Revolutionary War Pensioners 
         Woodford Co., KY

Citizens of Woodford County, Kentucky who, in 1810, drew pensions for service rendered in the Revolution - from "The Kentucky State Historical Society Register", 1920, Vol 18, May 1920, by William E. Railey.

Transcribed by Dona Wilson Posted with permission of Kentucky Historical Society. 

Abbett, Robert   Ball, Edmond   Caldwell, James   Dale, John   Eaton, John
Akin, John   Barnes, Charles   Calmes, Marquis   Dale, William, Sr.   Eaton, Joseph
Alexander, Robert   Barnett, John   Campbell, David   Darnell, Aaron   Edwards, Joseph
Alexander, Peter   Bell, James   Campbell, Samuel   Davis, Henry   Edwards, Moses
Allen, Hugh   Bell, Thomas   Campbell, William   Davis, Solomon   Edwards, James
Allen, John   Berry, Samuel, Jr.   Campbell, Samuel   Davis, Thomas   Edwards, James
Allen, John   Berry, Samuel, Sr.   Campbell, William   Davis, Richard   Edwards, John, Sr
Allen, John   Berry, Benjamine   Carpenter, John   Davis, William   Edwards, Benjamin
Alsop, Thomas   Black, James   Carril, Thomas   Davis, John   Elliott, William
Andrews, John   Black, Robert   Carter, Goodloe   Davis, Thomas    Elliott, John
Armstrong, James   Blackmore, John   Carter, John B.   Dawson, William   Ellis, Jesse, Sr.
Armstrong, John   Blanton, Thomas   Carter, John   Dawson, William   Ellis, Jesse, Sr.
Armstrong, John   Boone, Josiah   Cave, Reuben   Dawson, John   Ellis, Leonard
Arnold, Lewis   Bowdery, Lewis   Clarke, John   Dorsey, John   Evans, Henry
Arnold, James   Bowmar, Robert, Sr.   Clarke, Benjamin   Dougherty, James   Evans, Samuel
Ashley, James   Boze, John, Sr.   Clarke, William   Dunnagan, Solomon    
Atkins, John   Boze, John, Jr.   Cole, Richard, Sr.   Durham, John    
Ayres, Walter   Brooking, Samuel   Coleman, Thomas   Duvall, John    
    Brown, Preston W.   Coleman, James         
    Brown, Dawson   Collins, John         
    Brown, John   Collins, John         
    Buchanan, Levi   Collins, Gasper         
    Buck, Charles   Collins, Joseph         
    Buck, John, Sr.   Cooke, John         
    Buford, John   Cooper, Spencer          
    Buford, William   Cooper, Thomas         
    Burk, James   Cotton, John         
    Burnett, Margaret   Cotton, George T.         
    Burton, James   Cowgill, Ralph         
        Cownover, Dominicus         
        Cox, James         
        Crass, Joseph         
        Crutcher, Isaac         
        Culley, William         
        Cunningham, William         
        Cunningham, John         
         Cunningham, James        
        Cunningham, Hugh        
        Cunningham, Thomas        


Finch, William   Gaines, William   Hackett, James   Jackson, John   Kenady, Charles
Finn, John   Garrett, William   Hall, Clayborn   Jackson, Francis   Kenady, Joseph
Finnie, John   Garrett, John   Halloway, George   Jackson, Robert   Kenday, John
Finnie, James   George, William   Hambleton, James   Jackson, James   Kinkead, John
Fitzgerald, Daniel   Graves, John   Hamilton, John   Jenkins, Thomas   Kinkead, Joseph
Florence, William, Sr.   Green, Henry   Hamilton, Andrew   Jeter, Fielding   Kinkead, William
Florence, William   Green, John   Hamilton, John        
Ford, James   Green, William   Hammond, Charles        
Ford, John   Green, Paul   Hammond, John        
    Green, James, Sr   Hampton, Lewis        
    Gregory, John   Hancock, William        
    Grymes, George   Hanks, John        
    Guthrie, John   Harper, John        
    Guthrie, William   Harper, William        
    Guyn, Samuel   Harper, Henry        
         Hart, Nathaniel        
        Harris, Nathaniel        
        Harris, David        
        Harris, John        
        Harrison, Henry        
         Hawkins, Moses        
         Hawkins, Willis        
         Hawkins, James        
         Hawkins, William Strother        
         Hazzard, John        
         Helm, Thomas        
         Henderson, William        
         Herendon, William        
         Hicks, William        
        Holeman, Daniel        
        Hoover, Henry        
        Hopkins, William        
        Howard, James        
        Howe, Edward        
        Hubbard, John        
        Hudson, John        
        Humble, Robert        


Lacey, Elijah   McClure, Alexander   Nicholson, William, Sr.   Oliver, John   Pace, John
Laforce, William   McConnell, James   Norwood, Charles   Overstreet, Henry   Pace, Joel
Lea, John   McCormick, James       Owens, James   Paine, John
Leavel, James   McDaniel, George       O' Bannon, John   Palmer, Charles
Lewis, James   McGee, Samuel           Palmere, William
Lewis, John   McQuaddy, John           Paul, John
Lewis, Fielding   McQuire, John           Perry, Robert
Lindsey, Joseph   Maddox, John           Peters, William
Long, John, Sr.   Malone, James           Peters, John
Long, James   Marshall, Louis           Peters, James
Long, Reuben   Marshall, James           Peyton, George
Lynn, Adam   Martin, Samuel           Peyton, Thomas
    Martin, James           Phillips, William
    Martin, Samuel           Poore, Thomas
    Masters, John           Powell, William
    Matthews, John           Pullen, William
    Mattox, Nathaniel           Quarles, James
    Mattox, Thomas            
    Mayo, William            
    Menzies, Samuel P.            
    Meredith, William P            
    Miller, John            
    Miller, Jacob            
    Minter, John            
    Mitchell, George            
    Mitchell, Frederick            
    Mitchell, William            
    Mitchell, William            
    Mitchell, Edmond            
    Mix, Enos            
    Moffitt, William            
    Monroe, William            
    Morris, William            
    Morton, William            
    Morton, Thomas            
    Mosby, John            
    Mosby, Robert            
    Moss, John            
    Moss, William            
    Munday, Thomas            
    Murphy, John            
    Muter, George            



Rearden, Dennis   Sanford, James   Taylor, Henry   Utterback, Benjamin   Walden, Elijah
Redd, Thomas   Saunders, Richard   Taylor, Zachariah   Vance, Hanley   Walker, Henry
Reynolds, Thomas   Scott, William   Taylor, Joseph   Vance, Benjamin   Walker, William
Rice, Richard   Scott, Hugh   Taylor, William, Sr.   Vawter, William   Waller, Edmond
Roach, William   Sellers, John   Taylor, John       Ware, Samuel
Robinson, Cornelius   Shelton, George   Taylor, Robert       Warren, John
Robinson, Richard   Sheppard, John   Taylor, Richard        Warren, William
Robinson, Thomas   Short, John   Terrill, Prestley       Weaver, William
Robinson, George   Shouse, Samuel   Thompson, Nathaniel       Webb, William
Rowland, Henry   Singleton, John   Thompson, William       White, Daniel
Rucker, John, Sr.   Smith, William   Thorn, John       White, Joseph
Ruddle, Cornelius   Smith, John   Thornton, James       Whiting, Thomas
    Smith, John   Tillory, William       Wilcoxson, Daniel
    Smith, George   Tinder, James       Wilhoit, Jesse
    Smith, Alexander   Todd, William       Williams, Levi
    Smith, Henry   Todd, Thomas       Williams, John
    Smith, John   Trabue, _______       Williams, John
    Smith, Samuel   Trabue, Edward       Williams, John
    Smither, William   Ture, John, Sr.       Williams, William
    Smither, Benjamin   Turner, Alexander       Willis. John
    Smithey, William   Turnham, Thomas       Wilson, Jeremiah
    Smiths, Joseph   Turpin, George       Wilson, Benjamin
    Snelling, John   Twyman, Reuben       Wilson, John
    Snyder, Adam           Wilson, Alexander
    Spilman, James            Wilson, James
    Stapleton, John           Wilson, William
    Steele, Thomas           Woodson, William
    Steele, John           Wooldridge, Josiah
    Steele, James           Wright, James
    Steele, William           Yancey, Robert
    Stephenson, Samuel, Sr.           Young, Lewis
    Stepp, James           Young, William
    Stevenson, John, Sr.           Young, John
    Stone, Henry            
    Story, John            
    Stuart, John            
    Stucker, Michael            
    Sublett, Lewis, Sr.            
    Sullivan, James            
    Suter, William            


Revolutionary Soldiers Who Came to Woodford County 
After 1810 and Drew A Pension

Allison, John McCoy, William
Barnett, Daniel McKinney, John
Baker, Nicholas McQuiddy, John
Chelton, Stephen Milton, Elijah
Cox, John Mitchell, John
Dailey, Dennis Moseby, Leonard
Ellis, Jane (widow) New, George W.
Gaines, Robert Peyton, George
Goodloe, Henry Pollet, John
Kirkham, Michael Smithey, Reuben
Wingfield, Enoch

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