bragg's army in Stanford, Ky.
          • 2nd Battalion met Morgan at Bardstown
          • Pursuit of Morgan in winter, 1862-63 with Col. Hallisy being killed at New Market, Ky. near Campbellsville.
          • Franklin-Brentwood, Tn.
          • Charge on the Texas Legion near Spring Hill, Tn., capturing 128 prisoners.
          • Chicamauga Campaign
          • Atlanta Campaign
          • Battles of Pigeon Mountain, Adairville, and Calhoun
          • Lafayette, Ga. against Gen. Pillow
          • Met Lyons at Hopkinsville, Ky., forcing him to retreat from the state.
          • Battle of Nashville

Mustered Out: July 14, 1865
Companies F-M were comprised of men from central Kentucky including Taylor Co. This regiment saw very rigorous duty and almost continuous activity at the front.

Taylor County Military Records