John or Ella Bishop around 1878/1880  

Isaiah, Abigail, Abby, and Zephaniah Blackford

Clay Bowman

George Brown ca 1864

William R Campbell

James Henry Carroll

James Edward Carter

John R Cole born 09 Dec 1820   

Alexander Coyle

Hannah Dale

James Dickey

John Edwards ca 1800

Sydney Sylvester Eichelberger   

John and Katherine Ferguson

Fint Family Name 

Zack Ford Graveyard

Robert Gwin, Jr. and Thomas Gwin

Rice T Hackett 

Coonrod Harringer

William Henry Hawkins

Irene Hensley

Thomas W Hinton  


Samuel Kennedy
ca 1802

Alexander Kincaid and Elizabeth Baker

Thomas Sam Mattox 

James William McAlister/Viola Belle McAlister 

James Milton Moore

Joseph McDowell Ford and Permilia Russell

William Morris

Thomas Jefferson Myers

Rosanna McCoy/Joshua Noland

Thomas O'Nan

Warren Offutt in 1840   

Robert Patrick ca. 1795

John Berry Patterson

Pattersons of Woodford Co, Ky

William Thomas Patterson

Nimrod Peters

Andrew Jackson Ramey

A. G. Rankin married Catherine Abbott 1829 

Mark Redding/Reading

John A Rowan

Robert Stanley Shryock and Sarah Frances Elliott

Richard Henry Smith 

Louis P Thompson/Lucille Sullivan

Hedgeman Triplett Jr. and Sr.

Walker Gals ca. 1802

George Washington Turner

Phillip Varvel ca 1785

John Warren/Jane Johnson ca 1810

Luther Watkins

Lorena Watson

Abraham Wells

Julia Catherine Wethington/Virgil B. McWilliams


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