Our Adair County Ancestors

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A group photo of the 13th Cavalry, Co. G. Spanish American War.

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Submitter: Carol Moody

Captain John Robert Curry. April 25, 1833 - August 19, 1865. Served during the Civil War with the Union Army. He fought in Co. M, 8th KY Cavalry and Co. L, 13th KY Cavalry. After the war, he organized Co. D, South Cumberland Battalion State Guards stationed in Columbia, Kentucky.

Submitted By:  Julia Curry Amico

Mahala Pelley Jones Sitting (born Feb. 25,1843 in Adair County,  died July 1,1933 in Adair), Standing on left Daisy Mahala Doss Harrison and next to her Mattie Lovelace Jones Doss.

Submitted By: Betty Caffee

Correction of Names Submitted By: Brenda Harrison Steele (granddaughter of Daisy Mahala Doss Harrison)


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