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Deaths in Kentucky  1911-1999

State of Kentucky


Marriages in Kentucky  1973-1999

State of Kentucky


Births in Kentucky  1911-1999

State of Kentucky


Washington County Marriages-Births-Deaths 1852-1860 Faye Sea Sanders Yvonne

1900 Nelson Co. Census - Must know township listed



1900 Nelson Co. Census
1910 Nelson Co. Census
1920 Nelson Co. Census

Published by the Nelson Co. Historical Society


Linda Koenig

Home of the Many Branches on the Greenwell Family Tree

Betty Greenwell Burgelin

Zelma Newell

Rapier, Hayden and Allied Families Colonial Maryland and Kentucky

Sister Mary Louise Donnelly

Zelma Newell

Nelson County Marriage index 1780 - 1850

Nelson County Census 1850 - 1930


Brenda Shaw

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