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This Indenture made this 8th day of February in the year of our Lord eighteen Hundred and thirteen between David Caldwell of St. Genevieve district, Phillips Caldwell of Upper Louisiana, John Cook of Warren County, Samuel Caldwell of Logan County, Henry Palmer of Mercer County, Robert Caldwell of Madison County, the Heirs of John Caldwell Dec’d of Livingston County, the Heirs of Robert Logan Dec’d and Samuel Grundy of Washington County, all of the said Counties being in the State of Kentucky and Heirs and representatives of Robert Caldwell Dec’d. by William Caldwell of Washington County & State of Kentucky aforesaid their attorney in fact, and Graves Wapshot & Jane his wife of said County of Washington on the one part and Isaac Williams of said County on the other part.  Witnesseth. That the Heirs and representatives aforesaid by William Caldwell their Attorney in fact aforesaid, and Graves Wapshot & Jane his wife for a valuable consideration to them in hand paid by the said Isaac Williams, the Receipt which is hereby acknowledged, have bargained, sold and Conveyed and do by there presents Bargain, sell and Convey unto him the said Isaac Williams and his Heirs forever, a certain tract or parcel of Land (which was formerly sold, and intended to have been Conveyed unto the said Graves Wapshot, but as the Courses and distances Contained in said Conveyance included Land not sold and excluded some of the Land actually sold to rectify the error therein,and to invest said Williams as purchaser from Wapshot, with the title of the Land sold we make this Conveyance)situated lying and being in said County of Washington on the waters of Cartwrights creek including the plantation where said Williams now lives, being part of Barney ____s preemption  Containing two hundred acres by survey to be the same more or less and bounded and follows to wit: Beginning at the hickory tree and running thence North 60 degrees _______________________ {Typist note: the rest of this line, inserted perhaps after the original copy of the document had been written is in very small handwriting and difficulty to read}  a hickory John Mathews corner, thence with his line North fifteen degrees West one hundred and thirteen poles to a Dogwood and Sugar tree another of Mathews corners thence. North sixty degrees East fiftysix poles to a beech and aspen  on Ray’s line and North fifteen degrees West thirty two poles to a Red Bud Sugar tree


and Hickory Thomas Hamiltons Corner, thence, North seventy seven degrees West one hundred and ninetyfour poles to an Elm Hickory and Whiteoak on Parkers line, thence South fifteen degrees East three Hundred and four poles to the Beginning:  Together with all and singular the appurtenances thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining to have and to hold  the Land and  to hold the Land and premises aforesaid unto him the said Isaac Williams and his Heirs  ____________forever, we the Heirs and Representatives aforesaid by William Caldwell our said attorney & Graves Wapshot & Jane his wife for ourselves and our Heirs _____ from the Claim or deed and of all and each person or persons whatsoever unto him the said Isaac Williams & his Heirs ____ the Land premises will warrant and forever defend.  In the testimony we have hereunto set our hand and affixed our seal the day & year first written above.


John Cook (seal)
Samuel Caldwell (seal)
Henry Palmer    (seal)
Robert Caldwell (seal)
Samuel Grundy (seal)
Wm. T. Caldwell (seal)
Attorney in fact for the above mentioned Heirs and
representatives of Robert Caldwell, Dec’d
Graves Wapshot (seal) 

Washington County Sct .  I, John Reed Clerk of the county Court for the County aforesaid do hereby cerify that on the say of the date herof This Indenture was acknowledged before me in my office by the within named Wm. T. Caldwell as attorney in fact for the named John Cook, Samuel Caldwell, Henry Palmer, Robert Caldwell and Samuel Grundy as part of the Heirs & Representatives of Robert Caldwell  Dec, & by Graves Wapshot to be their Act & Deed and thereupon admitted to Record In Testimony I have hereunto set my hand this 8th day of February 1813.                                               

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