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As a brief background of Woodford County, it was originally part of Fayette County, Kentucky and was formed
 in 1789. It is located  in the inner bluegrass region of the state. The elevation in the county ranges from 469 to 1000 feet above sea level. In 1990 the county population was 19,995 in a land area of 190 square miles, an average of 105 people per square mile.  The county seat is located in Versailles (pronounced "Vur-sales"), Kentucky.  Other smaller communities in the county are Clifton, Midway, Millville, Mortonsville, Nonesuch and Spring Station.  

Most of Kentucky was part of Virginia in the 1700s.  In 1776, a part of Fincastle County was taken to form Kentucky County, Virginia.  Kentucky County was then divided by the Virginia legislature in 1780 to form the counties of  FayetteJefferson, and Lincoln.  When Kentucky became a commonwealth in 1792, nine counties had already been created.  They were NelsonBourbon, MadisonMercer, Mason, and Woodford.  Therefore, when searching your families you may wish to look in Fincastle Co, Virginia and Kentucky County, Virginia as well as those counties previously mentioned.

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