Christopher Greenup Cox, Physician

Last Will and Testament and Public Notice for Settlement of Debts

Transcribed by Jan Lawson


TX. Will and Probate Records, 1833 - 1974, Austin, TX., ref. Brazoria Co., TX., Will Vol. A - B, 1837 - 1858, pgs. #277 - #278, Probate Case No. 93 (Lawson). 

Christopher G. Cox  --  "In the name of God Amen I Christopher G. Cox of Brazoria Austin Colony Texas knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die and believing my time in this world drawing to a close do make this my last Will & Testament being of sound mind and memory do appoint Joseph Reese my sole Executor who will be governed by this instrument in disposition of my property without the said interference of [the] Alcalde in office in any way whatever.

To wit, 1st I wish all my just debts paid and to which I wish my property in Brazoria disposed of if necessary and any other of my property in town or country that after my just debts are settled it may be proper or advisable to change it for the advantage of my family if my debts or accounts are collected by my Executor.  In time there will be no necessity probably to dispose of my other property to pay what debts I owe but I leave this to the discretion of my Executor to sell or dispose of any way which he thinks is necessary for the good of my wife and children.

As Witness my hand and Seal this 2nd day of August 1833.

Signed:  C. G. Cox (seal). 

Witness:  Jas. P. Caldwell, Frank Moore, Charles K. Reese, W. P. Reese, Thomas R. Erwin, Chas. H. Bennet, William Kingston, Charles (his X mark) Edwards, Lewis Lidstrand, Milton Hicks

Believing that it may be required by the Law of the Mexican Government on this (Jan'y) to invest the property Willed by an individual I have here caused the following property inserted as part of the Will first originally signed.

1st 1 Labor land near the mouth Brazos River -- 2nd  1 League land donated by Government on the Colorado River  --  3rd Any land purchased of Thos. M. Duke and is a part of s'd Duke's Government land -- 4th  Town lots in Matagorda, three in number  --  5th  40 head of cattle, or there about, 1 negro woman named Mary Ann, 1 riding horse, number of household and kitchen furniture together with all my Medicines, Medical Books and the appendages, with my Medical accts. and everything belonging to me". 

Signed Sealed and delivered in the presence of the subscribing witnesses this 28th day of August 1833". 

Signed:  C. G. Cox (seal). 

Witnesses:  Thos. R. Erwin, James P. Caldwell, William Kingston, Charles (his X mark) Edwards, Lewis Lidstrand, Chas. K. Reese, Francis Moore, W. P. Reese, Milton Hicks..............Filed August 28, 1833.


Brazoria, Saturday, February 22, 1834.  NOTICE.  THE Executors of the estate of C. G. COX, deceased, has placed in my hands all notes and accounts belonging to said succession, for collection, with instructions to make them by suit or otherwise, without delay.  All persons indebted to the estate will immediately come forward and settle the same, or they will be coerced by law.  JOHN A. WHARTON, Brazoria December 21, 1833.